A Killer Night

One week ago, Pepi Roni, family man and restaurant owner, was shot. He was found at the side of his beloved wife. With an earring under him for evidence, the investigation began. Was it his beloved daughter, Angel? His son, Marco Roni, an aspiring soccer player? Bo, despised fiancee of Angel?  Rocco, Pepi’s identical twin brother? Tara, mistress and wife of Rocco? Or maybe, Mama, a loving and tired wife?

With the assistance of the University Programming Council, Frostburg State University was once again host to the annual Murder Mystery Dinner. The ARMAH was decorated to the fits of an Italian restaurant, with Italy’s flag colors scattered across the room and elegantly dressed tables. Awed guests of the event were served a three course Italian meal of salad, lasagna, and dessert. As the Roni family dispersed into ARMAH for the main event, guests were invited to participate as much as possible. With formal and informal questioning throughout the dinner, guests felt nothing short of professional investigators. They anxiously awaited clues and raised many questions.

This year’s central conflict was based around a long-disputing family from Italy. The Roni family moved from Italy to begin a new journey, and so, they opened an authentic Italian restaurant. For many years, the business prospered, but Pepi Roni (maybe a little pun intended), was in a long-standing conflict with his wife, Mama, who was ready to move back to Italy. Pepi was having an affair with Tara Misu (also maybe a little pun intended), who is pregnant with his child instead of her husband Rocco’s. Rocco and Mama were in love, but sadly Rocco is terminally ill and is expected to pass away within a year. Marco spoke of nothing other than soccer, so when he found out his father single-handedly ruined his athletic career, he was most definitely upset. Angel was aspiring to one day run the multi-million dollar laundering business that Rocco oversaw, and so, she wanted to prove herself to her uncle. Lastly, Bo, the despised fiancee of Angel, was always in conflict with Pepi, but is it the best way to start off a marriage by murdering his beloved’s dear father?

Two formal investigations occurred when the Roni family was asked to go on stage for guest questions. Almost every Roni member was put under the microscope with accusations, opening up the possibilities for what really happened. All of the guests of the night had a different idea of the crime.

With dropped hints and the help of a host, the night unraveled as guests tried to piece together all of the clues. Putting more and more together, guests were left on edge; raising more questions when the final course was served. As guests enjoyed the cheesecake dessert, the night was close to an end when what really happened was revealed. Was it Mama out of anger? Angel to prove herself? Or Marco for revenge? The actors themselves were anxious to tell the audience the true story. Go to the next murder mystery under UPC’s planning to get the full story!

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