Crime Line: 11/21 – 11/29

11/21/16 Damage to Property: FSU Motor Equipment Operator advised he noticed damage to FSU fleet van #62. It is unknown when the damage was incurred.

11/21/16 Request for Officer: Officers were dispatched to the first floor lounge of Annapolis Hall for an assault in progress. Investigation revealed a verbal argument occurred between students over the TV volume during quiet time. No physical altercation occurred. Resident Life & Student Affairs notified.

11/21/16 Request for Officer: Frost Hall Resident Assistant reported the smell of CDS in the hallway. Upon arrival, officers searched the area and determined the call to be unfounded.

11/26/16 Damage to Property: FSU Athletics employee reported he was operating a FSU university van (#67), while traveling in Pennsylvania he was involved in a motor vehicle collision involving a deer. Photographs were taken. Employee/driver completed an FSU Motor Vehicle Accident Investigation Guide form. No injuries were reported.

11/27/16 Request for Officer: Officers were dispatched to Edgewood Commons for a complaint involving a sighting of a clown in the woods behind the building. The complainant had looked out her window approximately 40 minutes prior and observed an unknown person peek around a pine tree located at the edge of the woods, directly across from her room. She stated the subject had his/her face painted like a clown. She could not provide any further details since she only saw a partial silhouette of the person’s body as he/she peeked around the tree. Officers searched the rear complex of the building facing the woods and did not hear or observe anyone near or in the wooded area. Officers strongly encouraged the two residents that the next time either one of them happen to see or hear anything suspicious to report the incident immediately instead of waiting.

11/28/16 Theft: A Westminster Hall student reported she left for Thanksgiving break on 11/22/2016 and when she arrived back at her room on 11/27/2016, she observed 3 pieces of her property were missing. There were no signs of forced entry. Student advised the room was locked and that RA’s always check the rooms in groups.

11/19/16 Liquor Law Violation: While conducting a traffic stop on Braddock Road, Frostburg, officers observed an unopened case (12 pack bottles) of Corona Extra beer, an alcoholic beverage, in plain view on the right front floor board of the vehicle. The 19 year old driver was issued a written warning for a speeding violation and released from the scene; the alcohol was properly disposed of per FSUPD policy.   Judicial Board Referral submitted.

11/29/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted Frostburg City Police with a traffic accident at Center & Stoyer Street, Frostburg.

11/29/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Bobcat Court for a reported fire. Upon arrival, EMS, Frostburg Fire Dept., and Frostburg City Police were on the scene. Officers stood by and helped direct traffic. The cause for the fire alarm was said to be a problem with the heating duct inside one of the buildings.

11/29/16 Destruction of Property: A CCIT Student employee reported that when she was checking the rooms on the third floor she observed someone had placed a large white dry-erase board inside of room 386. The board showed visual damage to both sides. A check through in the building’s surveillance footage showed negative results.

11/29/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to College Ave., Frostburg, to assist Frostburg City Police with a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, officers made contact with a male subject who was sitting in a lawn chair outside of the apartment. The male stated that he and his girlfriend had gotten into an argument and that she locked him out. Frostburg City Police escorted the male off the property, as requested by the girlfriend.


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