Crime Line 1/27 – 2/3

1/27/16 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons for a reported odor of burnt marijuana.  Judicial Board Referral submitted.


1/27/16 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to Annapolis Hall, room 148, for an odor of marijuana. Judicial Board Referral submitted.


1/27/16 Noise Complaint: Officer’s responded to Center Street Frostburg for a noise complaint. Upon arrival, Frostburg City Police were on scene and handled the complaint.


1/28/16 Drug Law Violation: While monitoring traffic in the Frost parking lot, officers observed a vehicle “pass their location without a front license plate attached to the vehicle as required by Maryland Law.  A traffic stop was initiated and as a result the driver was then issued a civil citation for possession of marijuana under 10 grams.  Judicial Board Referral completed.


1/28/16 Request for Officer: Student reported while at the campus bus stop (Annapolis Lot) a single cab flat grey pickup truck drove past and the passenger yelled, “Get out of my town niggers.” Patrol checks were conducted in all campus parking lots with negative sightings of the suspect vehicle. Anyone with information as to this vehicle is asked to contact University Police 301-687-STOP (7867)


1/28/16 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to Diehl Hall, room 110, for a CDS complaint. One subject was issued one civil citation for possession of marijuana less than 10 grams.


1/29/16 Knock & Talk: Officers spoke with several individuals regarding urinating in public and underage consumption at Bowery Street, Frostburg.


1/29/16 Unregistered Keg: While patrolling on Charles St. Frostburg, officers noticed two males carrying a 16 gallon keg. One subject was issued a civil citation for possession of an unregistered keg.


1/29/16 Information: FSU student reported while walking home from a party an unknown male or males punched him in the left eye and nose. He stated that one of his teeth was chipped and he thought his nose was broken. Frostburg City Police were contacted as the assault occurred in Frostburg City. An ambulance was dispatched. Incident is being investigated by Frostburg City Police.


1/29/16 Knock & Talk: Officers conducted a Knock and Talk at Bowery Street. Officers discussed the consequences of consuming alcoholic beverages under the age of 21 and hosting large underage drinking parties.


1/29/16 Open Container: Officers observed a male subject standing in front of a Maple Street residence carrying a green can containing beer. Subject was issued a civil citation for possession/consumption of an alcoholic beverage in a public place.

1/30/16 Liquor law Violation: Officers were dispatched to the third floor of Allen Hall for a report of a subject vomiting.  One student was referred to the Judicial Board.


1/30/16 Public Urination: While patrolling on E. College Avenue officers noticed a male subject urinating on a snow bank at College Ave lot/ College Ave. Subject was issued a civil citation for urinating within the view of other persons within the city limits of Frostburg.


1/30/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted Frostburg City Police in locating a female subject. The female was located in State Street Lot and found to be ok, advising she was waiting on a friend.


1/30/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Wood Street to assist Frostburg City Police with a noise complaint.  Officers made contact with the resident who understood the complaint and complied with officer’s request to turn the music off.


1/30/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers, at the request of Frostburg City Police responded to the Frostburg Moose to assist them with a report of a large fight in progress. Upon arrival, officers stood-by while Frostburg City Police investigated the incident.


1/30/16 Drug Law Violation: While patrolling on E. College Ave., officers noticed a Kia Optima traveling east on College Avenue toward Bowery Street without any illuminated tag lights. Officers initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and upon approaching the driver’s side door, detected a strong odor of suspected raw marijuana emitting from the vehicle.  Three occupants were issued civil citations for possession of marijuana less than 10 grams. In addition, the driver was also issued a SERO for the traffic violation.


1/31/16 Liquor Law Violation: Officers patrolling on Center Street observed a male subject carrying a green plastic cup found to contain an alcoholic beverage.  Subject was issued a civil citation for possession/consumption of an alcoholic beverage under 21.


1/31/16 Disorderly Conduct: Officers assigned to the Late @ Lane Event at the Lane University Center observed a male student enter the 2nd floor West entrance, which was clearly marked/posted with numerous signs that read “Stop – Exit Only – Enter Through Greenhouse”, and walk directly past a CSC Security employee posted at this location.  The subject was advised due to him becoming disruptive and argumentative, he would not be allowed to enter the event. He then attempted to re-enter through the “Greenhouse”, at which time he was again advised to the leave the area. After obtaining his information, he was told that he was not allowed inside of the event for the remainder of the evening and if he attempted to enter, he could be charged with trespassing. The subject then left the area reluctantly. Judicial Board referral submitted.


1/31/16 Open Container: Officers patrolling in a marked police vehicle on E. College Ave just prior to Center Street noticed two male subjects carrying Bush light beer cans. Both were issued civil citations for possession/consumption of an alcoholic beverage in a public place.


1/31/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted Frostburg City Police with a fight in progress in the front of the Wild Things on Main Street. Upon arrival, all suspects had fled the area.


1/31/16 Assist Other Agency (Robbery): A Cumberland hall student reported he was walking south towards FSU campus on Center Street at E. College Avenue, when he was approached by a male subject who asked him where he was coming from. He was then tackled to the ground and three more male subjects began to punch and kick him demanding his money. The victim threw his wallet on the ground of which time the four suspects stopped beating him, took his wallet, and began to walk north on Center Street. Due to the location of this incident, Frostburg City Police were notified and will be handling the investigation.


1/31/16 Robbery: An Annapolis Hall student reported two of her male friends were assaulted and robbed. The students explained that they both exited the middle rear entrance/exit of Annapolis Hall around 2:15 A.M. They stated that two male subjects approached them and asked for a cigarette. One of the male assailants then struck one student in the face, and then attacked his and robbed friend. The investigation is continuing, anyone with information is requested to contact FSUPD 301-687-STOP (7867)


1/31/16 Traffic Arrest: Officers conducting speed radar in our marked patrol vehicle on Paul St. @ Bowery Street observed a 2006 Mazda 3, traveling S/B on Bowery Street at a high rate of speed. A traffic stop was conducted and the driver was issued two citations and one written warning.


1/31/16 Drug Law Violation: Annapolis Hall Resident Assistant (RA) reported and odor of possible marijuana. Officers were not able to identify the source of the odor.


1/31/16 Theft: Student reported a theft from the clothes dryer in the laundry room of Cumberland Hall.


2/1/16 Theft: A Frederick Hall student reported her Apple Watch was missing from her room. She advised she last observed the watch while in her room on Saturday evening, Jan. 30, 2016 at approx. 9:00pm. Investigation continuing.


2/1/16 Request for Officer: Caller reported she smelled marijuana in the CCIT, room 362. Officers responded to the area and determined the call was unfounded.


2/1/16 Request for Officer: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons, for a reported loud party. Once outside the apartment, officers knocked on the door, immediately upon the door being opened, officers detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from inside. All individuals in the apartment were referred to the University Judicial Board System.


2/2/16 Request for Officer: Officers responded to the Outback Bar to assisted Frostburg City Police for a reported fight in progress. Upon FSUPD arrival, Frostburg City Police had the incident under control.


2/2/16 Traffic Accident: A FSU student reported she was involved in a motor vehicle crash in the Edgewood Commons parking lot.  No injuries were involved.


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