Crime Line 10/8 – 10/14


10/08/14 Assist Motorist:  A FSU student locked her keys in her car, officers were dispatched to assist.  Lock opening was successful.


10/08/14 Alarm: An automatic voice message alarm reported an “unauthorized entry” into the Appalachian Lab.  Officers responded and advised an employee had a door propped open while carrying things in and out of the building.


10/08/14 Assist Motorist: Officers observed a disabled vehicle at the corner of College Ave. and Center St.  Officers made contact with the FSU Student who ran out of gas; the car was blocking traffic, and needed to be moved as soon as possible.  One officer offered to stay with the car while the other escorted the student to Sheetz to get gas.  The student advised she didn’t have any money so the officer paid for 2 gallons of gas for her and they were able to move the car.


10/9/14 Assist Motorist: Motorist called reporting her car needing a jump start, officers responded and the vehicle was started without issues.


10/9/14 Fire Alarm: Officers responded to Frederick Hall for a trouble alarm on the second floor.  The second floor hallway was filled with smoke; it was found someone attempted to cook ravioli in a plastic bowl in the oven.  Frostburg Fire Department was on the scene.


10/9/14 CDS: RA advised there was an odor of marijuana throughout the right side of Annapolis Hall on the second floor. Officers responded and were unable to determine where the odor originated from.


10/9/14 Knock and Talk: Officers spoke with about 7 students on Center Street. No further action was taken.


10/10/14 Information: Officers reported seeing a male subject with a gash above his eye walking on E. College Ave. An ambulance was dispatched but then canceled due to the subject walking away and refusing treatment.


10/10/14 TIPS Line: A noise complaint was made against Highway Pizza. Officers responded and Frostburg City Police Department was notified.


10/11/14 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted Frostburg City Police with a traffic stop on Alley #33 and American Ave. During the assist, officers conducted a vehicle registration check as well as a driver’s license and warrant check on the driver.


10/11/14 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted Frostburg City Police with a noise complaint at 65 Bowery St.  Contact was made with the residents in the rear of the building; Frostburg City Police issued two civil citations for noise violations.


10/11/14 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted Frostburg City Police Department on a traffic stop on Wood Street. Officers asked for consent to search the vehicle due to the smell of marijuana, the vehicle was searched with negative results. The driver was issued a citation by FPD for driving the wrong way on a one-way street.



10/11/14 Liquor Law Violation: Officers responded to the third floor women’s bathroom in Frost Hall for a reported alcohol violation.  A civil citation was issued for underage consumption of alcohol and the student was referred to the judicial board.


10/11/14 Request for Officer: Officers were dispatched to Bobcat Stadium for a report of disorderly subjects in the bleachers.  Contact was made with the group who were advised they were being excessively noisy and asked them to settle down.


10/12/14 Assist other Agency: Officers assisted Frostburg City with a traffic stop on Center Street, License and warrant check were done and scene was cleared.


10/12/14 Assist other Agency: Officers assisted Frostburg City Police with dispersing a party at 212 Lower Consol Road, one of the Frostburg City officers stated: Officers counted approximately 97 people leave the small apartment. As the guests began to leave, several individuals began to gather in the middle of the Bobcat Court.  FSUPD Officers assisted with the arrest of one disorderly subject.


10/12/14 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to a possible fight at the F-Bar, Bowery Street.  Upon arrival, several Frostburg City Police units arrived on scene as well. No fights were taking place at the time of arrival of the officers.


10/12/14 Liquor Law Violation: Officers responded to Fredrick Hall, for a possible alcohol violation. One student was issued a civil citation for underage consumption of alcohol. Judicial Board Referral submitted.


10/12/14 Suspicious: While making a patrol check of the SERF Building, officers located a suspicious vehicle occupied with two subjects parked at the turn around behind the Appalachian Lab. Subjects were identified and advised not to return to the area and left without incident.


10/12/14 Drug Law Violation:  Officers were dispatched to Frederick Hall, for a report of the odor of marijuana. Upon arrival, officers did detect an odor of burnt marijuana present in the however officers were unable to determine the primary location of the odor of marijuana.

10/12/14 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to 98 Bowery Street for a report of a possible fight. Upon arrival, Frostburg City Police was already on scene. Officers stood by to assist FPD.


10/12/14 Request for Officer: Officers responded to Cumberland Hall for a reported odor of suspected marijuana. Upon arrival, officers could smell a slight odor of suspected marijuana outside of a room. Upon entering the room, a slight odor of suspected marijuana was present. Frostburg State University’s Consent to Search and Seize form was explained to and signed by residents.  Officers then searched the room with negative results.


10/13/14 Information: Officers were dispatched to Frederick Hall, to meet with a student who reported an offensive tweet from the Frostburg Dining Services twitter account. According to the complainant, the tweet was just the letters “KKK” and nothing else. Chartwell’s Manager advised he was going to change the Twitter page password and will send out a message explaining the error.


10/13/14 Traffic Accident: Student reported she parked her car in the Edgewood parking lot and when she returned to her vehicle there was extensive damage to the rear of her vehicle. A Frostburg State University Police Traffic Accident Information Form was completed. No injuries were reported.


10/14/14 Assist Other Agency: Traffic stop Rt. 36 due to a driver going southbound into the northbound lane.  Allegany County Sherriff’s Office was contacted to take the call and arrested the driver for DWI.  No further assistance requested from our agency.


10/14/14 CDS: When a student came into police headquarters to pick up his lost wallet, the dispatcher and officers could smell burnt marijuana on his person.  A judicial referral was made.


10/14/14 CDS: Complainant advised he observed 3 males smoking marijuana in the back of Westminster Hall, officers responded. Responding officers discovered a discarded “joint” on the ground to the rear of Westminster Hall.


10/14/14 CDS: Officers reported to Westminster Hall for a report of the odor of marijuana. Upon entering the quad officers observed no odor of marijuana to be present. The report of marijuana was unfounded.


10/14/14 CDS: Officers responded to Diehl Hall, in reference to a complaint of CDS activity.  Upon arrival officers did smell a pungent odor of marijuana.  Officers were granted written consent to search the residence. In one students drawer,  officers located a metal grinder containing suspected trace marijuana, a glass smoking pipe w/ suspected marijuana residue and a bag of what was later determined to be hashish.  All evidence packaged and stored for court. One subject will be referred to Juvenile Services for possession of marijuana less than 10 grams and paraphernalia; the second adult resident was issued a civil citation for possession of marihuana less than 10 grams.  University Judicial referral made.

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