Crime Line: 5/4/17 – 5/9/17

5/4/17 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons regarding a controlled dangerous substance complaint. As a result of the investigation a Judicial Board Referral was submitted.

5/4/17 Suspicious: Officers patrolling University Drive observed two males throwing rocks from the softball field warning track into the swamp. As a result of the investigation both were referred to the Judicial Board.

5/4/17 Community Policing:  Officers spoke to a group of loud partiers at Edgewood Commons.

5/4/17 Request for Officer: Caller reported loud noise in the CCIT 24 hour lab area. Officers responded and found the subjects were gone on arrival.

5/5/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers were dispatched to the F-Bar on Bowery Street, Frostburg, to assist Frostburg City Police (FPD) with an underage drinking complaint. As a result of the investigation one student was issued several criminal citations by Frostburg PD for disorderly conduct and failure to obey a lawful order of a police officer. A Judicial Board referral was also submitted.

5/5/17 Animal Complaint: Caller reported a dog was locked in the vehicle for several hours in the Compton parking lot. Contact was made with the owner who was informed the dog needed water as well as fresh air which he had not been providing.

5/5/17 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to the Edgewood Commons Apartments for a reported CDS complaint. As a result of the investigation two students were referred to the Judicial Board.

5/6/17 Community Policing: Officers participated in the opening ceremony for the Special Olympics event in Bobcat Stadium. In addition, a tour of the new University Police Building was given to a local Cub Scouts group.

5/6/17 Knock & Talk: Officers spoke with the tenants at Center St., Frostburg, who were scheduled to host a pig roast at their residence. During the conversation, officers spoke about underage drinking and city ordinances. The tenants were provided details of the city noise ordinance due to the fact a DJ would be present. They were advised to call police if they experience problems with any guests, etc.

5/7/17 False Statement: A Frederick Hall student initially reported she was the victim of an attempted assault while walking from a Wood Street residence. Officers determined the student’s statements were not consistent with video surveillance. While questioning the student, she admitted she lied about the incident. Student was referred to the Judicial Board.

5/7/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted the Frostburg City Police with locating an assault suspect. Officers searched the surrounding area of Maple Street with negative results.

5/7/17 Request for Officer:  Officers were dispatched to the quad area outside of Simpson Hall for individuals throwing things at windows. Upon arrival, subjects were gone. Officers conducted a premise check of the surrounding area with negative results.

5/7/17 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Mt. Pleasant St., Frostburg, to assist Frostburg City Police with a drug overdose. Upon arrival, officers were advised that the subject (not a student) was declared deceased by EMS. The medical examiner and C3I arrived on scene.

5/9/17 Missing Person: An FSU parent reported he has not being in contact with his daughter, a resident of Edgewood Commons, since April 25, 2017. Investigation revealed the student was currently in Newport News, Virginia, and was safe.

5/9/17 Assault: An FSU reported student that on Tuesday, May 2nd she walked to the Sand Spring Lot to retrieve her vehicle. As she was opening the door to her vehicle, a person she knows but would not identify came up behind her and grabbed her. The student advised she doesn’t want to pursue the incident any further, stating she only has a few days left in the semester before she graduates.

5/9/17 Crime Prevention: Officers conducted a presentation for the members of Delta Sigma Pi, the FSU business fraternity. The presentation covered on and off-campus safety, responsible drinking, and sexual assault prevention.

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