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On day two of Frostburg State University’s Appalachian Festival, John Temple, a West Virginia University Journalism Professor, shined the light on a problem most in the audience can find a personal connection to. Presenting on his third book American Pain, Temple dives into a world of greed, agony, and addicts.


The following reflects a collaborative effort by The Bottom Line Sports Editor James Kirk and Design Manager Nick DeMichele to provide the latest update on the three-year federal investigation of FSU’s handling of sexual assault under Title IX. Previous articles, largely written by former Editor-In-Chief Brad Kroner, are linked throughout


The Open Forum concerning the new Institutional Effectiveness plan this Thursday, Sept. 15, largely lacked the input and participation of the student body. Held by the President’s Advisory Council on Institutional Effectiveness (PACIE), the intention of the meeting was to gain feedback from students, staff, faculty, and others of the

On the morning of Monday, Sept. 12, Frostburg State University campus printers hosted an issue which affected numerous students. According to Chief Information Officer Troy Donoway, only printers in computer labs were affected. A printer issue in Lane University Center was caused by an unrelated physical problem. When Donoway’s staff

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Anyone even passingly familiar with the contemporary hip-hop scene has no doubt already heard performances by Daveed Diggs, the de facto leader of LA-based industrial rap group Clipping; the 34-year-old rapper has already made a name for himself in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s cultural bombshell Hamilton, in which he features heavily as


Renowned British pop band Bastille released their second studio album, Wild World, on Sept. 9, 2016. The band, led by singer-songwriter Dan Smith, is known for its danceable pop songs with interesting stories and lyrics. Their first hit in the U.S was “Pompeii” in 2013, after which they released their first


If you’re familiar with the show Pretty Little Liars you know “got a secret, can you keep it” comes from their anomalous theme song. Unfortunately, cast members and creator I. Marlene King announced on a Facebook live broadcast that the show will be coming to an end soon. The show’s


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At this point in the circus that we’ve collectively agreed to refer to as our primary election cycle, it would appear that the presidential nominees of both parties have been all but decided. Hillary Clinton, barring extraordinary circumstances and a rapid outbreak of the Bern, seems to have clinched the


The following letter to the editor is sent from Andrew Richardson, a Frostburg State University alumnus who reported for The Bottom Line. Currently, he is a crime and courts reporter for the Maryland Independent in Charles County, MD. As a concerned alum of Frostburg State University and a former reporter at


The Cumberland Times-News published on April 20 an editorial that links increased crime in the City of Frostburg to apparently lower admissions standards at Frostburg State University. The editorial was prompted by an apparent surge in criminal activity in the region, including a series of robberies and an on-campus fight.