Crime Line: 1/22 – 1/27

1/22/15 Notification: A Department of Social Work professor notified of an incident of child sexual abuse. According to professor, respective students are required as part of their admissions application to complete a personal history statement about their life experiences. He advised one student wrote about an experience for which she was sexually assaulted/abused as a child in 1999 (age 14, 15) while living in the state of Texas. The student wrote that her assailant was charged, convicted and since died. Very limited information about the incident(s) were provided.  Copy of this report was faxed to the Department of Child Protective Services, Allegany County.


1/22/15 Request for Officer: Officers responded to the Appalachian Lab, 301 Braddock Road,  for a unauthorized entry alarm notification. Upon arrival, officers canvassed all entry points with no results of forced entry. Several employees were working still and it is believe this is what set the alarm off.


1/22/15 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted the Frostburg City Police with locating a female subject with a mental status change. Subject was located at 191 Welsh Hill Road Apt. 20. Frostburg City Officers conducted the emergency petition on the female subject.  No action was taken by this agency.


1/23/15 Theft: Officers on patrol traveling west on Charles Street observed three females subjects walking east on the roadway in front of 44 Charles St., One subject was carrying a stop sign attached to a steel post. As the subject noticed the police vehicle approaching, she threw the stop sign and post to the ground and continued walking. Officers then made contact with the subject (that was observed carrying the stop sign and post) and requested identification. She stated she found the stop sign and post on the ground at a nearby intersection, later determined to be Alley #39 and Charles Street. Officers then issued the subject a criminal citation for theft less than $100.00 and a traffic citation for willfully altering or interfering with the operation of a traffic control device (stop sign) without authority.  Subject was released from the scene and proceeded to walk to her destination. The  traffic control device was taken to the Frostburg Police Department.


01/23/15 CDS: Officers were called to Edgewood for the smell of marijuana.  Upon arrival they immediately reported to the third floor room 338.  As a result of the investigation a  joint was surrendered to the officers by the occupant of the room. The occupant consent to search the room was denied.   Edgewood Commons Staff were notified of the findings. The marijuana located inside the joint was sealed in an evidence bag, labeled and placed into the FSU PD Evidence Locker to be destroyed.  Judicial board referral completed.


01/25/15 CDS: Officers were called to Frederick Hall for the smell of marijuana.  Upon contacting the occupants of room 620, officers detected the odor of marihuana. Upon request, consent to search the room was given. The search revealed a plastic baggie (dime bag) containing CDS residue (CDS Paraphernalia). Two students were advised they would not be charged criminally for this violation but instead would be charged through the University Judicial Board System.


01/27/15 Hit and Run: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons parking lot for a hit and run.  The complainant advised that sometime between 1700 hours, on January 25, 2015 and January 27, 2015 an unknown vehicle struck the driver’s side rear of his vehicle. The vehicle a black in color 2014 Ford Focus was parked secured and unattended in the upper parking lot of Edgewood Commons. The complainant advised that his vehicle was struck so hard the rear of the vehicle had been shoved over several inches. Officers observed what appeared to be white paint transfer where the vehicle was struck. Officers checked the parking lot for white vehicles. They located two white vehicles in the parking lot. Neither appears to have any damage or black paint transfers.


01/27/15 Warrant Served: Contact was made with the student, and he was placed under arrest for a active arrest warrant. The student was searched incident to arrest with negative results. Officers then proceeded to Central Dispatch to pick up the arrest warrant, and then transported the student to the court commissioner’s office. While at the court commissioner’s office he was released on his own recognizance pending he show up for his next court date. He was issued all proper paper work.


01/27/15 Hit and Run:  Officer responded to a witness report of a hit and run the Guild parking lot. The operator of the striking vehicle was identified and located, investigation continuing.


01/27/15 Assist other Agency: Officers assisted in the attempt to locate a missing person thought to be in the Frostburg area with negative results.


01/27/15 Assist other Agency: Officers responded to Welsh Street to assist FPD with a domestic in progress.  FPD made apprehension of a male subject for the domestic.


01/27/15 Request for Officer: Officers responded to Diehl hall for the smell of marijuana, upon arrival officers could not detect any odor of marihuana.


01/27/15 Request for Officer: Officers responded to Cumberland Hall for a smoke detector going off.  A piece of aluminum foil that had been microwaved was found in the trash can which officers believe caused the paper in the trash can to smoke. Officers then confiscated the burnt trash can and placed it in a trash bag for disposal.


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