City of Frostburg Fails to Maintain Roads Amid Snowstorm

See apology below (originally posted to Facebook).

On February 4, 2018 the city of Frostburg was slammed with a storm consisting of a frozen mix that ended up with several inches of snowfall.

After witnessing several cars fishtailing, wheels spinning, and losing control, The Bottom Line called the City of Frostburg for a comment on the failure to adequately clear the roads within city limits.  This call was placed at 1:55pm to the Public Works extension, with no answer from the city at the time of publication.  A voicemail was left and The Bottom Line is awaiting an answer.

That afternoon, at approximately 2:15pm, Allegany County Sheriff Craig Robertson released a statement on social media saying, “We are dealing with numerous accidents on our roadways at this time.  If you’re able, please avoid unnecessary travel.  Roads are snow covered and very slippery.”

Later in the day at 2:43pm, a BURG Alert was sent through the university’s emergency alert system.  The BURG Alert read “Roads.  Please restrain from using road in Frostburg and the surrounding area, they are very slick and dangerous right now.”

According to the hourly report for Frostburg, Maryland, the snow is not expected to stop until 5:00pm and then further snowfall around 10pm the same night.

To see weather updates for Frostburg click here.

Please avoid going out on the roads, and stay safe on this snowy day.

Recently, The Bottom Line published a post concerning the condition of Frostburg roads during an inclement weather event. This post was meant as nothing more than a weather bulletin alerting FSU students about dangerous road conditions, following the observations of stranded automobiles and messages from the university emergency alert system. Regrettably, some members of the community have interpreted this article as an attack on the City of Frostburg and municipal staff responsible for clearing roadways. This could not have been farther from our intent, and we apologize to those that may have been personally offended by the language of this article. The Bottom Line staff appreciates the hardworking public servants of our community, and we acknowledge their dedication to ensuring the safety of FSU students.

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