By the Numbers: Campus Crime in Fall 2015

Frostburg State University’s Police Department maintains a crime log on the university’s website as a part of compliance with the Clery Act. This crime log contains data on what crimes are committed, when and where the crimes happened, as well as the result of the case. The Bottom Line has been tracking the Crime Log throughout the semester to record data and make observations on it. The following data will only focus on on-campus crimes.

On-Campus Residence Halls/Apartments

Location # of Residents
Allen 76
Annapolis 168
Cambridge 131
Cumberland 236
Diehl 78
Frederick 306
Frost 63
Gray 78
Simpson 86
Sowers 84
Westminster 305
Edgewood 403
Total 2014


During this semester, the most commonly committed crime was drug law violations. There were 33 on-campus cases. The least committed crimes on-campus were sex offense, dating violence, and fraud, all having just one case reported.

The following is a chart showing all of the on-campus crimes committed starting in August through December. There were a total of 95 cases:

Crime # of Cases Crime # of Cases
Assault 3 Hit & Run 7
Breaking & Entering 3 Harassment 3
Dating Violence 1 Littering 2
Destruction of Property 8 Liquor Law Violation 8
Disorderly Conduct 5 Sex Offense 1
Drug Law Violation 33 Theft 8
Fraud 1 Traffic Arrest 3


The most crimes committed were in Annapolis Hall/Lot with 15 cases reported. The least crimes committed were in Frost Hall with zero cases reported. There were a total of 81 cases committed at each of the on-campus residence halls and their adjoining parking lots. It is important to understand the cases provided here only depict the instances at each residence halls/apartments. Other on-campus crimes were reported at various locations throughout campus excluding the residence halls/apartments. The following is a chart showing the number of cases for each residence hall/apartments.

Location # of Cases Location # of Cases
Allen 2 Frost 0
Annapolis 15 Gray 1
Cambridge 2 Simpson 3
Cumberland 8 Sowers 1
Diehl 3 Westminster 3
Frederick 3 Edgewood 13


The month of September had the most amount of crimes reported, with a total of 32 violations, while the month of August had the least,  with a total of 4 violations. The following is a chart showing each month and the number of its reported crimes:

Month # of Cases
August 4
September 32
October 25
November 29
December 5


Every student, faculty, and staff member is entitled to an on-going list of all crimes reported to University Police. If you have any information regarding a crime, do not hesitate in contacting the department. To stay up-to-date with all reported crimes, visit the police department’s website and click on the “Crime Log” option located on the left-hand side. Scroll all the way to the bottom and select the desired year. You will then have access to the Crime Log.

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