Catch Up on “Orange is the New Black” by the Third Season

“Orange Is the New Black” quickly stole the hearts of many Netflix viewers after being released on July 11, 2013. The first two seasons of the Netflix original series follows Piper Chapman and her 15 month experience in Lichtfield Penitentiary, a women’s federal prison in New York. Season three premieres on June 12, so there is still plenty of time to watch (or binge watch) the award-winning series if you haven’t already.

The plot of the series is based on Piper Kerman’s true story. Kerman published a memoir about falling in love with a woman who participated in an international drug ring and laundering money for her. Her decisions as a young adult later caught up with her, and she was sentenced to prison in the midst of her engagement with an author named Larry Smith. Her ex-girlfriend, Catherine Wolters, was incarcerated in the same prison.  Smith did, like in the Netflix series, publish a column about his and Kerman’s experience as a couple separated by metal bars.  They tied the knot in 2006 and are still married, according to a popsugar article.

“Orange Is the New Black” follows Piper’s journey from her last few hours as a free woman through her time as a prisoner.  Piper experiences difficulties with Larry, a rekindled flame with Alex, new friendships and enemies, stress with corrections officer Mr. Healy, and a fair share of lessons learned the hard way.  She must hold her own while spending time in her own cell, in the cafeteria, at her prison job and in the SHU, which is solitary confinement.

Her fellow inmates, most of whom are fictional, have various stories of their own.  The series includes flashbacks of each of the best known inmates to provide extra entertainment. Viewers get a peek into the lives of Mr. Healy, Red, Alex, Suzanne, Taystee, Sophia, Nicky, Vee, Pennsatucky, Daya and others.

The trailer for season three was released on April 9th, providing plenty of excitement for fans.  A new character, Stella Carlin, played by Australian actress and model Ruby Rose, will appear in the upcoming season.  It is rumored that Stella attracts both Piper and Alex, who finds herself back in prison with Piper. Stella winks at somebody – but who? – in the recently released trailer, and fans from all over are anxiously awaiting the turnout. Stella’s arrival and interference between Piper and Alex is bound to cause turmoil and drama.  Those who wish to see Piper and Alex together again as a couple are unhappy about Stella’s appearance.

OITNB and its cast has received numerous awards since its appearance on Netflix. The series itself has won Emmy, Young Hollywood, Television Critics Association, Satellite, People’s Choice, Peabody, PGA, Key Art, Image, Gracie Allen, Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association and GLAAD Media awards since 2013.  Taylor Schilling and Laverne Cox, known as Piper and Sophia, have been nominated for Primetime Emmys and won Screen Actors Guild awards. Uzo Aduba, who plays Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” won a Primetime Emmy and multiple Screen Actors Guild awards.  The performance of Crazy Eyes, in particular, is one not to forget, and the show and its cast’s awards are well-deserved.

The series has a perfect combination of humor and maturity to engage viewers of all interests. It appears on most “best Netflix series” lists, and the memoir still holds a sturdy place on book store shelves.  Seasons one and two are currently available to Netflix users and the trailer for season three can be found on YouTube.

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