“BIG 5” Meetings to Resume

On Friday Oct. 6, 2017, the first “BIG 5” meeting was called to order as per the Student Government Association (SGA) constitution.  Even though there are six organizations invited to these meetings, the “BIG 5” consists of the student organizations that typically have the biggest representation on campus.  The invitation for the “BIG 5” meeting is at the discretion of SGA.

These guidelines were set forth by the SGA constitution; SGA will be hosting the meetings.  The meeting of these groups had not been active in at least five years according to SGA Student Affairs (SA) Chair Ben Forrest.

The groups represented were the Student Government Association (SGA), University Programming Council (UPC), Greek Council, Residence Hall Association (RHA), The Bottom Line (TBL), and the Black Student Alliance (BSA).

The first meeting consisted of introductory remarks on behalf of each organization, as well as SA Chair Forrest stating the purpose behind the meetings and establishing further meeting times.  The reason behind the meeting of the “BIG 5” is to promote collaboration between groups as well as address any issues that may be causing tension between the groups.  It also serves as another means to get the presidents of the organizations in the same room to promote unity among the groups.

At the conclusion of the meeting, it was established that these meetings would continue through the school year.



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