A World of Magic Awaits Guests at 4th Annual Harry Potter Book Night

On Friday, February 2nd, the Children’s Literature Center hosted the 4th Annual Harry Potter Book Night in the Lewis J. Ort Library. This event found a number of Frostburg students volunteering to create a magical night for young children who are passionate about the stories of Harry Potter.Image-15

Just like at Hogwarts, each floor of the library was transformed into a different place for fun and learning. Some of the most notable activities that local children could partake in were: a herbology class, a divination class, a game of quidditch, or a trip to Ollivander’s wand shop to earn their own tool for magic use.

Once entering the library, students would try on the Sorting Hat and join friends and strangers alike in the House they were sorted into. Additionally, students had the opportunity to try a variety of Hogwarts themed snacks like chocolate frogs and owl treats.Image-13

Education majors, Echo Stars, and a handful of other Bobcats were able to organize an extraordinarily memorable event once again, as they have for many years now.

(TBL/Emma Duncan)


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