Crime Line 11/2-11/8

11/2/17 Information: FSU Housekeeper reported a female possibly sleeping in a lounge area of Simpson Hall. Officers patrolled the area and were unable to locate the student.
11/2/17 Assault: A Simpson Hall student reported she was in a fight inside her room. Investigation revealed the student was in her room when another student entered striking her on the right side of her face. The student advised she blacked-out for a second and when she looked up she saw three female subjects punching at her. Student received several scratches on her face and abrasions on the inside of her lip. Student was transported by ambulance to WMRMC for treatment. Investigation continuing.
11/2/17 Request For Officer: An FSU student reported unknown persons utilized his Visa gift card on the internet at a gambling site. Student was advised that since it was a gift card and he did not have an actual bank account that there wasn’t much the police could do for him.
11/2/17 Request For Officer: Officers spoke with five female students who reside in Gray Hall that reported they were in fear for their safety from a male subject & his friends who also reside in Gray Hall.  Investigation continuing. Student Affairs & Residence Life Office notified.
11/2/17 Drug Law Violation: Westminster Hall Resident Assistant reported he detected an odor of marijuana emitting from somewhere on the first floor. Officers responded and conducted a walk-through of the first floor. They did not detect any odor of marijuana.
11/3/17 Harassment:  Investigation revealed a student was being harassed by a male subject who she has known since high school. Investigation continuing.
11/3/17 Hit & Run: An off-campus student reported her Subaru was damaged while parked in the Pullen parking lot. Photographs were taken.
11/3/17 Harassment: Two male students advised they are being harassed by the victims in an assault case that was previously reported to the police. Student Affairs notified.
11/3/17 Check On Well-Being: Officers responded to Gray Hall to check on the well-being of a student. Contact was made with  the student who was advised to contact parents.
11/4/17 Request For Officer: A Gray Hall student requested an officer to escort her to her room to retrieve her belongings. Student then left campus without incident.
11/4/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to the Hill St. Museum to assist Frostburg City Police with a suspicious vehicle. Officers stood by as Frostburg City Police conducted the investigation.
11/4/17 Request For Officer: Officers responded to a lounge in Simpson Hall for a report of two females passed out. Investigation revealed two female subjects were sleeping on the couches in the lounge area. Both students advised they were sleeping in the lounge area because their room was too hot. No alcohol was detected on either student.
11/5/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted the Frostburg City Police with a traffic stop at E. College Avenue, east of Wood Street.
11/5/17 Check On Well-Being: Officers responded to Frederick Hall to check on a well-being of a student. Contact was made with student who advised her family was concerned for her well-being.
11/5/17 Request For Officer: Officers responded to Frederick Hall for a possible assault. Investigation revealed the victim had received a phone call  asking her to pick up a friend off-campus who was intoxicated. The victim advised she made contact with the friend, an FSU student, who assaulted her by hitting her in the shoulder and arm area. Victim advised the incident occurred on Maple Street, Frostburg. Victim did not have any injuries from the assault.  Frostburg City Police were notified and will handle the investigation. Judicial Board Referral submitted.
11/5/17 Information: A FSU student reported her roommate had been raped three times this year. Contact was made with victim who advised she did not want to speak about the incident. Victim was issued a Victim’s Rights Pamphlet. FSU Title IX notified.
11/5/17 Suspicious: Officers responded to the Cordt’s P.E. Center in reference to an unknown person who entered the facility minutes prior to closing. Upon arrival, officers conducted a walk-through the entire building without locating the subject.
11/5/17 TIPS: Caller reported a group of students smoking marijuana outside of a Westminster Hall. Officers responded and spoke with the group of students who were smoking cigarettes. No odor of marijuana was detected.  Student Affairs notified. 
11/6/17 Request For Officer: Officers responded to Frederick Hall for the odor of CDS. Upon arrival, officers checked the area and did not detected any odor of CDS.
11/6/17 Theft: A Frederick Hall student reported his roommate had quit school and moved out. He advised after the roommate left he discovered his Play Station as well as a MBA 2K18 Game was missing. Investigation is continuing.
11/6/17 Theft: Officers responded to the Lane Center Food Court and met with the manager who advised she observed a male student steal food and a drink.   Charges are pending. Student Affairs notified.
11/1/17 Check On Well Being: An FSU parent requested officers check on the well-being of her son. Student was located and escorted to the FSU CAPS Office. No further police action taken.
11/1/17 Drug Law Violation: A Diehl Hall student was referred to the Judicial Board System for a strong odor of marijuana coming from her room.
11/2/17 Drug Law Violation: A Westminster Hall student reported he smells marijuana every night coming from the room below his. Officers responded to the area and did detect the odor of burnt marijuana in the quad hallway, but were unable to locate which room the odor was coming from.
11/2/17 Request For Officer: An Ort Library employee reported the lacrosse team has been causing problems on the fourth floor. She stated the library director will be contacting the athletic director and the lacrosse coach about the incident. Officers conducted a walk-through the building without incident.
11/2/17 Crime Prevention: Officers spoke with the members of the BSA in the Atkinson Room at the Lane Center.
11/2/17 Request For Officer: Officers responded to Cumberland Hall for the odor of CDS. Contact was made with a resident who allowed officers to enter the room. There was no odor of CDS in the room, just an odor of air freshener. There was nothing in plain view, and nothing illegal in the room.
11/7/17 Fraud: Cambridge Hall student advised he was being extorted online. He was advised through a google messenger account if he didn’t send $3000.00 to the suspect through wire funds, embarrassing pictures of him would be released for public view. Student was advised to delete both his Google and Facebook accounts and to turn off his computer in case the suspect had remote access.
11/7/17 Check On well-Being: A FSU CAPS Counselor requested officer locate a student who was reported to have sent concerning text messages to his friends. Officers located the student and transported him to the CAPS Office.
11/7/17 Information: An anonymous caller reported he is a truck driver on I70 at Big Pool, MD, heading towards I68 when FSU Van #84 was driving aggressively, weaving in and out of traffic and cutting off other vehicles. The caller also reported he was driving at 80 mph and the van just “blew past him.” Officers located the driver and spoke with him regarding his driving.
11/7/17 Information: A FSU student working the Bottom Line newspaper reported an email she received on November 4, 2017, referencing the KKK and “The Queer Nazis.”  Officers reviewed the correspondence and it appeared that the email was SPAM and was not threatening in anyway. The student was advised not to respond to the email.
11/7/17 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to Cumberland Hall for the odor of CDS. Upon arrival, officers detected an odor in the hallway and made contact with one of the residents where the odor was coming from. The occupant allowed officers to enter the room with negative results for CDS.
11/8/17 Request For Officer: Officers responded to the first floor of the CCIT building in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival, contact was made with several individuals who were advised they were being disruptive and needed to leave the area. They complied and left the area without incident.
11/8/17 Community Policing: Officers conducted several tours of the University Police Station for a  law enforcement event.
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