Crime Line: 4/13/17 – 4/18/17

4/13/17 Disturbance: Officers responded to Cumberland Hall for a possible Domestic Assault in progress. Upon arrival, officers met with the subjects, a female resident and a male (non-student). Investigation revealed an argument had occurred there was no sign of injury to either subject and no evidence of a physical struggle was evident. The Incident was referred to Student Affairs and a copy of the report sent to the Title IX office.

4/14/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Water St., Frostburg at the request of Frostburg City Police, for a possible Breaking and Entering in progress. Upon arrival, both police agencies searched the area for the possible suspect(s), and were unable to locate anyone.

4/14/17 Theft: An FSU Student reported his cellular phone was stolen from the Cordt’s PE Center Main Arena on 4/12/17.  The investigation is continuing.

4/14/17 Knock & Talk: Officers spoke with several subjects about keeping their beer in the yard and not throwing a football across the street.

4/14/17 Disturbance/Liquor Law Violation: Officers were dispatched for a report of two subjects fighting outside of Highway Pizza. As a result of the investigation the Liquor Board was notified and a judicial board referral was submitted.

4/14/17 Liquor Law Violation: While patrolling on Bowery St. officers noticed two males carrying a 16 gallon Keg of beer in front of a Bowery Street residence. As a result of the investigation one civil citation as issued for possession of an unregistered keg. A judicial board referral was submitted.

4/17/17 Hit & Run: An FSU Student reported someone hit his vehicle while parked in Sand Spring lot or Sowers Lot.  The hit and run driver was identified and issued traffic citations for failure to stop after unattended vehicle damage accident, failure of motor vehicle driver to furnish written information on unattended damage, holder of learner’s permit driving w/o reg. supervision, and driving uninsured vehicle.

4/17/17 Traffic Arrest: While on stationary patrol on University Drive at Susan Eisel Drive, officers observed a blue 2001 Pontiac 4S pass their location. Officers were able to positively identify the driver through previous police interactions and that his driver’s license was suspended. A traffic stop was initiated.  The driver was cited for driving on a suspended license, issued a warning for failure to display license on demand, and a verbal warning for the driver’s side rear view mirror missing.

4/17/17 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons for a report of CDS. As a result of the investigation a judicial board referral was submitted.

4/18/2017 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons for a controlled dangerous drug complaint. Investigation continuing.

4/18/17 Traffic Accident: Officers responded to Sand Spring Lot to investigate a vehicle accident. No injuries were reported and both drivers completed a FSU Traffic Accident form.

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