Crime Line 10/21 – 10-29


10/21/15 Traffic Stop/Arrest: While working a traffic grant on Center St. in Frostburg, officers observed a white Nissan truck traveling north on Center St. with no front license plate. A traffic stop was initiated and contact was made with the driver.  It was determined that the driver for wanted on an arrest warrant.  The warrant was served and the driver was held on $3500 dollar bond. He was later transported to Allegany County Detention Center.


10/23/15 Theft: FSU Housekeeping Supervisor reported a theft of a vacuum cleaner. The investigation is continuing.


10/23/15 Request for Officer: The Director of the Lane Center reported that on October 22, 2015 at about 1723 hours, an unknown student had thrown a sauce packet at a FSU employee. An attempt to identify the student will be made and when located he will be referred to a judicial board.


10/23/15 Vandalism: Officers patrolling Dunkle Hall observed on the front part of the building someone unknown had spray painted in black coloring “I am the Seed of Sam”. Photographs were taken. Facilities notified to have the graffiti removed.


10/23/15 Fire Alarm: Officers were dispatched to Cumberland Hall for fire alarm activation. Upon arrival, contact was made with the Resident Assistant who advised that a fog machine was operating in the basement as part of a haunted house. Officers then responded to the area of the alarm and observed a light haze from a fog machine which was set up in the laundry room (which is next to the activated alarm) The fog machine was turned off and the haze dissipating. Contact was made with several other RA’s, who advised they would discontinue use of the fog machine for the haunted house. Frostburg Fire Department personnel were notified of the situation, and all incoming fire units were cancelled. The fire alarm was silenced and reset without incident. No further action taken.


10/24/15 Damage to Property: Officers were notified by a student Safe Ride driver that he checked out one of the FSU Safe Ride vans and drove the vehicle from the FSUPD headquarters to Allen Hall. Upon leaving Allen Hall, his partner discovered a large dent in passenger side rear door of the van.  The investigation is continuing.


10/25/15 Drug Law Violation: The Diehl Hall Resident Assistant reported that while making his rounds he observed a male individual at a third floor window. He advised that the individual appeared to be smoking out of a glass smoking pipe. As a result of the investigation an individual was referred to the Judicial Board.


10/15/15 Open Container: Officers patrolling in a marked police vehicle on Wood St. Frostburg, noticed a female subject carrying a red solo cup containing an alcoholic beverage. Subject was then explained about the open container law in Frostburg, and then issued a civil citation for possession/consumption of an alcoholic beverage in a public place.


10/25/15 Knock & Talk:  Officers spoke with approximately 15 students at Wood St., Frostburg, about open containers and underage drinking.


10/25/15 Open Containers: Officers on patrol traveling west on Paul Street, Frostburg, observed a male subject carrying a red solo cup determined to contain an alcoholic beverage. He was then issued a civil citation for possession/consumption of an alcoholic beverage in a public place.


10/25/15 Assist Other Agency: Officers were notified of a possible fight that was going to take place at the intersection of Bowery Street and American Avenue, Frostburg. A group of individuals were dispersed without incident. No further police action taken.


10/25/15 Request for Officer: An FSU employee reported two students were asked to leave the CCIT building and both refused. Upon arrival, officers observed the two students exiting the building. No police action taken.


10/26/15 Theft: An Annapolis Hall student reported currency missing from his room.

The investigation is continuing.


10/26/15 Alarm: Officers responded to the Appalachian Environmental Laboratory, 301 Braddock Road, for a report of unauthorized entry alarm activation.  During the foot patrol of the area, officers observed no suspicious activity.  No further action taken.


10/26/15 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to Cumberland Hall, room for a report of an odor of possible CDS.  Judicial Board referral submitted.


10/26/15 Fraud: While investigating a complaint of CDS activity, prior to clearing that incident, the complainant in the case, requested to file an additional report for fraud. The investigation is continuing.


10/26/15 Criminal Summons Served: A FSU student was served a criminal summons for two charges of Burglary 4th degree, for his involvement of the incident that occurred on September 11, 2015, at Simpson Hall.  Student was served and released without incident.


10/27/15 RRE: FSU student reported an incident that happened at the College Ave lot on 10/22/15. She stated a black Jeep Wrangler 4 door with VA tags slowed down next to her and her friends and threw bottles and tooth picks at them. She stated that the passengers in the Jeep began to yell racial comments. She stated that they walked toward campus and crossed over the College Ave parking lot, and the Jeep then pulled in front of Highway Pizza and occupants began to yell at them again before driving off. Patrol checks were conducted throughout the campus and City of Frostburg. The investigation is continuing, anyone with information is asked to call University Police 301-687-STOP (7867)


10/27/15 Skateboard Complaint: Officers patrolling the lower dorm area observed a male subject, later identified as an FSU student, riding a skateboard southbound on University Drive, in the area of the Fine Arts building. The student was stopped and advised that skateboarding is against University Regulation 3.022, in addition to the inherent dangers associated with operating his skateboard on a busy roadway. Judicial Board referral submitted.


10/27/15 Theft: An Edgewood Commons resident reported she locked her bike in the Edgewood parking lot bike rack with a lock and chain and went to retrieve her bike and saw that it was missing. She said someone had stolen it along with the chain and lock. Later, the student contacted the police to report she had mistakenly locked her bicycle in another area, and that she has found her bicycle. No further police action taken.


10/27/15 Request for Officer: Officers responded to Westminster Hall, for a report of a possible odor of marijuana. Judicial Board referral submitted.


10/27/15 Assist Other Agency: Officers were dispatched to the F-Bar, Frostburg, to assist the Frostburg City Police with a report of a fight in progress inside of the bar.  Officers stood by until all involved parties left the area.


10/28/15 Drug Law Violation: Officers were dispatched to the 3rd floor of Cumberland Hall for a CDS compliant. Upon arrival, officers met with the Resident Assistant who stated he smelled an odor of marijuana on the entire 3rd floor, both men’s and women’s side.  Officers detected a faint odor of CDS but could not determine where it was coming from.


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