2015-16 Frostburg State University Faculty and Staff Salary List

In the interest of increasing transparency at Frostburg State University, The Bottom Line has obtained a list of faculty and staff salaries at FSU, which can be accessed by clicking the links to spreadsheets below. The information is divided into faculty, full time faculty on a non tenure track, exempt staff, nonexempt staff, and contractual exempt staff. Exempt staff salaries are determined by the job function. Contracts for teaching faculty are determined by several factors, including the number of students and the class level.  Nonexempt staff are paid hourly, while exempt staff are salaried employees.

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This information is freely available to the public. Students, alumni, and taxpayers have the right to know how their money—tax dollars, tuition, fees, donations, etc.—is being spent. Hard copies of the salary list can be borrowed for two hour periods from the Lewis J. Ort Library circulation desk. Other publications in the region also publish this or similar information, including The Baltimore Sun and The Diamondback, the student newspaper at the University of Maryland College Park.

FSU’s highest paid employee is John T. Short, FSU’s vice president for university advancement, whose salary is $200,000. Following Short is Ahmad Tootoonchi, interim provost, whose salary is $192,000. David Rose, vice president for administration and finance, earns $188,221. Interim President Tom Bowling’s salary is $181,550. Dr. Joseph Hoffman, dean of the college of liberal arts and sciences, earns $169,060.

Athletic Director Troy Dell’s salary is $126,661. The head football coach, DeLane Fitzgerald, earns $91,928. The average salary for a coach at FSU is $55,200.

The average salary for a faculty member is $76,269. The highest paid faculty member is Dr. Stephen Simpson, professor of political science and former provost, whose salary is $139,739. Dr. William Childs, who recently served as provost and is a professor of educational professions, is the second highest paid faculty member, making $120,000.

The next three highest paid faculty members, all from the Management Department in the College of Business, are: Dr. Evan Offstein, whose salary is $116,702; Dr. Amit Shah, whose salary is $115,210; and Dr. Shakil Rahman, whose salary is $113,964.

According to Sherri Sheetz, an FSU budget analyst, this information is up-to-date as of October 9, 2015.