Crime Line 2/27 – 3/4

2/27/15 Knock & Talks: Officers conducted a knock and talk at 70 Bowery Street. Officers spoke with three male subjects about underage drinking and open container laws pertaining to the City of Frostburg, and advised them to keep the music down at their residence.


2/27/15 Liquor Law Violation: Officers on patrol observed a male subject walking west on Stoyer Street with a can of beer. A civil citation for underage possession/consumption of an alcoholic beverage was issued.


2/28/15 Liquor Law Violation: Officers while on patrol traveling south on Bowery St., observed a male subject carrying a red solo cup. Contact was made with the subject who confirmed he was carrying a cup containing jungle juice, an alcoholic beverage. The subject was then issued a civil citation for possession/consumption of an alcoholic beverage in a public place.


2/28/15 Assist Other Agency: Frostburg City Police requested assistance at 22 Paul St. for a noise complaint. Both police agencies arrived on the scene. No further police agency taken by this agency.


2/28/15 Alarm: Allegany County dispatch (911) notified of a trouble alarm at the Lane Center. No issues located by fire department personnel.


2/28/15 Knock & Talks: Officers conducted Knock and Talks at 154 Center, 90 and 148 Bowery, and 138 Wood Street, Frostburg.


3/1/15 Liquor Law Violation: Officers were called to Westminster Hall, in front of the Resident Assistant Hall Office, for an unconscious individual. The individual was determined to be extremely intoxicated and was transported to the hospital. A civil citation for underage consumption of alcohol was issued upon his return to campus. Judicial Board Referral submitted.


3/2/15 Drug Law Violation: Officers were dispatched to Gray Hall for a reported odor of possible marijuana. Officers responded to the area and were unable to detect a moderate odor of burnt marijuana in the southeast stairwell, but were unable to locate the source.


3/2/15 Crime Prevention: Officers spoke with to a Political Science class regarding 4th amendment issues.


3/2/15 Drug Law Violation: In response to a complaint of possible CDS located during a safety inspection, FSUPD and the C3I Narcotics Task Force responded to Edgewood Commons. As a result of the investigation one student was charged by C3IN with violations of the CDS statutes.


3/3/15 Theft: Two Gray Hall students reported theft of their gray boots, taken from outside their dorm room.  Investigation continuing.



3/3/15 Breaking & Entering: FSU student reported someone broke into her room, in Frederick Hall, and stole items from her and her roommate, ransacked her closet and spread powder on her bed and floor. Investigation continuing.


3/3/15 Disturbance: Lane Center employee reported a possible fight on the 2nd floor of the Lane Center. Officers responded to the area and found the subjects to be gone on arrival.


3/3/15 Crime Prevention: Officers spoke with the students at Edgewood Commons on crime prevention.



3/3/15 Request For Officer: Officers were dispatched to the CCIT building for a report of a subject who refused to leave the building. Officers advised the subject  that he was required to follow the directions of staff members, regardless of their job classification, especially since that area of the building was closed. He advised he understood and stated he would go to the 24/7 lab to finish. Judicial Board Referral submitted.




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