Crime Line 10/7 – 10/13

10/7/15 Destruction of Property: A Residence Life employee reported she parked her vehicle, in Annapolis Hall Lot and later observed the hood area to be damaged. The investigation is continuing.


10/7/15 Alarm: Officers responded to the Appalachian Lab, 301 Braddock Rd., for an automatic alarm reporting unauthorized entry to the building. Upon arrival, the Chartwell’s company was in there and they had the door propped open which activated the alarm.


10/7/15 Information: Caller reported a resident of Edgewood Commons was driving a vehicle without tags and was not registered through the University or Edgewood commons to park on campus.


10/7/15 Skateboard Complaint: Officers observed a male subject traveling south on University Drive on a long board. Contact was made with the subject, he was advised skateboarding is prohibited on campus and was then escorted off campus. The male subject was not a FSU student.


10/8/15 Skateboard Complaint: Officers observed several high school age individuals riding skateboards in the middle of Braddock Rd. Frostburg City Police were notified.


10/8/15 Drug Law Violation: Officers were dispatched to Annapolis Hall, for a report of a possible odor of marijuana. As a result of the investigation a Judicial Board referral was submitted.


10/8/15 Request for Officer: Officers responded to the Performing Arts Center Lot for a possible vandalism complaint involving two parked vehicles. Upon arrival, officers observed two vehicles parked within close proximity of one another and observed two individuals removing numerous sticky notes from each vehicle Contact was made with the owners of the vehicles who both confirmed that they fell victim to a prank and wished that no further police action be taken.  At the time of the report, there did not appear to be any permanent damage to either vehicle previously described.


10/8/15 Destruction of Property: Officers responded to Cumberland Hall for a report of a Destruction of Property. It appeared someone walking by threw a rock through a window causing the damage. The caller did not sustain any injuries as a result of the incident. No injuries were reported.


10/9/15 Hit & Run: An FSU employee reported his pickup truck sustained damage to the rear driver’s side bumper while parked in the Police parking lot.


10/9/15 Suspicious: FSU employee reported a suspicious male subject in the Hitchens building. According to the complainant, for the past several days, she has observed a male subject hanging around the hallway leading into the restrooms on the 3rd floor of Hitchins. Patrol checks will be conducted inside the building by FSUPD personnel.


10/10/15 Open Container: Officers patrolling Maple St., Frostburg, noticed a female subject carrying a blue solo cup containing an alcoholic beverage. The subject was issued a civil citation for possession/consumption of an alcoholic beverage in a public place.


10/10/15 Theft: A Cumberland Hall student reported he had two pairs of pants stolen from a dryer in the basement of Cumberland Hall. The investigation is continuing.


10/10/15 Knock & Talks: Officers spoke with the residents of Bowery Street about open containers and loud music.


10/11/15 Open Container: While patrolling on E. College Avenue, Frostburg, Officers noticed a male subject carrying a white cup containing an alcoholic beverage. The male was issued a civil citation for possession/consumption of alcohol in a public space.



10/11/15 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted the Frostburg City Police with a noise compliant on Broadway St., Frostburg. One noise citation was issued to the occupants of the house.


10/11/15 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Maple St., Frostburg, to assist the Frostburg Police Department with a noise complaint. Upon arrival, units diverted to a fight in progress Lower Consol Rd. Frostburg.


10/11/15 Assist Other Agency: FSUPD officers along with Frostburg Police Department, Allegany County Sheriff’s Office, and Maryland State Police responded to the area of 2 Bobcat Court for a reported stabbing.  The case remains under investigation by C3I.


10/11/15 Alarm: Officers responded to the Appalachian Lab at 301 Braddock Rd., for an automatic alarm reporting unauthorized entry into the building. Upon arrival, contact was made with employees inside the building who advised they held the door open to long which triggered the automated alarm system.


10/11/15 4th Degree Sex Offense: A Cumberland Hall resident reported a fourth degree sex offense. The investigation is continuing.


10/11/15 Request for Officer: Officers responded to Simpson Hall for a noise complaint. Contact was made with the residents who were advised to keep the noise down.


10/12/15 Assist Other Agency:  Officers responded to Washington St., Frostburg, to assist the Frostburg City Police with a possible peeping tom complaint. Upon arrival, officers scanned the area while Frostburg City Police spoke with complainant. The complainant advised that she had seen someone at the east end of her house staring in the window. She described the individual as having headphones on, but that was all she could make out. She advised that he did not try to get in her house but that he was just looking in, and he did not appear to take anything from the deck outside.  No further police action taken by this agency.


10/12/15 Hit & Run: Officers responded to Guild Center Lot, to investigate hit and run involving damage to a vehicle, no injuries reported.


10/12/15 Administrative Paper Service/Assist Other Agency: FSU Administrative Papers were served on a student at the Guild Center. Additionally, he was detained for an active outstanding arrest warrant and transported to the Frostburg City Police without incident.


10/12/15 Information: Police received information regarding a man with a gun outside of a student’s apartment on Lower Consol Road, Frostburg. FSUPD Officers responded to that location and arrived at the same time as Frostburg City Police.  The investigation is continuing by C3I.


10/13/15 Suspicious: An FSU employee reported a suspicious male subject was in front of the Hitchins building on his cell phone. Officers responded to the area and walked around the premises and were unable to locate the subject. The investigation is continuing.


10/13/15 Harassment: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons, room 137, for roommate dispute. The Resident Director was on the scene.




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