Chartwells Brings New Flavor to FSU

Planning a $5 million renovation of Frostburg State University’s (FSU) food service venues and bringing new ideas with them, Chartwells has big changes in store for FSU.

“When students see the transformation of Chesapeake Dining Hall when [they] come back in the fall, [they’re] going to be blown away. It’s going to be a completely different facility,” stated FSU President Jonathan Gibralter.

The renovations will be both mechanical and cosmetic. Renovations will be completed in phases, according to David Rose, FSU Vice President of Administration and Finance. “We’re only doing 66 percent of it this summer,” Rose said, “and then we’ll pick up the other third or so.” He elaborated on the renovations, saying, “A lot of it will be new flooring and seating. They’re [going to] have large tables for people to sit at, and they’re going to have booth seating.”

“When we commit to a university, we make an investment,” said Chartwells Regional Manager Michael Lannon on the renovations. “It’s what these students deserve,” he continued, stating that Chartwells is a “food company for the students.”

Lannon described several changes to the food service vendors in the Appalachian Station. A Moe’s Southwest Grill will move into the Greenhouse in the Lane University Center, and Subway will move into Sowers Hall to replace Sub Zero. Starbucks has been selected to replace Java City starting in Spring 2015.

Chick Fil A will be retained, but Taco Bell will be leaving to make room for an Outtakes Food to Go, which will offer salads, soups, and sandwiches. A pizza joint called 2Mato Pizzeria will also be added. Chop’d and Wrap’d, which offers salads and wraps, and Grill Nation, which offers customizable burgers and fries, will also be introduced.

Innovation Kitchen Maryland, a program that incorporates local brands and foods, will have a location in the Appalachian Station. As a part of the program, Chesapeake Dining Hall will supply local food from within a 150 mile radius. The Frostburg Grows program may be involved in this program. Lannon suggested that the program may offer crab cakes from time to time.

Cat Trax will be rebranded as an Outtakes Quick Cuisine and will have its hours expanded. According to Lannon, Outtakes Quick Cuisine will be open whenever the dining hall is open. Additionally, meal equivalency hours in the Appalachian Station will begin at noon instead of at 1 p.m.

Meal plan options will stay the same throughout Chartwells’ first year, and then changes may be made with student input taken into consideration, according to Lannon.

Lannon emphasized the importance of engaging the students. He said, “[We want to know] what [students] want to see.” He added, “Let’s talk about student needs and see what we can do.” The Student Choice program involves students by allowing them “to vote and instantly view results on their favorite foods  they would like to see offered throughout the year,” according to a press release.

“We’re not cookie cutter,” said Lannon. He said that Chartwells will tailor the food options to what students want. “We are responsive to students, proactive on campus, and engaged in the community. We’re here to serve Frostburg,” said Lannon.

Chartwells will launch a website and smartphone app on May 23 to keep students informed about the renovations and news regarding Frostburg dining services. The website will be located at



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