About Us

The Bottom Line was founded in 1948 as the student-run newspaper of Frostburg State University. From its founding until 1982, the organization was called State to Date. In 1983, the name of the newspaper was shortened to simply State; however, this change was short lived as the name was again changed in 1985 to The Bottom Line.

With the face of media changing drastically over the past decade though the advent of social media and other web 2.0 technologies, The Bottom Line decided in 2013 to drop the distinction of newspaper in favor of news organization. It was the belief of the staff that the new distinction would show the organization’s commitment to the sustainability of student-run media in the digital age. While newspapers are still printed and distributed every Wednesday during the academic year, The Bottom Line now relies primarily on a web based multimedia platform.


The Bottom Line exists as the student-operated news organization of Frostburg State University.  The journalistic intent of the organization is to report news and information that relates to the campus community with the highest possible caliber of writing in an effective and engaging manner.

The Bottom Line seeks to create a forum for the exchange of comment and criticism from the FSU community, in a setting that provides students with the experiences, opportunities, and responsibilities intrinsic to a professional media group.