Crime Line 4/20 – 4/25

4/20/16 Request for Officer: A Resident Director reported he was conducting a fire safety inspection in Frederick Hall, and he observed a red candle and two burnt suspected marijuana roaches. Judicial Board Referral submitted.

4/20/16 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to Frederick Hall, for a CDS call. As a result of the investigation a judicial board referral was submitted.

4/20/16 Drug Law Violation: A Lane Center Housekeeper reported he found a small plastic baggie containing marijuana on the floor in the upstairs lounge. The item was recovered and placed in FSUPD evidence Locker for disposal.

4/21/16 Suspicious: Officers responded to Frederick Hall to investigate a report of a male subject who walked in the open door at the front entrance without using the card reader. The officer was unable to locate the individual.

4/21/16 Request for Officer: Simpson Hall Resident Assistants reported they were conducting Fire Safety inspections in the building, and that they knocked on the door to a room. They made contact with the resident who would not allow one of the RA’s into the residence. The RA’s advised the resident that both RA’s had to enter for accountability purposes, however, the resident would not comply. A judicial board referral was submitted.

4/21/16 Skateboard Complaint: A FSU student was observed riding a skateboard on the sidewalk in front of the Ort Library. The student was referred to the Judicial Board, and told not to ride on campus in the future.

4/22/16 Request for Officer: An FSU parent requested officers respond to the intersection of E. College Avenue & Center Street, Frostburg, for a traffic accident involving her daughter. Officers provided traffic control and the injured student was transported by ambulance to WMRMC. Frostburg Fire & City Police were on the scene.

4/22/16 Fraud – Credit/Lease: Student reported her bank account had been hacked.

4/22/16 DWI/DUI: While conducting a traffic stop at the intersection of University Dr. & E. College Avenue, for failure to stop at the posted sign, the driver, a 19 year old FSU student, was observed to be intoxicated. As a result of the stop the driver was issued traffic citations for driving under the influence, driving while impaired, driving while impaired by drug, violation license restrictions and failure to stop at a stop sign. In addition, she was issued a civil citation for underage consumption of alcohol.

4/22/16 Information: An Cumberland Hall student reported that his friend had recently been stabbed and the police had done nothing about it. Officers asked where the stabbing occurred, to which the student pointed in the direction of the lower dorms/Bobcat Court area. He was not very forthcoming with information during the encounter. He would not advise of a time, date, location, or victim of the apparent incident. Contact was made with the Cumberland Hall Resident Assistants who stated they had no knowledge of a stabbing incident and had not heard any chatter. Checks of Twitter and Yik Yak in the recent past failed to provide any mention of a stabbing incident around the campus.

4/22/16 Liquor Law Violation: Officers responded to Simpson Hall, for a report of a party with suspected underage drinking. As a result of the investigation two subjects were issued civil citations for underage drinking and were referred to the judicial board.

4/23/16 Destruction of Property: Officers were dispatched to Cumberland Hall, for a report of a disorderly subject yelling and punching the door/walls to his room. Contact was made with the resident who had his right hand wrapped with an ACE bandage. He was asked what he had done to his hand, and he admitted to punching his door and the exit sign, knocking it off of the wall. Student declined medical treatment. The student was referred to the judicial board.

4/23/16 Request for Officer: Officers responded to Allen Hall to assist a FSU student/complainant, with obtaining her personal property from her ex-boyfriend. Officers accompanied the complainant to Allen Hall and retrieved her property.

4/23/16 Request for Officer: Officers responded to Chesapeake Hall for a patron who refused to pay for his meal. Upon contact with the subject, he claimed he had offered a free meal pass to the employee when he entered Chesapeake however the employee didn’t take it. The free meal pass was given to the cashier who was satisfied.

4/23/16 Knock & Talk: Officers spoke with the residents at Wood St., Frostburg, regarding not having open containers and to keep their behavior under control.

4/23/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to area of Oak St., Frostburg, for a noise complaint. The caller advised of multiple individuals on a porch being extremely loud. Upon arrival to the area, no noise was detected and no individuals were observed anywhere nearby. All subjects were gone upon police arrival.

4/23/16 Knock & Talk: While on patrol, officers observed a gathering of individuals behind a Center Street residence having a small party. At that time, officers spoke to the individuals about loud noise, underage drinking, and staying safe.

4/24/16 DWI/DUI: While patrolling on Bowery St., officers noticed a black Honda Accord traveling south on Bowery St. As the vehicle came to the intersection of Bowery St. and Park Ave., the vehicle drove through the intersection on to Braddock Rd. failing to stop at the posted stop sign. A traffic stop was initiated and contact was made with the driver, identified to be an off-campus student. As a result of the stop the driver was placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated and issued traffic citations for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while impaired, and failure to stop at a stop sign. Driver was released and transported to his residence at Bobcat Court. Judicial Board Referral submitted.

4/24/16 Assist Other Agency: While patrolling on E. College Avenue @ Wood St., officers were flagged down by a female subject at a Wood St. residence. It was determined an assault had occurred; EMS was contacted and transported the injured subject to WMRMC. The Investigation was conducted by Frostburg City Police and an arrest has been made.

4/24/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted the Frostburg City Police with a domestic in progress at Bobcat Court, Frostburg. Investigation revealed both parties involved assaulted each other. No serious injuries were observed.
4/25/16 Request for Officer: FSU employee reported a male subject wearing a white hoodie going from vehicle to vehicle in the Frampton Lot trying to open the doors. Officers responded but were unable to locate the subject.

4/25/16 Request for Officer: Officers assisted the Student & Educational Office with an administrative search in Annapolis Hall.

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