Crime Line: 4/27/17 – 5/3/17

4/27/17 Hit & Run: An FSU student reported his vehicle was parked in the Cumberland Lot and had been hit by an unknown vehicle. The investigation is continuing.

4/27/17 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons, regarding a complaint of CDS being smoked in the room. As a result of the investigation a judicial board referral was submitted.

4/27/17 Destruction of Property: Officers responded to Cumberland Hall, for a CDS complaint. Investigation revealed that unknown persons were apparently smoking marijuana in a vacant room. Officers keyed into the room and noticed a strong odor of marijuana however no one was in the room. The investigation is continuing.

4/27/17 Destruction of Property: An FSU student reported damage to his vehicle tire. The student stated he parked his Hyundai at Westminster Hall behind Frederick Hall and when he returned he observed the rear passenger tire was cut. The investigation is continuing.

4/28/17 Knock & Talk: Officers spoke with the residents at Center St., Frostburg, about parties, underage drinking, and noise level.

 4/28/17 Crime Prevention: Officers spoke to two groups of individuals as they passed by Westminster Lot leaving a party at Bobcat Ct., Frostburg. In addition they met with 5 students who were heading to Wild Things about being safe and staying out of trouble.

 4/28/17 Knock & Talk: Officers observed several subjects standing on roof at Center St., Frostburg, and advised them of safety issues.

4/30/17 Vandalism: Officers conducting a premise check at the Performing Arts Center observed a face drawn on the top of a retaining wall near the third floor entrance. Officers determined that it seemed to be drawn with a marker or paint, which could not be easily removed. The graffiti seemed to be an artistic face without any discernible meaning or overt intent. A patrol of the area failed to reveal any additional graffiti. Facilities was notified to remove the graffiti.

4/30/17 Assist Other Agency:  Officers responded to Center St., Frostburg, to assist the Frostburg Police Department with a noise complaint. Upon arrival, officers stood by while a large crowd was dispersed from the area. There were no further problems at this location.

4/30/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Bobcat Court to assist Frostburg City Police with a noise complaint. Officers assist Frostburg City Police (FPD) with dispersing the crowd, which left peacefully and without incident.

4/30/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Glen St., Frostburg, at the request of Frostburg City Police for a report suspicious activity. Upon arrival, officers checked the area for the suspect described as a large male subject in a white t-shirt. Officers were unable to locate anyone and nothing in the area seemed to be disturbed.

4/30/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted the Frostburg City Police with a possible assault in progress at the Bronzing Barn on Center St., Frostburg. No police action was taken by this agency.

4/30/17 Request for Officer: A caller reported a female subject laying on the floor crying in the room next to the 24 hour lab in CCIT. Officers checked the area and found that the subject was gone on arrival.

4/30/17 Request for Officer: Resident Assistant advised of an odor of CDS on 1st floor in Gray Hall. Upon arrival, officers determined the call to be unfounded.

 5/1/17 Community Policing: Officers met with students and discussed the policy for noise violations in the campus dorms. Officers reviewed the Residence Hall guide with the students and advised them of the policy.

5/2/17 Drug Law Violation: An FSU Facilities employee reported he detect a strong odor of marijuana while walking on the 4th floor of Westminster Hall. Officers conducted a foot patrol of floors 1-5 and were unable to detect an odor of marijuana. Upon entering the elevator, however, they were able to detect a slight odor but did not observe any other subjects in the area at this time.

5/2/17 Damage to Property: Officers responded the Ort Library, room 315, for a destruction of property complaint. Investigation revealed someone had broken a sign off one of the book shelves on the 4th floor of the library. Video footage revealed a male subject hanging on one of the signs before breaking it and attempting to hide it in the shelves.  The investigation is continuing.

 5/2/17 Noise Complaint: Officers were dispatched to Edgewood Commons, for a noise complaint. Officers responded and were unable to hear any noise at all.

5/3/17 Theft: A FSU student reported $100.00 was taken from his wallet while he was in the pool at the Cordts PE Center. Student advised he had placed his wallet on a bench under his clothing and when he retrieved his wallet, he noticed five $20 bills missing. He advised that that wallet also contained an additional amount of currency, as well as credit cards and other miscellaneous cards, which were not disturbed. The investigation is continuing.



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