Crime Line 09/06/17-09/12/17

9/6/17 Fake ID: A student was referred to the judicial board for possession of a driver’s license that did not belong to him.

9/6/17 Noise Complaint: Caller reported a vehicle in the Westminster Hall parking lot playing loud music. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle, patrol checks of the area were conducted.

9/7/17 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to the basement lounge area of Allen Hall to investigate a report of CDS activity. As a result of the investigation, a judicial board referral was made.

9/8/17 Traffic Arrest: While on patrol, officers observed a vehicle traveling south on Bowery Street with an inoperable left front headlight. As a result of the stop the driver was issued a written warning for failure to display two lighted front lamps when required and a citation for driving on a suspended license.

9/8/17 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to Diehl Hall for the odor of marijuana. No marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia was observed.

9/9/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Powell’s Lane, Frostburg, to assist Frostburg City Police with an attempted breaking and entering complaint. Officers observed a subject walking away from the general area of the crime who matched the description given. Contact was made with the subject who was later identified to not be the suspect. No further action was taken by FSUPD.

9/9/17 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to Cumberland Hall, for a reported odor of burnt marijuana. Officers did detect the odor of burnt marijuana in the first floor hallway but were unable to determine which room the odor was coming from.

9/9/17 Community Policing: Officers spoke to 3 subjects about tailgating rules during a football game.

9/9/17 Traffic Arrest: While patrolling on Oak St. at Center St., officers noticed a female driver operating a vehicle while utilizing her cell phone. As a result of the stop, the driver was issued three traffic citations.

9/9/17 Community Policing: Officers spoke with a student about the resources that the University Police provides students.

9/9/17 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to Westminster Hall regarding the smell of marijuana but were unable to determine the source of the odor.

9/9/17 Request for Officer: Officers received a complaint of the smell of marijuana in Frederick Hall. Officers were unable to detect the odor of marijuana and cleared the scene.

9/9/17 Request for Officer: Officers responded to Westminster Hall regarding the odor of marijuana. Officers did not detect the odor of marijuana.

9/9/17 Request for Officer: Officers investigating three other alleged marijuana complaints in Westminster Hall were stopped by the Resident Assistant who advised they just had another complaint of the odor of marijuana on the third floor. Officers conducted a walk-through of the third floor and did not detect any odor of marijuana.

9/9/17 Assist Other Agency: Frostburg City Police requested assistance with a possible fight in progress in the area of 53 Bowery Street. Upon arrival, Frostburg City officers were on the scene and were in the process of investigating the complaint .No physical confrontation was observed by either agency.

9/10/17 Traffic Accident: Officers responded to the Annapolis Hall parking lot for a minor traffic accident. No injuries were reported and both drivers completed a FSUPD Traffic Accident Form.

9/12/17 Request for Officer: The Director of Student Activities reported a weapons complaint. According to the complainant, a student has been carrying a folding knife on his person which is against FSU Policy. The student was located, and it was explained to him that the knife was legal to possess and carry, however, it was against FSU policy to have on campus. Student Affairs was notified.

9/12/17 Information: Frostburg City Police reported vehicles were being broken into in the area of Welsh Hill Road, Frostburg. An E2 Campus crime alert was sent out.

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