Crime Line 4/13 – 4/20

4/13/16 Assault/Disorderly Conduct – Officers were dispatched to Simpson Hall in reference to a fight in progress. Upon arrival, officers observed a male subject attempting to keep two females separated. Both females were yelling obscenities at each other, one female had a handful of the other female’s hair and wouldn’t let go. One student was issued a criminal citation; a judicial board referral was submitted.

4/13/16 Notification – Frostburg City Police reported an armed robbery had occurred at approximately 1230 hours, at a Bowery St residence in Frostburg. Frostburg City Police advised that a black male suspect, wearing dark clothing and a ski mask knocked on the victim’s door. Upon the victim opening the door the suspect forced his way into the residence and held her at knife-point. The suspect grabbed a safe and fled the residence with an unknown direction of travel. The C3I Unit investigating the incident.  An E2Alert message was sent advising of the incident.

4/13/16 Drug Law Violation – Officers were dispatched to Allen Hall, for a report of an odor of suspected marijuana. As a result of the investigation the involved subjects were referred to the judicial board.

4/14/16 Assist Other Agency – Officers responded to an apartment complex located on Lower Consol Road in Frostburg to assist Frostburg City Police with an excessive noise complaint. Frostburg City Police issued a verbal warning for the violation.

4/15/2016 Alcohol Violation – FSUPD were in the unit blocks of Bowery St. when they observed a disturbance in the middle of the street.  Upon investigation they found a male subject was intoxicated and had assaulted a female subject.  During the investigation, the male was loud and unruly.  The male subject was arrested and charged with assault, disorderly conduct and underage possession of alcohol.  He was held in the detention center pending posting $3,000 bond.

4/15/2016 Hit & Run A student reported his green Honda passenger car was parked in Foundation Lot and when he returned to it there was extensive damage on the driver’s side with red paint transfer. 

4/15/2016 Open Container – while patrolling in a marked police vehicle in Alley 33, officer observed a black male carrying what appeared to be a bottle of vodka.  A citation was issued for open container

4/16/2016  Open Container   –  Officers observed a subject carrying a “red solo cup” cup down Bowery St., when the person saw the cruiser they quickly put the cup down,  raising officers suspicion.  Officers confronted subject and found cup to contain “jungle juice”.  Citation issued for open container.

4/16/2016 Open Container – Officers encountered another subject walking down Bowery carrying a “red solo cup”.  When asked what was in the cup, the subject said “alcohol”.  Citation issued for open container.

4/16/2016 Assist Other Agency – Officers were called to the F-Bar to assist with a disturbance.  Upon arrival, units were given description of 3 subjects look for.  FSU officers located these subjects a short time later and the subjects admitted they had been involved in a misunderstanding at the F-Bar, no one willing to come forward as a victim.  All subjects released and units cleared.

4/16/2016 Hit & Run – Subject reported his truck was victim of hit and run while parked in Frost Lot

4/16/2016 Assault – Officers responded to Edgewood for an Assault involving 2 sisters.  Ambulance was called and triaged the sisters, who refused transportation.  

4/16/2016 Assist Other Agency – Officers assisted FPD with a large party call in the unit block of Bowery St.

4/16/2016 Public Urination – Officer patrolling Alley 33 observed a male subject urinating between two vehicles.  Citation issued.

4/16/2016 Theft – Misdemeanor – Officers responded to Annapolis Hall where a student reported he had discovered his wallet had been stolen from the lounge. 

4/17/2016 DWI/DUI – An officer observed a vehicle traveling w/o headlights, officer initiated a traffic stop.  As a result of the stop, the driver was placed under arrest for DUI/DWI and multiple other alcohol related traffic charges. 

4/17/2016 Trespassing – Officers working a dance in the Lane Center spotted a female who appeared to be very unsteady on her feet as she was waiting in line to enter.  Officers contacted her and found her to be of age but highly intoxicated.  They advised her due to her intoxicated state, she would not be allowed entrance to dance and would have to leave.  They told her if she were to return at any time, she could be arrested for trespass.  A short period later the subject returned.  When confronted by the officers, she became belligerent with them.  They removed her from the area and charged her with Trespass

4/17/2016 Assist other Agency – An officer responded to the 200 block of Center St to assist FPD with possible breaking and entering.  Upon arrival and investigation, it was determined someone broke out a window without trying to gain entry.

4/17/2016 Assault on Police/Disturbance – Officers responded to Westminster Hall area for a large fight.  Officers observed numerous males fighting.  Request for assistance was made from allied agencies. FPD, MSP and ACSO responded.  As a result of attempting to break up the fight one officer was injured.  Related charges were preferred on four individuals.

4/17/2016 Assist Other Agency – An officer assisted FPD units with a Domestic call at Welsh Hill Commons.  No physical assault Officers stood by while male packed some belongings and left.

4/17/2016 Assist Other Agency – Officers assisted FPD with a large party on Beall St.

4/18/2016 CDS – Officers were called to Frost Hall for odor of Marijuana.  As a result of the investigation officers confiscated contraband and preferred charges him for possession under 10 grams.

4/19/16 Assist Other Agency – Officers responded to Bowery St., Frostburg, to assist the Frostburg Police Department with a residential burglary alarm. It was determined there was a malfunction with the alarm.

4/19/16 Assist Other Agency/Damage to Property – Officers responded to E. Main St., at the request of Frostburg City Police to locate a person involved in an assault. During the assist an FSUPD cruiser was damaged, an FPD Officer is preferring charges related to the damage to FSU property.

4/19/16 Theft – A student reported that while in the Lane Center upstairs lounge area, someone took her tan wallet from her backpack. The investigation is continuing.

4/20/16 Assist Other Agency – A Frederick Hall student reported she was a victim of a robbery that occurred in front of College Gardens Apartment complex on S. Broadway St., Frostburg. According to the student, she was walking outside of her apartment near the dumpster in College Gardens when a subject walked up behind her and attempted to rob her of her laptop bag. She stated that she kicked the subject in an act of self-defense.  The subject then pushed her to the ground. No property was stolen from her. She stated the individual did not brandish a weapon of any sort nor make any verbal threats or demands. Due to the fact that this incident occurred in the City of Frostburg, the Frostburg Police Department was notified. FCPD Officers met the victim and will conduct the investigation.

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