Career and Internship Fair 2014

On Wednesday, April 2, Frostburg State University (FSU) hosted the annual Career and Internship Fair. The event was in the Lane University Center ARMAH from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There were many different employers and internship places that were at the fair. FSU really tried to get as many places for many different majors as possible to be beneficial to all students. It was a very professional environment but not intimidating for students.

Some of the businesses there included State Farm, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Daly, Peace Corp., Maryland Department of Juvenile Services, and Target. Students were asked to bring their resumes and dressing professionally. They were also given the opportunity to register online through the College Central Network.

The mission of the FSU Career Services is to help students “create pathways to success,” according to the FSU website. The fair made it easier for students to interact with potential future employers. After all, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, “Career fairs and on-campus recruiting are rated highest in effectiveness for recruiting interns and co-ops.”

Most of the employers at the fair were regional but there were also many job opportunities at further locations. The invitations were sent out to employers in February so they would be able to register for the event. There were some on-the-spot interviews and it was a great opportunity for students to be able to work on their networking skills.

One student that participated in this event was senior Brenden Williams. Williams said, “Because Frostburg is a small school, I think that an event like this is very convenient for students to take advantage of an opportunity like this.” He added, “I do think that many of the employers were looking to hire students now, so I thought it was more so for juniors and seniors.”

FSU will continue to help students as the years past by. The school wants to provide the best for students when they are still attending the university, as well as when they graduate and use their learning experiences and degrees for their future.

For questions and more information about careers and preparing for the future, visit the Career and Advising Services website at


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