Crime Line 10/11-10/17

10/11/17 TIPS: Caller reported a red truck on Bowery Street, Frostburg with approximately 15 subjects in the bed of the truck. The vehicle stopped at a house and the subjects ran up and knocked on the door and then ran back to the truck and left the area. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle or any other suspicious activity.

10/12/17 Community Policing: Officers spoke with an orientation class on safety and conducted a phone interview with a student.

10/12/17 Theft: FSU Student reported her headphones were missing from the 2nd floor lounge area of the Lane Center.

10/12/17 TIPS: Caller reported vehicles parked in the no-parking zone on Spring Street, Frostburg. Frostburg City Police notified.

10/12/17 Community Policing: Officers spoke with a group of 12 students in the Cordts PE Center and advised to make sure their valuables were secured.

10/13/17 Request for Officer: Caller reported hearing a female scream in a distressed manor outside in front of Cambridge Hall. Officers responded, checked the exterior and interior of the building, and determined the call was unfounded.

10/13/17 Request for Officer: Officers responded to the Stadium Lot in reference to a complaint of a dog locked in a vehicle. Dispatch contacted the owner and had her come to her vehicle.

10/13/17 Information: An FSU Student reported she was out walking and noticed a dark green four door older model vehicle possibly following her as she walked east on College Avenue. She stated the operator said something like, “Hey I had to say hi to you babe/sweetheart.” She advised that she reported the incident to the Frostburg Police Department.

10/13/17 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to the sixth floor of Frederick Hall for a report of CDS. Upon arrival, officers check the quad area and were unable to detect any odor of marijuana in the area.

10/13/17 Request for Officer: Caller reported the odor of marijuana on the second floor of Cumberland Hall. Officers responded and checked the second floor with negative results for the smell of marijuana.

10/15/17 Drug Law Violation: Officers were dispatched to the third floor of Cumberland Hall for a report of marijuana smell. Officers completed a walk-through of the entire building and were unable to detect any marijuana within the building.

10/16/17 Drug Law Violation: Allen Hall Resident Assistant reported the smell of marijuana on the entire first floor of Allen Hall. Officers responded and could not pinpoint the origin of the odor.

10/16/17 Community Policing: Officers spoke with several subjects who were operating a mini bike on Bowery Street Ext., Frostburg.

10/16/17 Fire Alarm: Officers were dispatch to the Cordts PE Center for a fire alarm activation. Investigation revealed a student was playing basketball when the ball hit the pull station in the arena. Frostburg Fire Department personnel arrived on the scene and checked the building. The alarm was reset.

10/16/17 Drug Law Violation: Cumberland Hall Resident Assistant reported an odor of suspected marijuana coming from a second floor residence. Officers were unable to observe any CDS or detect any odor of marijuana while inside the residence.

10/17/17 Request for Officer: Officers were dispatched to first floor of Cumberland Hall for a report of CDS. Officers walked the hallway but were unable to detect the odor of marijuana.

10/17/17 Drug Law Violation: While conducting a traffic stop on University Drive, officers detected a very strong distinct odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. A probable cause search of the vehicle resulted in the recovery of marijuana. The driver was issued a warning for failing to display two lighted headlamps and the passenger was issued a civil citation for possession of Marijuana less than 10 grams. All of the parties involved were advised that this incident would be forward to the FSU judicial board for review and follow-up.

10/17/17 Community Policing: Officers provided safety information to students in the Lane Center.

10/17/17 Damage to Property: An FSU student reported damage to her 2012 Ford Escape while parked in the Simpson parking lot. The damage was a dent on the right passenger side quarter panel above the wheel well. A check of the surveillance footage showed negative results.

10/17/17 Fire Alarm: Officers responded to Dunkle Hall for a fire alarm activation. Investigation revealed the alarm was accidentally activated. Frostburg Fire Department arrived on the scene and cleared without incident. Alarm system was reset.

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