Crime Line 11/3 – 11/11

11/3/14 Sex Offense: C3I is investigating an on campus sex offense.


11/5/14 Missing Person: Frederick Hall student reported she has not seen or heard from her roommate since October 24, 2014. Contact was made with the student who advised that she was alright and confirmed that she had returned to campus around midnight.


11/5/14 Theft: An off-campus student reported his wallet and IPhone was taken from his black Adidas gym bag while inside the men’s locker at the Cordts PE Center. The investigation is continuing.


11/5/14 Theft: Student reported his wallet had possibly been stolen. He advised that at some point tonight he lost his wallet. The wallet was either stolen from a locker in the PE Center where he was exercising, or it fell out somewhere between the PE Center and Cumberland Hall.


11/6/14 Noise Complaint: An anonymous caller reported a noise complaint at 62 Bowery St. Upon arrival, Frostburg City Police advised they would handle the situation.


11/7/14 Request for Officer: Frederick Hall student reported he had a dispute with his roommate and was afraid to go back to his dorm room. Residence Life Director advised the complainant would be moved to another room.


11/7/14 Noise Complaint: Officers responded to the Byrnes Bar on E. College Avenue for a noise complaint. Contact was made with the bar owner who was advised to keep the music down, which she complied. No further police action taken.


11/8/14 Request for Officer: Officers responded to the F-Bar, Bowery Street, for an underage customer refusing to leave. Frostburg Police Department were first to arrive on the scene and advised that the subject was gone on arrival. No police action taken by this agency.


11/8/14 Assist Other Agency:  Officers assisted Frostburg City Police in locating a student who resides in Frederick Hall, who is a person of interest in a hit and run case.


11/08/14 Request for Officer: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons, for a report of underage drinking. None of the students present were found to be consuming alcohol under age. The alcoholic beverages present were destroyed.


11/08/14 Noise Complaint: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons, for a reported noise complaint. The RAs advised that they had told the subjects in the room to keep the noise down prior to calling the police.


11/08/14 CDS: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons, for an odor of marijuana complaint. Officers issued civil citation for possession of marijuana amount less than 10 grams. Judicial Board Referral submitted.


11/08/14 Traffic Accident: Officers were advised that a university state vehicle had received damage as a result of striking a deer. No injuries were reported.


11/09/14 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted FPD at 138 Bowery Street for a possible disturbance.


11/09/14 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted Frostburg City Police, with a traffic stop on Bowery St.


11/09/14 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted FPD at 103 Wood Street, in dispersing a large party of approximately 125 people.  Officers stood by while the party dispersed. FPD issued a noise citation as a result of investigating the initial complaint.  No further action by this police agency.


11/09/14 Reckless Endangerment: An anonymous person contact police to report that her friend was shot in the face with a bb gun. Suspect was identified and referred to the Judicial Board.


11/09/14 Destruction of Property: Officers responded to the parking lot of Edgewood Commons for a report of damage to two vehicles.


11/09/14 Request for Officer: RA of Westminster Hall reported the smell of marijuana outside on the bench. Officers responded but the complaint was unfounded.


11/10/14 Destruction of Property:  Officers were dispatched to Compton Hall for a report of a destruction of property complaint.  Upon arrival, officers met with an FSU carpenter, who advised that his department was contacted regarding a broken window in the building.  Upon examination, it appears that the window may have been struck, in the center, by a flying projectile. Investigation continuing.


11/10/14 Hit and Run: An Edgewood Commons student reported a possible hit and run incident.


11/10/14 Request for Officer: A Edgewood Commons student reported a drone with possible a camera attached to it was being flow up to resident’s windows. Officers responded and were unable to locate anything.


11/11/14 Fire Alarm: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons for a activated fire alarm. Upon arrival, officers met with Edgewood Commons staff who advised the residents in room 401 were trying to make popcorn. Frostburg Fire department arrived on the scene and used a heat camera to determine the room was safe. No injuries were reported.


11/11/14 Drug Law Violation: Officers were dispatched to Edgewood Commons, for a report of a CDS complaint. The resident stated that he smoked marihuana outside and ass he came back inside the building he bought the smell with him on his clothing. Judicial Referral submitted.


11/11/14 Hit & Run: Student reported his blue 2001 Dodge Ram was struck sometime between 8:00 pm 11/10/2014 and 10:00 on 11/11/2014 while parked in the Cumberland Hall parking lot.


11/11/14 Drug Law Violation: Officers were dispatched to Cumberland Hall for a report of an odor of marijuana. Judicial Board referral submitted.



11/11/14 Assist Other Agency: Officers were dispatched to the laundry room of 4 Bobcat Court, Water St., for a report of drug activity. Frostburg City Police issued two civil citations for possession of marijuana less than 10 grams by FPD. Judicial Board referral submitted.


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