Crime Line: 2/22 – 2/28

2/22/17 Attempt to Locate/Arrest Warrant Service/False Statement: A male subject, the guest of and Edgewood Commons resident, was arrested and transported to the Allegany County Commissioner’s Office on several warrants issued through Calvert & Prince George’s Counties.

2/22/17: Noise: Caller reported noise in the 1st floor hallway of the CCIT Building. Officers responded and spoke with 20-30 students.

2/22/2017 Request for Officer: The Frost Hall Resident Assistant reported a possible odor of marijuana. Upon arrival, officers immediately detected a very strong odor of skunk outside the building. There was no odor of marijuana present and the report was unfounded.

2/23/17 Noise: Caller reported noise coming from a vehicle in the parking lot outside of Frederick Hall. Officers responded but were not able to hear any noise.

2/23/17 Traffic Accident: Officers responded to Susan Eisel Drive for a minor vehicle accident. No injuries were reported. Insurance information was exchange & photographs taken.

2/23/17 Fire:  Caller reported a mulch fire outside of the CCIT Building. Upon arrival, officers observed no active fire just smoldering. Frostburg Fire Department arrived on the scene and damped the mulch bed before clearing the scene. No injuries or damage reported.

2/23/17 Suspicious: Officers patrolling University Drive observed a vehicle on the practice soccer field with its headlights illuminated. Contact was made with the subjects who were advised that the sports fields close at dusk, and that vehicles were not allowed to drive on the fields. The subjects apologized and agreed to leave the area.

2/24/17 Traffic Arrest: A traffic stop was conducted on Stoyer Street, Frostburg, resulting in the driver, an FSU student, being charged with driving on a suspended license. In addition, the driver was issued a written warning for an equipment violation and a citation for the seat belt violation.

2/24/17 Traffic Accident: An FSU Student reported she was operating the FSU Softball Team’s “Toro” equipment vehicle when she struck a parked vehicle in lower Stadium Lot.  Contact was made with the owner of the vehicle and an exchange of insurance information was made. No injuries were reported.

2/24/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers were dispatched to Bowery Street Ext., Frostburg, to assist Frostburg City Police (FPD) with a noise complaint. Upon arrival, officers made contact with FPD who had already made contact with the residents. There was a large party in the rear of the residence with loud music and over 100 attendees. FPD officers advised that they told the residents to quiet the music, and were told by the residents that the party would be over around 1900 hours.

2/24/17 Noise Complaint: Officers observed a number of people standing in the street on Bowery St., Frostburg. Loud music was blaring from a guitar amp that was located in a north side window of the residence. Officers spoke with the tenant of the property who was advised to turn the music down and he did so immediately. He was warned if there were any further complaints of loud noise; the party would be shut down.

2/24/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers were dispatched to Bowery Street Ext., Frostburg, to assist Frostburg City Police (FPD) with dispersing a large party. The residents of the house were previously warned about loud music. Upon arrival in the area, officers monitored subjects leaving the party to ensure their safety and to eliminate potential issues. The crowd of approximately 200+ subjects dispersed rather peacefully and no police action was needed. The residents, who were identified during the earlier incident/complaint, were referred to the University’s Judicial Board system.

2/24/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Bowery St., Frostburg, to assist Frostburg City Police with a noise complaint. Upon arrival, officers made contact with several subjects on the front porch of the residence. Frostburg City Police advised the tenants to lower the volume of the music. Prior to officers leaving the scene, the subjects lowered their music and began picking up trash in the yard.

2/24/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers were dispatched to Bowery St., Frostburg, to assist Frostburg City Police (FPD) with a disturbance in progress. Upon arrival, officers observed several subjects leaving the area and observed a male with a ripped shirt and bloody left elbow. Officers attempted to make contact with the male, who fled the area on foot.  Frostburg City Police and Allegany County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) deputies stood-by while ambulances were responding to the scene to treat several assault victims. A BURG Alert notification was sent “Warning Police Activity in the area of 100 Bowery Street. Please Stay Clear of the Area.” As officers were getting ready to clear the area they observed the male suspect who fled from the area upon police arrival. Due to subject’s false statements about his age and involvement, and his fleeing the scene, an application for statement of charges will be submitted.  A judicial board referral was submitted.

2/25/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Bowery St., Frostburg, to assist the Frostburg City Police with a second disturbance complaint. Complainant advised the subject from earlier in the evening broke a window out and kicked the door in. Frostburg City Police are handling the investigation.

2/25/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Center St., Frostburg, to assist Frostburg City Police (FPD) with a noise complaint. Upon arrival, officers observed a group of 7-8 students in front of a Center Street residence yelling at passing motorists. Contact was made with the group, who advised they were with the Delta Zeta sorority. The group advised they were selling hot dogs. The group apologized and stated they were just trying to enthusiastically obtain support for business. While speaking with the group, Frostburg City Police advised they needed a permit from the Health Department to sell hotdogs.

2/15/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to the 7 11 Store, E. Main St., Frostburg, to assist Frostburg City Police with a fight in progress. Investigation revealed the clerk stated a male subject wearing a black color basketball shirt and tan shorts was yelling at another patron. The patron left the store and the male followed him into the parking lot. The male subject then threw a punch at the patron. This is a Frostburg City Police case.

2/25/17 Request for Officer: Officers responded to Simpson Hall for a male yelling for help and that someone was following him. Upon arrival, officers spoke with two different males standing in the area who stated they did not see or hear anyone yelling. A search of the lower & upper quad areas were conducted with negative results for any male yelling. No further police action taken.

2/25/17 Traffic Arrest: Officers observed a white 2001 Honda CRV traveling north on Braddock Road at, what appeared to be, a high rate of speed. As a result of the traffic stop the driver was issued a citation for the speeding and for driving on a suspended license.

2/26/17 Knock & Talk: Officers spoke with 9 individuals on Bowery St. Ext., Frostburg, about safe driving.

2/26/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Bowery St., Frostburg, for a report of a stabbing at that residence. Investigation revealed an unknown caller contact the FSU Safe Ride Office and reported a stabbing at that residence. Upon investigation it was determined by FPD that no stabbing or other violence had occurred.

2/26/17 Destruction of Property: Officers responded to Frederick Hall for a destruction of property complaint. Upon arrival, officers met with the Resident Assistant who stated that while conducting her rounds she noticed the window in the fire door was broken. The Resident Assistant stated she would clean the glass on the ground and she had already submitted a work order for the window. Pictures of the damage were taken.

2/26/17 Fire: Officers responded to the CCIT Building for a reported mulch fire.  Upon arrival, officers noticed mulch smoldering on the south side of the building, just west of the main entrance. Frostburg Fire Department responded to the scene and saturated the area with water.  It appeared the smoldering was due to the sunlight reflecting off of the glass and/or gutters of the building. Facilities notified. No injuries reported.

2/27/17 Fire Alarm: Allegany County Dispatch (911) reported fire alarm activation on the 5th floor of Frederick Hall. Investigation revealed no smoke or fire in the area. Students were reported to have been cooking in the kitchen area. No injuries reported.

2/27/17 Hit & Run: Officers were called to investigate a hit & run complaint in the Lower Pullen Parking Lot. As a result of the investigation the driver of the hit and run vehicle was issued three traffic citations, failure of vehicle driver to stop after unattended vehicle damage accident, failure of vehicle driver in an accident to locate and notify owner of unattended vehicle damage, and failure of motor vehicle driver to furnish written ID info on unattended damaged vehicle, for the accident. Drivers exchanged insurance information an FSUPD Motor vehicle form was completed.

2/27/17 Assist Other Agency/Warrant Service: Officers assisted the Frostburg City Police with locating a student who was wanted for 2nd Degree Assault and Reckless Endangerment charges. Student was located in the Hitchins building and taken into custody by Frostburg City Police.  He was given a trespass notice for FSU campus grounds.

2/28/17 Assault: Officers were dispatched to the Ort Library lobby for an assault. As a result of the investigation three students were advised of their rights for a protective order against each other and were referred to the judicial board system.

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