Crime Line: 10/12 – 10/18

10/12/16 Community Policing & Knock & Talk:  Officers conducted a Knock & Talk on Bowery St., Frostburg, and spoke with two student veterans at the FSU Veteran’s Center.

10/12/16 Drug Law Violation:  Officers were notified by the Resident Assistant of an odor of marijuana emitting from two residents inside Annapolis Hall. As a result of the investigation judicial board referrals were made.

10/12/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers were dispatched to W. Mechanic St., Frostburg, to assist Frostburg City Police (FPD) with a domestic assault incident.  Neither involved party is currently enrolled at FSU.

10/12/16 Drug Law Violation: The Residence Life Area Coordinator reported she detected a strong odor of marijuana in the east vestibule and stairwell of Frederick Hall. Officers responded to the area and did detect a strong odor of burnt marijuana in the vestibule and stairwell, however, the involved parties were not located.

10/13/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Welsh Hill Rd. Frostburg, to assist Frostburg City Police with an assault. The investigation is being handled by the Frostburg City Police.

10/13/16 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons for a CDS complaint. As a result of the investigation, a juvenile was referred to juvenile services and a judicial referral was made.

10/13/16 Knock & Talk and Community Policing: A Knock & Talk was conducted with the patrons of Byrnies Sandlot located at the corner of E. College & and Center St., Frostburg. While on patrol in the Cordts PE Center, officers met with several students in the main arena. They played basketball and discussed safety issues.

10/13/16 Tampering With Fire Equipment/False Statement: Officers responded to the Cordts P.E. Building for a fire alarm. Upon entering the building they were notified that a fire alarm pull station in the baseball practice gym was pulled.  Several area fire companies responded to the alarm. Shaft Fire Department checked the building with negative results for smoke or fire. The fire department determined the cause of the alarm was malicious pull station activation. The investigation is continuing.

10/13/16 False Statement: Officers received information from a female student who provided information regarding the identity of the suspects involved with the false fire alarm incident that occurred in Gray Hall. She apologized for the information she initially provided, and admitted to officers that she was responsible for activating the fire alarm in Gray Hall on October 9, 2016.

10/14/16 Sex Offense – Other: Officers investigated a report of a sexual assault that occurred on 10/14/16.  Student Affairs and the Title IX Coordinator were notified.  A judicial board referral was submitted.

10/14/16 Knock & Talk: Officers conducted a Knock & Talk at Hi-Way Pizza, E. College Ave., Frostburg.

10/15/16 Liquor Law Violation: Officers were dispatched to Westminster Hall for a sick student. Upon arrival, contact was made with the student who advised she had been vomiting. She was asked if she had being consuming any alcohol and she stated she had consumed half a 1.75 liter bottle of bourbon.  The student was issued a civil citation for underage possession of an alcoholic beverage and referred to the judicial board.

10/15/16 Community Policing:  Officers spoke to numerous parents and future students in the Lane Center about safety at FSU. A discussion of proactive measures that have been taken by the University to combat crimes, underage drinking, and drug use ensued.

10/15/16 Request for Officer: Caller reported a dog was left in a Toyota highlander in the Performing Arts Lot. Officers responded and were unable to locate the driver. It was determined the dog would be O.K. due to the weather being cool.

10/15/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Braddock Road, Frostburg, at the request of Frostburg City Police who were investigating a subject with multiple warrants around the country; however, no warrants were extraditable. The subject was allegedly selling cleaning products. The investigation is being conducted by Frostburg City Police.

10/16/16 Drug Law Violation: Officers were dispatched to a room in Edgewood Commons for the report of an odor of marijuana. As a result of the investigation, one student was issued a civil citation for possession of marijuana under ten grams and referred to the judicial board.

10/16/16 Assist Other Agency: Maryland State Police requested officers in the Edgewood parking lot to assist with a probable cause search on a traffic stop. Officers responded and stood-by with two male subjects while MSP conducted a search of the vehicle, and issued a Safety Equipment Repair Order.

10/17/16 Suspicious: Officers were dispatched to the Guild parking lot to attempt to locate two suspicious males, one wearing a maroon t-shirt, the other a dark blue t-shirt, reportedly looking into and attempting to open vehicles along E. College Avenue. Frostburg City Police advised that the suspicious males walked from the Guild parking lot to the Performing Arts Center parking lot.  As officers entered into the Pullen Lot, they observed a male subject matching the description given fleeing the area. With assistance from Frostburg City Police, officers attempted to set up a perimeter to contain the fleeing subject. The subject was not located.  The investigation is continuing.

10/17/16 Notification: Lane Center employee advised that a female student told her about a group of males standing in front of the Ort Library who are stopping females walking by. The reporting female said the males did not go to FSU and she did not know what they were saying to the females they were stopping, but it was making her uncomfortable. Officers responded to the area and reported the subject gone upon arrival.

10/17/16 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to the Clock Tower for a report of four subjects smoking CDS.  Contact was made with two subjects, who were identified to not be FSU students.   Officers advised both subjects that they could smell the odor of marijuana on their clothing and were asked if they had any marijuana on them. Both stated they did not, however one stated he had smoked marijuana earlier that day. No CDS was found on either subject.

10/17/16 Theft: FSU student reported he had left his wallet in the second floor restroom of Sowers Hall, and when he returned the wallet was missing.  Victim was instructed to contact his bank to cancel his credit card.

10/17/16 Request for Officer: Officers were dispatched to the sidewalk area between Dunkle Hall and the CCIT building for a destruction of property compliant. Upon my arrival, officers spoke with three male individuals, identified to be FSU students, who were using spray chalk on the sidewalk. It said “BAN Fracking” on the sidewalk. It was determined that the chalk would eventually wash off the sidewalk and no crime was committed.

10/18/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Center St., Frostburg, to assist Frostburg City Police with a reported disturbance. Upon arrival, it was determined to be a neighbor dispute over excessive noise. Officers stood-by while FPD officers made contact with all parties involved.

10/18/16 Harassment: FSU student reported he was seated at a table in Chesapeake Hall when an unknown female walked up to him and said, “This is for you.” as she placed a green pear with something printed on it in front of him.  He picked up the pear and read the following question as the female walked away. “Are you peary proud of what you did?”  The investigation is continuing.

10/18/16 Assault: Officers responded to Annapolis Hall for a reported fight. As a result of the investigation one individual was referred to the judicial board.

10/18/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to 4 Bobcat Court to assist the Frostburg City Police with an unknown type of disturbance. Upon arrival officers heard several females arguing. During the investigation it was found that two females got into a fight. One of the females involved elected to go stay with a friend.  Neither party was an FSU student.

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