Bobcat Men Now 5-1 After Loss Against Pitt-Greensburg

The FSU baseball team traveled to Fayetteville NC where they competed against Pitt-Greensburg this past Saturday. It was the opponents who took away the win against the Bobcats, ending the game in a final score of 4-3. The Bobcat men came close at the top of the ninth scoring two runs, but it wasn’t enough to exceed the Bobcats of Greensburg.

It wasn’t until the bottom of the fourth where the Pitt-Greensburg Bobcats took off with the lead. Matt Germanoski and Zack Zimmerman scored the first two runs advancing UPG 2-0. The fifth inning remained scoreless for both teams, and it wasn’t until the top of the sixth when FSU was able to get on the scoreboard. Senior Jeremy Remalia scored a run bringing the game to 2-1 after KJ Hockaday hit the ball toward left field.

The seventh inning also remained a scoreless one as seniors Jamaal Windom and KJ Hockaday were able to make contact bat to ball but were both unable to bring it home for two points.

In the bottom of the eighth, Pitt-Greensburg was able to make two more runs advancing their team to 4-1. FSU then went on in attempts to make a comeback at the start of the ninth. Sophomore Greg Schneider hit toward the right and was able to put two men on base, one being junior Brad Garrant. Senior Connor Cooper batted down the line bringing in senior Teron Tyre, who pinch ran for Garrant. This move brought Schneider to third and Cooper to first. Remalia was next up to bat, and after a strong hit allowing Schneider to run home, Cooper was only able to advance to third base leaving FSU behind 4-3.

“We started the game really slow and didn’t have a good start. We needed to come out, hit the ball, and execute to help out our pitchers to give them a comfortable lead,” says senior Teron Tyre. “We let the team hang around for too long giving them confidence, not playing our type of baseball.”

Although the FSU Bobcats fell, there were many players that stood out and contributed to the almost game win. Senior Jeremy Remalia had three total hits, and assisting him was junior Brad Garrent totaling with two hits. Following closely behind were junior JP Tipton and senior KJ Hockaday with one hit each. FSU sophomore Lane Ward and senior Connor Gorman combined a total of five strikeouts, one more than UPG’s Dylan Pounds four strikeouts. Cooper, Cody Harman, Tipton and Hockaday all assisted in the game stat list of fielding leaders.

Hoping to make-up for last weeks’ loss, the team has prepared a new mindset for how they are looking to improve moving forward. Tyre mentioned, “In our next games we have to start fast and get up in the game early. We have to support our pitchers and not wait to play our type of baseball. We have to play hard for nine innings not just one when we are down.”

The Bobcats travel to Owings Mills, Md. on March 5 to compete against Keystone at 11:00 a.m.

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