Crime Line 11/14 – 11/18

11/14/14 Assist Other Agency:  Officers responded to the area of 70 S. Water St. to assist Frostburg City Police with a reported fight in progress. As a result of the investigation conducted by Frostburg City Police, both parties involved were referred to the District Court Commissioners Office if they wish to pursue criminal charges.


11/14/14 CDS: An officer was dispatched to Gray Hall on a CDS call. One student was referred for a conduct violation.


11/14/14 Suspicious: An officer was dispatched to Westminster Lot in regards to a suspicious vehicle. Dispatch advised that the vehicle had been parked in the parking lot for some time with its hazard lights flashing.  The owner was contacted and advised that everything was okay, he was leaving town to go home for the weekend.


11/15/14 Assist Other Agency: An officer was dispatched to the area of 228 Center Street, Frostburg, in regards to several subjects knocking on the complainant’s door and threatening to fight him. FPD arrested a male subject (non-student) for disorderly conduct.


11/15/14 Request for Officer: Officers were dispatched to the Lane Center to assist with crowd control.  Upon arrival, officers made contact with Lane Center employees who advised that there was a fraternity probate occurring in the ARMAH and that the crowd had reached capacity. After the event ended, officers stood by until the crowd disbursed without incident.


11/15/14 Request for Officer: Caller reported a possible odor of marijuana inside the first floor hallway of Westminster Hall. The caller did not advise any specifics about where the odor could be coming form. At this time officers responded to the area and were unable to locate the problem.


11/15/14 Alcohol Violation:  Officers responded to Allen Hall for a report of an alcohol violation. Upon arrival officers made contact with a student who was cooperative and was not intoxicated but had been drinking. The student was referred to the University Judicial Board.


11/15/14 Request for Officer: Officers responded to Bobcat Stadium for a disturbance. All individuals involved agreed to leave.


11/15/14 Destruction of Property: Officers were dispatched to Cumberland Hall for a report of someone having thrown a frozen water bottle through a dorm room window. Investigation continuing.


11/15/14 Knock and Talk: Officers spoke with the patrons at the Byrne’s Bar, Bowery Street.


11/15/14 CDS: Officers arrived at Sower’s Hall first floor in reference to a CDS complaint.  Officers detected a strong odor of burnt marijuana in the hallway. Officers believe someone smoked marijuana on the exterior of the building and the odor was drawn in.

11/16/14 Disturbance: Officers assisted FPD on Bowery Street with a disturbance. FPD made on arrest.


11/16/14 Assist other Agency: Officers were called Frostburg City Police Headquarters to assist with combative individual.


11/16/14 Assist Other Agency: Officers were asked to respond to the area of Byrnes Bar, Center Street, for a highly intoxicated male subject. The Incident was handled by Frostburg City Police.


11/16/14 Destruction of Property: Officers were dispatched to Edgewood Commons for a male student (non-resident) Edgewood Staff wanted removed from the building. The male student apparently grabbed a third floor bulletin board and tried to rip it off of the wall. Edgewood Manager asked that we not charge him criminally but instead simply charge him through the campus judicial board.



11/16/14 Request for Officer: Officers were dispatched to the kitchen of Westminster Hall on a Discharged Fire Extinguisher call. A charged fire extinguisher has been put in its place.


11/16/14 RRE: A student reported that racial epithets were yelled at him from a black SUV while he was walking on Susan Eisel Drive.  There is no further description of the suspect or the vehicle. Anyone with information is asked to call the TPIS line 301-687-STOP.


11/16/14 Request for Officer: Officers were dispatched to the Ort Library at Frostburg State University for a report of a verbal altercation. Upon arrival the involved parties were gone.


11/17/14 Vandalism: Officers were dispatched to the rear of Westminster Hall for a report of vandalism. Upon arrival, officers observed the phrases “Cold Files” and “Indigo Rising” on the top of an exterior door that leads to the trash room. The words were spray painted in yellow paint.


11/18/14 Alarm: Allegany County Dispatch reported automatic fire alarm activation for the Lane Center. Fire departments arrived on the scene and confirmed that there were no fire related issues.  Facilities Director was notified.


11/18/14 Alarm: Officers responded to the Appalachian Lab, 301 Braddock Road, after receiving an automatic security alarm reporting an unauthorized entry in to the building. Upon arrival, officers observed five Appalachian Lab employees inside the lobby.  They advised they were in the process of a building lockdown and that everything was ok.  No further police action taken.


11/18/14 Fire Alarm: Officers responded to Cumberland Hall for a fire alarm. Allegany County Dispatch advised fire personnel were en route. Upon arrival, officers entered the building and checked the fire panel located in the first floor RA’s office. The panel indicated third floor “Pull Station #82” had been armed. Cumberland Hall was deemed safe; students were allowed to return to their rooms. Resident Director notified. No injuries reported.


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