Coach Spotlight: Coach Landrum

Softball coach Wes Landrum has been a part of Frostburg State University for about 15 years. Landrum obtained both his undergraduate and master’s degrees here at the university. He got his undergrad degree in 2000 and his Master’s two years later. Coach Landrum wasn’t born in this area, in fact he was born in Washington DC, but around the age of seven, his family moved to Eugene Oregon. Coach Landrum started off as an assistant sports information director, but when his boss took the softball head coaching position he asked Landrum to help out. From there the rest is history. Coach Landrum has been the head coach of the softball team going on 10 seasons. This season, the team is playing strong and they currently have a record of 14-7.

Coach Landrum is a player’s coach. He gives his players a good deal of responsibility both on and off the field and he actively asks for their opinions on matters concerning the team. He explained that for him it’s important to have the players active when it comes to decisions for the team. When it comes to recruiting new players he wants his current players to meet the recruits as well and give their opinions on them. “It’s important for the current student athletes to meet the future ones,” said Coach Landrum. The fact that he asks his players for their opinions and incorporates them in the recruiting process is refreshing and shows just how much his player’s opinions mean to him. The barrier between the coach and the player seems to be smaller on this team than most teams and that’s a refreshing change.

This season the team is young. In fact, there isn’t a senior on the roster but to Coach Landrum that doesn’t make a difference. Coach Landrum gives credit to the team’s elected leaders Hannah Tavik and Lauren Capece as well as finding the right players that allow the team to be so young but mature. He explained that both Tavik and Capece lead by example and that they step up when the time calls. He explained that one of his proudest moments from the season occurred when the team was running late for an away game. “You usually want to get to the game about an hour early, but we got stuck in traffic and arrived about 40 minutes before the game was supposed to start” said Coach Landrum. Instead of panicking, the team got off the bus and began their usually warm-ups without having to be told what to do. The maturity displayed on the team considering their respective ages is part of the reason why the team has been playing so good.

Looking at this team stats wise reveals that there isn’t one star player and Coach Landrum wouldn’t have it any other way. He said, “I’m not too much of a stats guy.” He believes that his players can step up when it’s needed and that is shown in the games stats. It’s never just one player who takes over the game. This team is kind of similar to the Atlanta Hawks and both teams are constructed to be a whole unit and not just one player and a supporting cast.

Coach Landrum is a coach who likes the little things. He prefers a smart athlete as opposed to an athletic superstar. He calls it “softball smart” and to him that’s the most important thing. His approach is refreshing and that’s part of the reason why his teams are so good. Frostburg State University is lucky to have him as a coach.

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