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FSU's Upper Quad, what used to be the location of the Brownsville community. (Madie Wilson/ TBL)

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, Dr. Lynn Bowman, an English professor at Allegany College of Maryland and the author of Being Black in Brownsville: Echoes of a “Forgotten” Frostburg, gave students at Frostburg State University a tour on campus of what used to be Brownsville. Brownsville was an African-American community founded in

A BURG alert warned the Frostburg State campus community of a “Possible Armed Robbery” at 1:26 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 10. Two masked, black males entered a student rental home on the 100 block of Wood Street. The suspects took an iPhone and a small safe containing cash, according to

A rough image of the Brownsville monument graphically inserted in it's proposed location on FSU's campus. (Madie Wilson/ TBL)

On Monday, Nov. 28, FSU President, Dr. Ronald Nowaczyk, confirmed his support for the current movement carried out by students, faculty, and the community to place a monument on campus in commemoration of the Brownsville neighborhood. Brownsville was an African American neighborhood located in what is now the Upper Quad

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On Thursday, Nov. 10, the Frostburg Mayor and the City Council held a special meeting with the leaders of Frack-Free Frostburg, a local organization dedicated to the ban of hydraulic fracturing within the Frostburg area. The meeting was held to discuss the next steps in obtaining a city ordinance to ban

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2016 has had its ups and downs, to say the least. Besides the tragic anxiety-fest that is the United States presidential election process in the age of social media, we also lost some of the most highly-praised and culturally significant artists of the 20th century; among those lost were David


Kanye West was spotted going incognito with a motorcycle helmet on while enjoying a BMX ride with a few friends. Although this is not the first time being spotted since his hospitalization in November, seeing him up and running again gives hope that he is recovering steadily. For those who


Christmas is right around the corner and there is no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by watching Christmas movies. This year’s new Christmas movies included Bad Santa 2 and Almost Christmas, but let’s not forget about the fan-favorite and classic Christmas movies– the movies you can watch


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The following story was written by Bottom Line sports writer Kevin Parrish Jr., and it originally appeared on the website NBA Lead. Do you remember Dwight Howard? He was, without a doubt, known as the NBA’s most dominate big man back in 2012. Howard was involved in a mega-three team deal


If there is anything we can agree on as a global community, it is that this is the era of major technological advancements. We may not have flying cars yet, but mankind is making strives towards technology that was thought impossible even as little as five years ago, Today’s society is

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The following story was written by Bottom Line sports writer Kevin Parrish Jr., and it originally appeared on the website NBA Lead. Recently, rumors started to heat up about a potential three player trade between the Sacramento Kings and the Miami Heat. According to league sources, Sacramento would trade Rudy