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On Sept. 6, a Greek life academic enrichment series was held to discuss how the Greek community strives toward excellence. The series was held in the Lane Center and is free for any student interested in pursuing or learning more about Greek life. The panel consisted of FSU students Bethany Henson, a senior graduating in the spring and a member of Alpha Sigma Tau and Phi Sigma Pi, and Hassan Bangurah, a senior graduating this semester and member of Phi Eta Sigma. The main three points the students’ discussion focused on were being a well-rounded student, time management, and Greek life.

Before even considering Greek life, you need to be a well-rounded student and have good time management. Henson, Bangurah, and Dr. Massie Burrell all stressed the importance of time management in students’ academic studies in promoting good grades–a prerequisite for pledging to a sorority or fraternity. The session included Powerpoint slides highlighting several aspects of time management, such as procrastination, setting reminders, and knowing when to say “no.” As the school year moves forward, the workloads increase and extra-curricular activities begin to consume even more of students’ time. The goal is to be established before joining sororities or fraternities and to add value to the social organizations; one panel member advises to “make the organization, don’t have it make you.”

Greek life has coexisted with on-campus student living at Frostburg since 1931, with the mission of developing healthy relationships, building leadership skills, promoting diversity, and allowing educational growth. Joining the social organizations opens doors for job placement, résumé assistance, and experimental learning activities. Greek life in reality is not always as pop culture loves to depict it; Animal House, Stomp the Yard, and The House Bunny are famous depictions that come to mind. Sororities and fraternities will most likely not include as much drama and action-packed behavior as seen in such movies. Nevertheless, there will still be unforgettable memories and bonds created, along with engaging involvements such as step shows, movie nights, and fundraisers. Aside from the engaging activities and the brotherhood/sisterhood bonds, there is a financial commitment linked to Greek life. Costs to be a member can vary greatly depending on the chapter of the sorority or fraternity. The dues go toward national fees, chapter costs, and social functions. Recognized sororities and fraternities at Frostburg State include Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Zeta, Omega Psi Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, and Kappa Pi. There are also numerous unrecognized off-campus Greek organizations, such as Delta Delta, Zeta Phi, and Kappa Chi Kappa. Unrecognized Greek life lacks national affiliation and only exist at the individual campus level. Recognized groups are associated with most colleges, and after graduation, members have immediate connections to other members.

Important Q&A to consider:

TBL: When can freshmen do to become a part of Greek life?

Bethany Henson: Freshmen are eligible to become a part of Greek life in their second semester once they have become more acquainted with the college campus. For some sororities and fraternities, students are eligible in their first semester if they already have 12 college credits in the beginning of their first semester.

TBL: When is the latest to join a sorority or a fraternity?

Henson: It is encouraged to join sometime in between second semester freshman year and sophomore year, so you will still be able to get the most out of the organization.

TBL: Is Greek life for everyone?

Hassan Bangurah: No, Greek life includes large circles and everyone is not built for that camaraderie. It’s about finding where you fit in the most and who you can see yourself hanging out with.

TBL: Can you be a part of two sororities or fraternities?

Henson: Yes, [but] only if they are not two social organizations. But [a] social sorority and a professional sorority, sure.

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