Crime Line 3/26 – 3/31

3/26/15 Traffic Arrest: Officers on patrol in a marked police vehicle at the intersection of Broadway at College Ave. Made a traffic stop and  issued the driver a citation for driving without current tags and for driving on a suspended license and privilege.


3/26/15 Notification: Student reported she was walking down Bowery Street, Frostburg, the morning of 3/26/15, when an incident occurred that made her feel extremely uncomfortable and scared. She advised that while walking down Bowery Street, she observed a bright red in color Ford F150 with black rocker panels approach her location. As the Ford pulled next to her, a white male subject in the passenger seat leaned out of the window and began staring at her. The male subject then pointed at his eyes and pointed at her eyes (the standard sign for “I am watching you/keeping an eye on you”). The passenger continued to stare at her while the Ford drove off. Neither the passenger nor the driver of the Ford ever said anything to the her. She described the male subjects, the driver was a white male with brown hair approximately 30-35 years old. The passenger was a white male with blonde hair (receding/thinning), green eyes approximately 30-35 years old. The student was advised to contact Frostburg City Police to report the incident, as they are the primary police agency for incidents off campus.


3/26/15 Knock & Talks: Officers conducted Knock and Talks at 128 Center and 35 Maple Streets.


3/26/15 Liquor Law Violation: Officers on Bowery St. were preparing to issue a civil citation for underage possession of alcohol; it was revealed the subject, an FSU student, was wanted for an Allegany County arrest warrant for violation of probation. He was then placed into custody without incident and transported to the Allegany County Detention Center. Judicial Board Referral submitted.


3/26/15 Request For Officer: Officers were dispatched to the third floor of Edgewood Commons for a report of CDS. Upon arrival, officers responded to the third floor and conducted a foot patrol of the area. They were unable to detect any odors of marijuana or any other substances.


3/26/15 Trespassing: Officers responded to Cumberland Hall for a possible trespass violation. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the complainant/Resident Director,  who stated that a male individual has a “persona non grata” (no trespassing) forbidding him to Cumberland Hall from March 25, 2015 to May 23, 2015. Video footage shows the suspect was with another male walking through the rear entrance.  A canvass of all the floors was performed, but the suspect was not located. Criminal charges are pending for trespassing in violation of his persona non grata.


3/27/15 Liquor Law Violation: Officers patrolling College Avenue and Maple St. issued a civil citation for underage possession/consumption of alcoholic beverage.


3/27/15 Request For Officer: Officers responded to Frederick Hall for a CDS complaint. Officers made contact with the resident, and as the officer did so, he could smell a faint odor of marijuana. The resident stated that he had smoked marijuana earlier in the day and that there was no more marijuana in the room; he had used it all. Judicial Board Referral submitted.


3/27/15 Request For Officer: Officers were called to Hitchins to stand by while Student & Educational Services conducted a hearing.


3/27/15 Request For Officer: Officer responded to Simpson Hall to meet with a complainant regarding an incident that occurred in the College Avenue parking lot. Upon arrival, officers made contact with two students who stated they were engaged in a verbal argument in the College Avenue Lot and claimed that, during the argument, someone was throwing rocks at them. Officers then conducted a patrol and did not observe anyone in the area. Judicial Board Referral submitted.


3/28/15 Disturbance: Officers responded to the upper quad for a disturbance between a male and female.  No physical assault took place. Both subjects stated they were fine and would not be a problem the rest of the night. No further action.


3/28/15 Public Urination: Officers patrolling in a marked police vehicle on Center St. noticed a male subject urinating in front of a Center St. residence in plain view from the street. Subject was issued a civil citation for public urination. Judicial Board Referral submitted.


3/28/15 Open Container: Officers patrolling in a marked police vehicle on Bowery St. issued a civil citation for possession/consumption of an alcoholic beverage in a public place. Judicial Board Referral submitted.


3/29/15 Fraud – Credit/Lease: Two students reported stolen credit card information. Investigation continuing.



3/29/15 Assist Other Agency: Officers met with two female subjects reporting that their apartment at 109 S. Broadway St., Frostburg, was broken into and that the person trashed the residence by destroying their belongings. Frostburg City Police were called to respond to the residence. FCP Officers arrived on the scene and handled the investigation. No further police action taken by this agency.


3/29/15 Request For Officer: Officers were called to Annapolis Hall for a noise complaint. Nonresidents of the room were asked to leave for the evening.


3/29/15 Fire: Officers responded to the south side of the CCIT Building for a report of smoldering mulch. Upon arrival, officers observed a moderate amount of smoke emitting from the mulch in the landscaping area on the south side of the building, just east of the southwest building entrance/exit. Officers were able to utilize a shovel to spread and extinguish the smoldering mulch. The Frostburg Fire Department were contacted and responded to the scene, and saturated the area with water to fully extinguish the hot spots of the mulch. It appeared that the mulch had ignited due to the sunlight reflecting off of the large glass windows on the south side of the CCIT building. Photographs of the area were taken. No injuries reported.


3/29/15 Request For Officer: Officers responded to Frederick Hall for a reported suspicious odor, specifically that of marijuana.  Officers were unable to detect the odor of marijuana, or any other suspicious odors.


3/30/15 Destruction of Property: A Kinesiology employee reported her vehicle had been keyed while parked in the PE Center Lot on Friday 3/27/15. Photographs of the damage were taken.


3/30/15 Information: Police received information of students on the second floor of Sowers Hall who have a pet rabbit inside of their room. Investigation continuing.


3/30/15 Theft: FSU Housekeeping Supervisor reported that a case of toilet paper was stolen from the basement hallway  outside of room 008 in the Guild Center.


3/31/15 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted the Allegany Co. Sheriff’s Office with locating a student for a protective order. Officers obtained the student’s schedule and located him in class at the PE Center. The protective order was served on the student. Victim is a non-student residing in Florida.  Judicial Board Referral submitted.



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