Bob’s Burgers Puns Now in a Cookbook

If you’ve ever watched Bob’s Burgers, you’ve probably been curious about the “Burger of the Day.” Well, Loren Bouchard collaborated with the writers of Bob’s Burgers to create The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book. Say that five times fast.

It’s a cookbook that shows real recipes for the once fictional burgers. Finally, all of the terrific, yet horrible, burger puns have been collected into one cookbook.

There are recipes that are very simple and others that are more complex. So, the book is great for people who are just beginning to learn how to cook and those people who are experts.

The cookbook was released on March 22 of this year and it is by far one of the best purchases I’ve made lately. As soon as I heard about the book, I preordered it so I could have it as soon as possible. Here’s the thing, though…I don’t even really like hamburgers.

If the cookbook was not based on one of my favorite television shows, I would have never even thought of ordering it. But who doesn’t love Bob’s Burgers when they’re in the mood for some funny, animated entertainment?

Any fan of the show will definitely love this book. It is filled with artwork that one would expect to see on the TV show. So, not only does the cookbook show its readers interesting recipes, it’s also just fun to flip through and look at.

The 126 page book is filled with 71 recipes. Yes, I counted them. Not all of the burger specials you see on the TV show are included in the cookbook. There are some that are “all joke and no burger” or there are “the ones that sound good but whose names are too mean or too risqué,” says the introduction.

You may have heard of Cole Bowden before. If you haven’t, Bowden created Through this blog, Bowden creates recipes based on Bob’s “Burger of the Day” chalkboard. In his blog’s introduction, Bowden states “I haven’t made a bad one yet (mostly).”

When Bowden’s blog attracted the writers of Bob’s Burgers, they began following it closely. Because of his blogging endeavors, Bowden was able to write all of the recipes for The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book.

Now, while I haven’t tried any of the recipes from the cookbook, I am interested in trying some of them soon. There’s the “Poutine on the Ritz Burger,” from season 2, episode 9, that sounds very intriguing. Mainly because I am slightly obsessed with poutine.

There are very unexpected burgers, like the “Human Polenta-Pede Burger,” from season 5, episode 2. Polenta on a hamburger. Who would have ever thought of that?

As an English major, one of my favorite burger puns is “I Know Why the Cajun Burger Sings,” from season 3, episode 16. Get it?

The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book retails for $19.95, which is actually much cheaper than most other hardback cookbooks. If you’re a burger lover or a lover of Bob’s Burgers (or both), I highly recommend checking out this book.

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