Crime line 10/1-10/8

10/01/14 Request for Officer: Anonymous caller reported speeding vehicles exiting the State Street parking lot, and were concerned about the safety of children in the area.


10/01/14 Information: Police Dispatch was contacted by a Frostburg Resident and Lane Center Employee wishing to report an incident of bullying.  The caller advised a local 5th grader was walking home from Beall Elementary when he was followed by some older children alleged to have been in the 7th grade.  The incident was alleged to have started on FSU Property, in the grass between College Ave and College Ave Lot.  The harassment continued to the child’s residence.  Officers attempted to make contact with the child’s father and a copy of the police report was sent to Beall Elementary.


10/2/14 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted Frostburg City Police with a traffic stop on Park Ave., Frostburg. No police action was taken by this agency.


10/3/14 Knock & Talk: Officers conducted Knock & Talks and spoke with students at 143 Wood, 106 Bowery St., and 163 E. College Avenue.


10/4/14 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to 127 Wood Street for a reported noise complaint. Upon arrival, Frostburg City Police were already on scene. No police action taken by this agency.


10/4/14 Disorderly Conduct: Officers assigned to the Late & Late event in the Lane Center were approached by a male FSU student. While speaking with the student, officers detected an odor of alcohol emitting from his breath and person. He then admitted to officers that he had consumed six beers.  During the contact the student became disorderly, he was issued a civil citation for underage consumption of alcohol and two criminal citations, one for Failure to Obey and Disturbing the Peace. Before being released, he was informed to not go into the Lane Center and a trespass form was signed. Judicial Referral submitted.


10/4/14 Knock & Talk: Officers spoke with several students who were walking on Bowery Street, heading toward Main Street. Officers advised the students to be careful.


10/03/14 Traffic Arrest:  While driving north on Center Street, officers observed a red all-terrain vehicle (four-wheeler) traveling east on Stoyer Street. A citation was issued for operating an unregistered motor vehicle and a second citation for driving without a license.


10/2/14 Noise Complaint: Anonymous caller reported a noise complaint at E. College Avenue. Officers responded and found no noise at that location


10/3/14 Request for Officer:  Caller reported that a door was ripped off of one of the stalls in the women’s bathroom in the Ort Library. Upon response the door was found to indeed be broken. The damage was photographed.


10/3/14 DWI/DUI: Officers arrested a non-student for DWI on Braddock Road, operator is also a suspect in a hit and run being investigated by the MSP.


10/5/14 Liquor law Violation: Officers assigned to the Late & Lane event in the Lane Center were called to the second floor women’s restroom for a subject that was vomiting and appeared sick. Following investigation the student was issued a civil citation for underage possession/consumption of an alcoholic beverage.  Judicial Board referral submitted.


10/4/14 Liquor Law Violation: Officers working at the Late at Lane event were contacted by the staff who reported a female was in the restroom vomiting. Following investigation the student was issued a civil citation for possession/consumption of an alcoholic beverage under the age of 21 years. Judicial Road Referral submitted.


10/5/14 TIP/Assist Other Agency: Police received a call on the FSU Tips line requesting an officer response to 54 E. College Avenue. Upon arrival, Frostburg City Police were on the scene.


10/4/14 Assist Other Agency: Anonymous caller reported noise at 127 Wood Street, apartment B. Officers responded and determined no violation.


10/5/14 Information: A Garrett Community College student reported her I-Phone was stolen sometime yesterday, October 4, 2014, while she was at the F Bar, Bowery Street, Frostburg.  Victim was referred to Frostburg City Police.


10/6/14 Theft-Misdemeanor: Officers were dispatched to Brady Health for the theft of a temporal scanner.   Staff attempted to locate the scanner and it was determined to have been taken sometime on Thursday 10/2/14 during the late morning or early afternoon. Investigation continuing


10/6/14 Request for Officer: Officers responded to Cumberland hall after an RA reported finding a traffic cone in one of the hallways.  Officers returned the cone to the Stangle Building.


10/6/14 Alarm: Allegany County Civil Defense (911) advised they received a trouble alarm for “power Failure” at Edgewood Commons, they also advised they received a trouble alarm for the fire panel in the Library.  Officers responded.


10/6/14 Request for Officer: Officers responded to Frederick Hall for a CDS complaint.  Officers proceeded to the quad and detected a strong odor of marijuana. It was determined the odor to be emitting from one of the rooms.  No contraband was located.  Judicial Board Referred.


10/7/14 Check on Well Being: FSU student reported two small boys walking by themselves towards the Ort Library and requested an officer check on them.  Upon arrival, officers determine the subjects were gone on arrival.


10/07/14 Theft:  FSU student reported his cell phone was taken while inside of the Lane Center. Officers met with the victim who stated had his phone plugged into one of the charging docks at the Lane Center while he was playing ping pong. He stated when he went back to his phone; he discovered it to be missing. One suspect was identified and ruled out, investigation continuing.


10/07/14 Warrant Service:  Officers responded to E. College Avenue, and made contact with an off-campus student, who was served with a warrant for her arrest, (misdemeanor theft). Student was placed under arrest and transported to the Allegany County Court Commissioner’s Office where she was released on her own recognizance. Officers then transported her back to her residence at 134 E. College Avenue.


10/8/14 Harassment: A student reported a male subject, also a student of FSU , will not leave her alone. Investigation continuing


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