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Currently, technology has adapted to our academics in many ways, both for both good and bad. When considering it, almost everything, if not all, involves technology in some way, shape or form.

With the hottest technological advances in the 21st century, students’ learning experiences have definitely been improved both inside and outside of the classroom. Osirus Babb says, “Technology and school coincide with advancement in technology because there are more breakthroughs for educational patterns and advancing ideas of the growing youth, and people have become quite dependent on it.”

Technology has an answer for everything when you are in college. Just think, if owners of a smartphone, laptop, notebook, tablet or desktop can pretty much do anything they need to do without even flinching. Some of these for students include using Blackboard, registering for the upcoming semester’s courses, using e-mail, and searching for specific information Through the use of technology, students can be more engaged in their learning.

“Technology provides a more interactive approach that enriches the learning experience,” says Frostburg State University (FSU) Junior Kierra Gwynn.

Junior Brandon Johnson believes the internet has endless possibilities. Johnson says, “We have gotten to a point where technology has made it so you never really have to think about things anymore, everything is reactive and there for you.” He continues, “For example, the Internet is this living, breathing thing that you can find the answer to nearly any question or problem you might have, and this can be good because you can find all of the information you need or learn whatever you need to learn so that you will understand your class and get your work done, making it possible for you to retain what you are taught in class, so that it will help you later in life.”

Through the use of technology, keeping up with classwork can become less difficult. If students miss a class with an assignment due, they can shoot their professor an email, explaining the situation. It can elevate issues with making up assignments, as well. Technology is so advanced that professors can upload their lectures to Blackboard on the same day or shortly after so students can study and better understand the material.

Senior Naode Meshesha says, “I think if we did not have technology in school, such as Blackboard, then we would not be able to improve our grades.”

The Blackboard system at FSU is a website where students can take online quizzes, submit assignments and research papers [to check for plagiarism], download assignment guidelines and lectures, and keep up with their grades.

Although these are the perks of having technology in school, it may seem like we as a society have become pretty dependent upon it and the use of it can have negative effects on our education as well.

However, in FSU graduate student Joshua Stepney opinion, technology has its downfalls in communication. He says, “People can submit work quicker, but their social interaction and integrity of learning has diminished.”

Senior Essence Mosely added to this opinion, saying, “Technology is changing the way we learn. Sometimes I feel like it is taking over because people are so dependent on it.”

The online classwork can also provide the opportunity to get high grades without learning the material. Junior Brandon Johnson adds, “You could find a way to cheat the system and get work done without actually really having to learn or comprehend it [the material] and I do not mean plagiarism. And this, of course, will not help you in the long run because you really have not learned anything.”

Because we have become so dependent on technology for the most part, in some cases, it can be seen as a distraction. Sometimes we find ourselves procrastinating on our homework assignment, or paying less attention in class because we are either on social networks or text messaging, etc.

Learning is important and technology assists students with it, but it is our individual responsibility to take advantage of it in a positive way.

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