Crime Line: 11/2 – 11/6

11/2/16 Traffic Accident: Officers responded to the Lower Pullen Lot for a motor vehicle crash. No injuries were reported. Both drivers exchanged insurance information & completed a FSUPD Traffic Accident form.

11/2/16 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons, regarding a complaint of the smell of marijuana coming from a room. As a result of the investigation a judicial referral was submitted.

11/4/16 Destruction of Property: Student reported that a wire to her smart TV had been cut. Residence Life notified.

11/4/16 Trespassing: FSU’s Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards advised he observed a student inside Moe’s Restaurant, Lane Center who was suspended from FSU and prohibited on campus.  Officers placed the individual under arrest for trespassing.

11/4/16 Fire Alarm: Officers were dispatched to Westminster Hall for a report of fire alarm activation. Burnt food was the cause of the alarm, the alarm was reset, and the fire department cleared the scene.

11/5/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Bowery St., Frostburg, to assist Frostburg City Police with a noise complaint. Upon arrival, officers assisted with clearing the party. Frostburg City Police issued a citation for a noise violation.

11/5/16 Open Container: While patrolling Bowery St. Ext., Frostburg, officers noticed a male subject carrying a bottle of liquor. The subject was issued a civil citation for possession/consumption of an alcoholic beverage in a public place.

11/5/16 Disturbance: Frostburg City Police requested officers respond to E. College Ave., Frostburg, for a disturbance. As a result of the investigation two judicial board referrals were submitted.

11/5/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Spring St., Frostburg, to assist Frostburg City Police with a noise complaint. Upon arrival, a large party was observed. Frostburg City Police issued one citation for noise. The party was then dispersed by officers.

11/6/16 Knock & Talk: Officers spoke with the members of the Dz sorority who were selling hot dogs on Center St., Frostburg.

11/6/16 Disturbance: Caller reported a group of individuals in a heated argument behind Annapolis Hall. Officers responded to the area; however the subjects were gone on arrival.

11/6/16 Noise Complaint: Officers responded to Hill St., Frostburg, for a noise complaint. Upon arrival, officers could hear loud music and observed approx. 20 people standing in the yard and on the porch. Upon making contact, officers instructed the subjects to leave the area for the evening. Tenant of the property was issued a civil citation for noise.  One judicial board referral was submitted.

11/6/16 Liquor Law Violation: FSU student reported her friend had not made it back to Edgewood Commons from a party on Bobcat Court, Frostburg. She advised that she had received a telephone called from her and that her friend was intoxicated and lost.  Officers located the student who was issued a civil citation for underage possession of an alcoholic beverage and referred to the judicial board. Referral submitted.

11/6/16 DWI/DUI: Officers noticed a red Toyota 4 Runner with the passenger compartment light on sitting at the closed practices fields. Contact was made with the male driver who was sitting in the driver seat with the keys in the ignition and the motor of the vehicle running. The driver had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on breath/person. A field sobriety test was given to the driver who was later placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated. Driver was issued three traffic citations for driving while impaired by alcohol.


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