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The following is a press release written by Colleen Peterson, a volunteer for County United Way. On Saturday, May 21, 2016, the Young Leaders of County United Way will hold a community Yard Sale – New 2 You – to raise money for the organization’s Allegany County footprint. Since December,

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Currently, Frostburg State University is experiencing some of the highest rates of minority enrollment in the history of the school. However, the rate of minority faculty members remains at relatively low numbers, and students are beginning to notice the issue. Director of the Student Diversity Center Robin. V. Wynder gave


In a bold move on May 6, Harvard University President Drew Faust announced sanctions against individuals in single-sex organizations on campus, including fraternities, sororities, and final clubs, none of which are officially recognized by the institution. The sanctions forbid members from acquiring leadership positions in recognized student groups and from

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Dozens of Frostburg State students had their creative talents showcased at the second annual Frosty Awards, held on May 7 in the Gira Center by the Creative Communications Club (CCC). Around 80 FSU students were involved with the preparation of the production of the show, which entailed event planning, marketing,

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Frostburg State University’s dance studio is home to amazing students who are very passionate about their art of dancing. These low key superheroes spend four to six hours daily in the dance studio, room 106 of the gym, working hard to learn, create, and…you guessed it dance. May 6th and

On May 6th, Frostburg State University Professor Robert Hein from the art department will being exhibiting his still life photography in a showcase titled “Stillness Between” in Hagerstown, MD. In a one-one interview Hein was asked to speak a little about the art that would be displayed at the exhibit.

Matthan Potts and Josh Mooney as Jeff and Hunter in [title of show]

The F. Perry Smith Studio Theater in Frostburg State University’s Performing Arts Center was the setting for a fittingly intimate and hilariously self-aware production of “[title of show],” an original Broadway musical. FSU’s production of the musical ran from April 15 to 23. The show features music and lyrics by


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At this point in the circus that we’ve collectively agreed to refer to as our primary election cycle, it would appear that the presidential nominees of both parties have been all but decided. Hillary Clinton, barring extraordinary circumstances and a rapid outbreak of the Bern, seems to have clinched the


The following letter to the editor is sent from Andrew Richardson, a Frostburg State University alumnus who reported for The Bottom Line. Currently, he is a crime and courts reporter for the Maryland Independent in Charles County, MD. As a concerned alum of Frostburg State University and a former reporter at


The Cumberland Times-News published on April 20 an editorial that links increased crime in the City of Frostburg to apparently lower admissions standards at Frostburg State University. The editorial was prompted by an apparent surge in criminal activity in the region, including a series of robberies and an on-campus fight.