American Horror Story: Sending in the Clowns

The first episodes of American Horror Story tend to be the same concept–scenes of classic horror fiction. But the premiere of AHS: Cult took a more modern approach.

Opening with the presidential election, the show took viewers into almost exactly what happened during the election of 2016. True to the show’s reputation, the season opener could not be left at the mundane chaos that happened during the election. Sarah Paulson’s character, Ally,  has many phobias, and after the votes were in, they started reoccurring worse than ever before.

The entertainment industry has shown a renewed interest in killer clowns this Halloween with this season of AHS and the movie It. They made their first appearance this episode when Ally was chased around the grocery store by killer clowns. One then caused her to be in a car accident.

Twisty the clown made a reappearance from season 4 (Freak Show) and murdered a couple. The woman almost escaped, but hiding in Twisty’s bus while calling 911 may not have been her smartest move.

There were still more clowns throughout the rest of the episode. Ally had to hire a nanny for her and her partner’s son. After hiring the nanny, the couple went out for the night, and the horror continued as their son watched clowns kill a couple that lived across the street.

We can’t forget fan favorite actor, Evan Peters, who plays Kai. Viewers first met Kai celebrating the fact that Donald Trump won the election, smearing cheese dust all over his face and mocking the new president. It is hard to say where this season will take viewers, but considering the season premiere and season passed,  it is going to be filled with horror and suspense.

AHS: Cult airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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