Crime Line 2/3 – 2/10

2/3/16 Assault: FSU student reported she was assaulted while on campus by her ex-boyfriend. Suspect was instructed to stay away from victim. Judicial Board Referral submitted. Title IX Officer notified.

2/3/16 Assist Other Agency: Frostburg City Police requested assistance with attempting to locate a male subject who was wanted for questioning in a harassment incident which had just occurred at the 7-11 store. Patrols of the area were conducted and later Frostburg City Police advised they had located the subject.

2/3/16 Information: An off-campus student reported having problems with her roommate, also an FSU student. Student has obtained a Peace Order against the roommate. The student was provided a MD Crime Victim’s Pamphlet and a Title IX Resource Options card, as well as an incident number and business card. Student Affairs Office notified.

2/3/16 Disturbance: Officers responded to the State Street parking lot for a reported fight in progress involving four male subjects.  The subjects were found to be friends roughhousing.

2/3/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted the Frostburg City Police with a domestic assault at 201 Maple Place, Frostburg. Investigation of the incident is being handled by the Frostburg City Police.  No FSU students were involved.

2/4/16 Noise Complaint: Officers were dispatched to the area of Spring St., Frostburg, for a report of a noise complaint. A warning was issued.

2/4/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to the intersection of Mechanic St. and Sleeman Alley, Frostburg, to assist the Frostburg City Police with a reported hit and run traffic collision.

2/4/156 Community Policing: Officers spoke with four FSU students regarding the recent robbery that occurred on campus and advised them they can contact the police if they hear any information about that incident that occurred. In addition, they can contact police any time to notify of any suspicious activity.

2/4/16 Knock & Talk: Officers spoke with several patrons at the Hi-Way Pizza, E. College Ave., about drawing attention of the police when being publicly intoxicated and yelling profanities at the police. In addition, they spoke to individuals at a Spring St. residence, regarding large parties and keeping people inside rather than outside.

2/5/16 Assist Other Agency: FSUPD Officers assisted the Frostburg City Police with back-up while conducting a traffic stop on Braddock Road, Frostburg.

2/5/16 Drug Law Violation: Officers traveling south on Bowery St., Frostburg, observed a black 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit stopped on westbound Oak Street at Bowery.  The vehicle then turned onto northbound Bowery Street, the wrong direction, at which time a traffic stop was initiated.  Upon making contact with the driver, officers immediately detected an odor of marijuana coming from within the vehicle.   A Juvenile passenger was found to be in possession of CDS and paraphernalia; he was then taken into custody and transported to the FSUPD hq’s for processing. The driver was issued a citation for failure to obey a traffic control device and failure to display a registration card on demand. Contact was made with the juvenile’s parents who arrived at police headquarters, and took custody of him. Department of Juvenile Services was notified. 

2/6/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Wood St., Frostburg, to assist Frostburg City Police with the noise disturbance. One civil citation was issued by Frostburg City Police.

2/6/16 Request for Officer: Sowers Hall Resident Assistant advised of a possible verbal altercation in the basement of Sowers Hall between two groups of students. Upon arrival, officers   observed approximately 6 students hanging out in the hallway talking. They were not being confrontational with each other, but were being extremely loud while talking to each other. Upon speaking with several individuals, they advised no verbal altercation took place and they were all just talking and hanging out.

2/8/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Park Ave., Frostburg, to assist Frostburg City Police with a fight complaint. Upon arrival, officers stood by until Frostburg City Police interviewed the occupant of the residence.

2/9/16 Disorderly Conduct: ID Services employees reported a disorderly subject in the Chesapeake Dining Hall. Judicial referral made.

2/9/16 Traffic Accident: Officers working the school crossing at Beall Elementary School on the corner of University Drive and College Avenue were informed that a motor vehicle accident occurred on University Drive. There were no injuries as a result of the vehicle collision. Vehicle Insurance information was exchanged between the 2 drivers along with an incident case number per department policy.

2/9/16 Request for Officer: Officers responded to the Lyric Building on E. Main St., Frostburg, for a report of an odor of burnt matches in the theater area. Upon arrival, officer found no problems in the building and determined the smoke smell was coming from Gianni’s Pizza next door.

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