Crime Line 09/13-09/20

9/13/17 Fraud: FSU student reported someone had sent her an email requesting $500. The person advised he would make her personal and financial information public if she did not. Student was informed this was a scam, and to not have any further contact with the suspect.

9/14/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted the Allegany C3I unit with locating and arresting a FSU student in reference to an incident that occurred on 1/4/17 in Garrett County, Maryland.

9/14/17 Theft: FSU Professor reported a laptop was removed from her office in Frampton Hall over the summer. Nothing else was reported missing. The investigation is continuing.

9/14/17 Fire: Officers were dispatched to Edgewood Commons for a fire alarm. Upon arrival, officers conducted a foot patrol of the 3rd floor and observed heavy smoke. The fire department arrived on scene and conducted an investigation while clearing the smoke from the building. Investigation revealed the cause of the fire was cooking left unattended. Heavy damage was sustained to the microwave and oven. The cabinets, wall, and ceiling also had smoke damage.

9/14/17 Traffic Accident: Officers were dispatched to the intersection of E. College Avenue and University Drive for a minor traffic accident. Officers checked with the involved subjects who had slight injuries. Drivers exchanged insurance information.

9/15/17 Suspicious: Officers investigated a suspicious vehicle parked and unoccupied at the practice fields.

9/15/17 Assist Other Agency: While driving east on Main St., officers noticed a male and a female arguing. Both subjects stated there was no physical contact.  No further police action taken by FSUPD.

9/15/17 Suspicious: Officers observed a truck entering the practice fields via the gate at the fence. The truck had lacrosse goals in the bed. Contact was made with the driver who was identified to be the FSU Men’s Lacrosse Coach who was returning the equipment to the practice fields from the main field area.

9/16/17 Liquor Law Violation: Officers were dispatched to the second floor lounge of Sowers Hall for a report of a male student who was passed out. As a result of the investigation a student was referred to the judicial board.

9/16/17 Request for Officers: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons, for a possible odor of marijuana. Upon arrival, officers were unable to detect any odor of any kind in the area.

9/16/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted the Frostburg City Police with a traffic stop in the Center Street parking lot.

9/17/17 Liquor Law Violation: Officers responded to the sixth floor quad bathroom for a male student who passed out. As a result of the investigation a student was referred to the judicial board.

9/17/17 Drug Law Violation: While conducting a traffic stop at the intersection of American Avenue & Bowery Street, Frostburg, officers observed smoke coming from the driver’s side window with a pungent odor of burning marijuana. As a result of the stop the driver was issued several traffic citations and will be charged later for possession of marijuana. The driver was also referred to the judicial board.

9/18/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted Frostburg City Police with a traffic stop on E. College Avenue at the Frost parking lot.

9/18/17 Skateboard Complaint: Officers located a male subject in the Administration Circle who was reported to be skateboarding on campus. He was warned the next time he was caught on campus skateboarding, he would be issued a civil citation and a No Trespass letter barring him from the university campus.

9/19/2017 Suspicious Person:  A housekeeper from P.E. called University Police at 1:55 a.m. to report a male subject roaming the building carrying laundry basket full of clothes.  Officers conducted thorough search of building but were unable to locate the individual.

9/19/2017 Suspicious Person: Officers responded to the FSU sign near the intersection of College Ave. & Center St. for suspicious persons possibly defacing the FSU sign.  Officers located subjects and found they were taking measurements of the sign for an engineering project.

9/19/2017 Information: At approximately 7:50 p.m., officers of the Frostburg State University Police Department responded to Westminster Hall for a reported fire alarm activation. Various area volunteer fire departments were also dispatched to the dormitory at this time, including firefighters from the Shaft Volunteer Fire Department. While investigating the alarm, officers were advised that a fire hose fell from a fire engine and struck a parked vehicle. Officers made contact with the owner/operator of the vehicle, who was advised of the incident. The owner responded to the vehicle and inspected it in the presence of officers but was unable to locate any obvious damage as a result of the vehicle being struck by the hose. Owner was provided with a business card, indicating a police report number, in the event insurance information is needed in the future.

9/20/2017 Assist Other Agency: Frostburg City Police request FSU officer assistance with the subject they had just arrested for breaking into a number of cars in the Bowery, Paul St areas.  When the officer arrived his services were no longer needed.

9/20/2017 Skateboard Complaint: Officers responded to the third floor deck area of the Library for a skateboarder who was moving furniture to do tricks.  Upon arrival, the boarder was gone.  FSUPD Dispatch used the camera system to check other locations on campus and found the skateboarder actively skating on the tennis courts.  Assigned officer responded, made contact, advised FSU skateboard policy and issued a Trespass Notice.

9/20/2017 Odor of Marijuana: Officers responded to a quad on the fourth floor of Westminster Hall for the odor of Marijuana.  Officers were unable to pinpoint the source.

9/20/2017 Assist Other Agency: FSU Officers responded to a residence on Park Ave. with FPD Officers for a possible burglary in progress.  Upon arrival, officers met with the complainants who said when they exited their apartment they saw a dark skinned male, wearing a gray hoodie, attempting to remove an air conditioner of one of their neighbors.  This is when the complainants confronted him and he fled on foot.

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