Crime Line 4/26 – 5/3

4/26/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted a U.S. Secret Service Agent with locating a student who resides in Frederick Hall.

4/26/16 Information:  Officers made contact with a student who advised earlier today, her friend/sorority sister texted the sorority asking if any of the sisters were in her residence. According to student, she expressed concern that there was a stranger in the apartment, so she locked herself in her room. She advised that her & her roommate had notified Frostburg City Police about the incident.

4/26/16 Animal Complaint: Officers were approached by several students regarding a trapped pigeon in Old Main. Officers were able to release the pigeon without incident.

4/16/16 Skateboard Complaint: Officers observed a male subject riding a skateboard and smoking a cigarette on the Gunter Hall handicap ramp leading to the second floor entrance. Judicial Board referral submitted.

4/27/2016 Alarm: FSUPD were dispatched to Frost Hall for a trouble alarm.  Upon arrival, it was found to be a false alarm and system would not reset.  Facilities notified.

4/27/2016 Traffic Arrest: Officer stopped vehicle for speed, found operator to be suspended through MD.  Must appear citation issued for the violation.

4/28/16 Request for Officer:  Concerned mother from Hawaii called to report her 17 year old daughter may be in the Frostburg area without permission visiting her boyfriend, a FSU student.  Later an FSU Officer received a call from mom who said she had spoken with daughter and she is safe and with boyfriend.  She request we call off search for daughter and said she was not entered into NCIC.  Officers later also received calls from daughter and her boyfriend

4/28/16 Request for Officer: Officers responded to Pullen Hall Admissions area where workers had evacuated an opened all windows and doors for a smell of pepper.  It was found pepper spray had been accidently discharged in a ladies purse.

4/28/16 – Request for Officer:  Officers responded back to Pullen Hall this time for smell of natural gas.  Fire Dept. respond and find nothing.  Believed to be the gas “pop offs” outside the building and with all the windows and doors open from previous call the odors blew in.

4/28/16 Fire Drills: Conducted Fire Drills in upper dorms

4/28/16 Damage to Property:  Driver of State Van reported to us while operation the van in the city of Frostburg she failed to negotiate a right turn and struck a block wall.  Minor damage to van.  FPD notified.

4/28/2016 Request for Officer:  Officers were dispatched to Simpson Hall 1st floor room for an odor of marijuana.  Officers could not smell any odor of marijuana in hallway outside the room.  Officers made contact with occupants and upon the door opening there was no odor. Unfounded.

4/28/16 Assist other Agency: Officers escorted investigators from the State DMV on campus with license plate readers driving through checking for insurance violations.

4/28/16 Assist other Agency: Officers assisted FPD in breaking up a large party on Spring St.

04/28/16 Assist other Agency:  Officers assisted FPD on a large party/noise complaint on S. Grant St.

4/29/16 Harassment: A male subject reported he was being harassed by a female student. The complainant stated that he told the student to leave him alone, but she sends him texts and attempts to contact him by phone.  Contact was made with the student who was instructed to discontinue contact with the complainant.

4/29/16 Drug Law Violation: Officers were dispatched to Frederick Hall for a report of an odor of marijuana. As a result of the investigation a Judicial Board referral was submitted.

4/29/16 Knock & Talk: Officers made contact with the event planner for the FSU Rugby Alumni at the Frostburg pavilion (adjacent to the city pool). It was stated that they were expecting approximately 50-75 people attending the event and that, alcoholic beverages would be served, however they would monitor the consumption.  Officers advised to be mindful of the noise level of the event and to monitor alcohol consumption, and to not allow underage consumption of alcohol, or allow people to drive while intoxicated.

4/30/16 Noise Complaint: Caller reported excessive noise from the Relay for Life event in the PE Center. The volume of the band was reduced.

4/30/16 Notification:  Student reported she was currently having problems with a male student here at FSU. The complainant was advised how to file for a protective order with the court commissioner.

4/30/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to the F-Bar on Bowery St., Frostburg, to assist Frostburg City Police for a medical emergency. Frostburg Area Ambulance arrived on scene and tended to the patient, who ultimately refused transport.

4/30/16 Request for Officer: A female student advised that her ex-boyfriend attempted to make contact with her tin violation of a FSU No Contact Order. The male subject was ordered to cease any further contact with the complainant.

4/30/16 Knock & Talk: Officers spoke with the residents of a Center St. residence, Frostburg, about alcohol consumption.

4/30/16 Drug Law Violation: Officers were dispatched to Simpson Hall for a CDS call. Upon arrival, officers detected a faint odor of what may be marijuana in the area of one room and near the staircase. The smell may have been from someone who smoked outside and passed by leaving an odor trail.

4/30/16 Request for Officer: Officers dispatched to Diehl Hall for a CDS call. Upon arrival, officers determined the call was unfounded.

5/1/16 Request for Officer: Westminster Hall Resident Assistant reported a student had his arm caught between his bed and the wall. Officers responded and extricated the student’s arm. No injuries were reported.

5/1/16 Warrant Service: An arrest warrant was served on a current FSU student who resides in Annapolis Hall. Student was placed under arrest and transported to the Allegany County Commissioner’s office.

5/2/16 Traffic Accident: Officers investigated a minor traffic accident that occurred on Susan Eisel Drive involving a FSU Facilities van. An FSUPD Traffic Accident Information Form was completed.

 5/2/16 Traffic Accident: Officers responded to the Lower Pullen parking lot for a property damage vehicle accident.  An FSUPD Traffic Accident Information Form was completed.

5/3/16 Suspicious: Officers traveling north on Alley 33 at Oak St., Frostburg, smelled a strong odor of marijuana in the area. Officers exited the vehicle and made contact with two male subjects, current FSU students. As a result of the contact a Judicial Referral was submitted

5/3/16 Drug Law Violation: Edgewood Commons Assistant Director reported his employees were conducting a Fire and Safety Inspection on the 4th floor and discovered suspected CDS paraphernalia inside a room. The CDS paraphernalia was documented and destroyed per department policy.  A Judicial referral has been submitted.

5/3/16 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons for suspected CDS paraphernalia. Upon arrival, contact was made with the complainant, who informed that while his employees were conducting a Fire and Safety Inspection on the 3rd Floor they discovered suspected CDS paraphernalia.

The CDS paraphernalia was then taken back to FSUPD HQ’s where it was documented and destroyed per department policy. A judicial referral has been submitted.

5/3/16 Skateboard Complaint: Caller reported a subject skateboarding through the CCIT building on a longboard. Officers responded and check the building and found that the subject was gone on arrival.

5/3/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted the Frostburg City Police with a suspicious person report at the Valley View Apartments on E. Mechanic St., Frostburg. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate any suspicious activity.

5/3/16 Assault: Officers responded to the 1st floor lounge of Annapolis Hall in reference to a medical emergency. Investigation revealed that an assault had occurred. Judicial Board Referral submitted.

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