Crime Line: 2/1 – 2/8

2/1/17 Theft: Frederick Hall student reported his watch was taken by his ex-girlfriend, a former student. Officers spoke with the ex-girlfriend via cell phone who advised that she did take the watch. The victim was advised he could charge the ex-girlfriend with theft; he was not interested in pursuing criminal charges.

2/1/17 Request for Officer: Officers made contact with an Edgewood Commons resident who reported some items missing from the kitchen. The situation involved a roommate dispute. Officers made contact with the Resident Assistant who will handle the situation.

2/1/17 Theft: An Allen Hall student reported that while cleaning her room she placed her clarinet in the hallway and when she went to retrieve it she discovered it was missing. The investigation is continuing.

2/2/17 Request for Officer:  Cumberland Hall Resident reported the odor of CDS.  Officers responded and did not smell any odor of CDS in the area.

2/2/17 Request for Officer: Officers assigned to the FSU Bookstore were approached by the Store Manager stating he observed a male student walking around the store and pulling on a pack of combs. In the presence of officers, the manager confronted the student who was asked what he was doing; one comb was missing from the two comb package with a value of $1.00.  He then stated that he wishes the student to not return to the book store. Judicial Board Referral submitted.

2/2/17 Traffic Accident: Officers were notified by the driver of the Frostburg Area Ambulance that while responding to Sand Spring Hall he had struck a parked vehicle upon leaving the parking lot.  A FSUPD Traffic Accident Information Form was completed. No injuries reported.

2/2/17 Request for Officer: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons for a roommate dispute.  Officers met with the two roommates who were advised regarding the resources of the District Court Commissioner’s Office at District Court. The officers also advised them that they should not have contact with the other two roommates.

2/2/2017 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to Frederick Hall for a reported odor of burnt marijuana complaint. Upon arrival, the officers met with the complainant/Resident Assistant, who advised that she detected the odor of burnt marijuana. The officers detected the odor of burnt marijuana upon entering the building but were unable to determine its source.

2/2/17 Request for Officer: Officers were dispatched to the 3rd floor of Frost Hall for a possible odor of CDS.  Upon arrival, officers could not detect any odor of marijuana in the hallway or connected to any rooms on the third floor.

2/3/17 Assist Other Agency: An FSU student reported she was assaulted at Wild Things Bar and wanted to file a police report. Frostburg City Police were notified and will be handling the investigation. No injuries reported.

2/3/17 Check on Well Being: Officers were dispatched to Charles St. Frostburg, to check on the well-being of a student. Contact was made with roommate who advised the student was not home but he has talked to him recently and he appeared coherent and ok. Officers cleared the scene and later located him in the FSU Lane Center who advised & appeared to be ok.

2/3/17 Drug Law Violation: FSU Lane Center employee reported a Zip Car Fleet Coordinator contacted him in regards of a rental vehicle that was parked in Pullen Lot, and that a FSU student had left some belongings inside the vehicle. The employee retrieved several miscellaneous items from the trunk of the vehicle including clothes, purses, and a book bag. While attempting to locate an I.D. from inside the purse to identify the owner, he discovered suspected CDS and contacted FSUPD. All property was retrieved and inventoried at Police HQ’s. Officers spoke with the student’s father who was advised the CDS would be confiscated and destroyed.

2/3/17 Drug Law Violation: Simpson Hall Resident Assistant reported an odor of burnt marijuana on the 1st floor.  As a result of the investigation a judicial board referral submitted.

2/3/17 Drug Law Violation: Officers were dispatched to Cumberland Hall for a CDS complaint. Upon arrival, officers knocked on the door and as soon as the door was open a blast of marijuana smoke hit him square in the face. All four subjects inside the residence admitted to smoking marijuana.  Subjects were identified as students who reside in Annapolis & Cumberland Hall.  A judicial board referral was submitted.

2/3/17 Noise Complaint: Resident Assistant reported a loud party in Westminster Hall. The subjects were gone on arrival.

2/4/17 Liquor Law Violation: Officers observed a male subject attempting to gain entry into the Guild Center after hours. The male subject was observed yanking very hard on the door in an attempt to get inside the building. The individual was identified to be an intoxicated juvenile, his mother was notified and an ambulance responded to transport the subject to WMRMC.  Subject was issued a juvenile civil citation for underage consumption of alcohol and a Frostburg State University Police Trespass Notice Form barring him from the campus of Frostburg State University for a period of one year (expiring February 4, 2018).

2/4/17 DWI/DUI: Officers observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed on Bowery St., Frostburg.  A traffic stop was initiated and contact was made with the driver, identified to be a FSU student. As a result of the investigation the driver was placed under arrest and charged with DWI. He was then issued his paperwork and transported to his residence on campus.

 2/4/16 Knock & Talk: Officers conducted a Knock & Talk at the Hi-Way Pizza shop on E. College Avenue, Frostburg.

2/5/17 Fire Alarm: Officers were dispatched to Frederick Hall for a report of automatic fire alarm activation. Frostburg Fire Department arrived on scene and conducted an investigation, concluding that burnt food had caused the smoke. The area was ventilated and the alarm was reset. While waiting for the fire department to investigate the incident officers made contact with 8 subjects in the east stairway. Identification was obtained from all subjects and advised them of the importance of leaving the building during a fire alarm.  A judicial board referral was submitted.

2/5/17 TIPS:  FSU Tips line caller reported an odor of marijuana at 201 University Drive, Frostburg. Frostburg City Police were notified the source of the odor was unable to be determined.

2/6/17 Hit & Run: An Edgewood Commons student reported while exiting Edgewood Commons, and stepping from the sidewalk into the pedestrian walkway, his service dog was struck by a vehicle. The service dog “Rambo” did not seem to sustain any injuries following the incident. Officers were able to identify the driver who admitted to having a hard time seeing through her windshield because of the frost. The driver was issued two traffic citations, one for driver failing to yield to blind pedestrian with guide dog and for failing to stop at stop sign. Camera footage of the incident was obtained.  A judicial board referral was submitted.

2/6/17 Destruction of Property: Officers responded to the third floor lounge of Annapolis Hall in reference to a malicious destruction of property complaint where paintball residue was located on a doorway. The investigation is continuing.

2/7/17 Alarm: Allegany County Dispatch (911) reported a burglary alarm activated at the SERF building. Officers responded and discovered Fire Protection Service employee was parked at the building who advised he had the wrong code to access the building that caused the alarm. No further police action taken.

2/7/17 Check on Well-Being: Officers along with Frostburg City Police were dispatched to Wood Street, Frostburg, to check on the well-being of a student. Upon arrival, officers met with the student who advised he was alright. No further police action necessary.

2/7/17 Harassment: Officers responded to Annapolis Hall for a reported harassment complaint. Upon arrival, officers met with the victim, a resident of Annapolis Hall, who stated that a male student, also a resident of Annapolis Hall, has been harassing her. The investigation is continuing.

2/8/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers were requested by Frostburg City Police to assist with a check on a well-being complaint at Meshach Frost Village, Frostburg. FSUPD Officers stood by while Frostburg City Police made contact with subject without incident.

2/8/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers were dispatched to the Frostburg 7-11 store on Main Street to assist Frostburg City Police with a disturbance. As a result of the investigation judicial board referrals were submitted for three students.

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