Back to the Grind


Life aint always a nice breeze

It can bring you down.

Some want to watch you suffer,

Other want to live through you..


Don’t let the world, tell you what you are.

Where you go, what you see, that is


It will hurt, and sting. Life don’t play.


Not with them or you.

No better way to learn.

From playground to higher ground

Life is there. A friend or foe, I don’t know.


But never wrong.


Like a reluctant parent, looking onward.

I was only taught to move forward.




Punches, kicks always on the ground.

Stand up.

She won’t stop the bully. He loves it.

They enjoy your body as a target.


Stay strong against all odds.

You can make it


Nothing you can’t make it through.


The power to stand tall,

Walk where others won’t.

Try when others stopped.

Let no one stand in your way.


Opportunity comes like lightning

So stop watching and waiting.

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