Crime Line 9/2 – 9/9

University Police can be contacted anonymously at any time by calling 301-687-STOP (7867)

9/2/15 Disorderly Conduct: Officers were dispatched to ID Services for a disorderly student inside. A Judicial Board Referral was submitted.


9/2/15 Fire Alarm: Officers were dispatched to Frost Hall, for a report of fire alarm activation. A check of the building was conducted with negative signs of smoke, fire, or hazardous conditions. Alarm panel was reset and fire personnel allowed all residents back into the building. Resident Hall Assistant was advised on scene of the outcome of the incident.


9/2/15 Information: A FSU Parent, who requested to be anonymous, contacted police headquarters requesting to speak with an officer about an incident that had occurred in the early morning hours of Tuesday September 1, 2015 off-campus. The parent advised that sometime late Monday night (8-31-15) into early Tuesday morning (9-1-15), four students were jumped by six to eight unknown male subjects on Bowery Street. Officers attempted to get the anonymous parent to provide more information about the incident, but she was unable to. Officers provided the anonymous parent with the phone number for Frostburg City Police.  Anyone with information is asked to contact University Police, information can be provided anonymously at 301-687-STOP (7867)


9/2/15 Request For Officer/Assist Other Agency: Officers were dispatched to a Hill St. residence, for a request for officer. Upon arrival, contact was made with Frostburg City Police and the complainant, a female FSU student, who advised that she had been contacted by her ex-boyfriend, with whom she does not want to have contact. Officers were advised that a Peace Order had been sworn out against the male subject with the female subject being the petitioner. Information forwarded to the Title IX Coordinator. No further action taken at this time.


9/2/15 Littering: Officers monitoring traffic on University Drive at Chesapeake Hall were parked at the loading dock area and observed a male subject, later identified as an FSU student, throw a can on the ground.  Judicial Board referral submitted.


9/3/15 Assist Other Agency: Officers were called to assist the Frostburg City Police at a Center Street residence with a large party that was letting out. Upon arrival, officers observed subjects standing in the street. Upon arrival of both police agencies, the crowd dispersed without incident. University Police stood by until Frostburg Officers cleared the scene.


9/3/15 Skateboard Complaint: Officers patrolling north bound on University Drive observed a male subject, wearing dark clothing, skateboarding S/B on University Drive in the area of Lowndes Lot. Skateboarding is prohibited on FSU property per FSU regulation 3.022. Judicial Board referral submitted


9/3/15 Assist Other Agency: Officers traveling east on Charles St., Frostburg, witnessed a vehicle back into another. Frostburg City Police arrived on scene and took over the investigation.


9/3/15 Knock & Talk: Officers conducted Knock and Talks with the residents on Bowery Street and Maple Street, Frostburg.


9/3/15 Destruction of Property: Officers were dispatched to the Annapolis parking lot for a destruction of property complaint. Upon arrival, contact was made with the complainant, who was standing beside her light blue Nissan Versa, MD reg., which was parked in front of Annapolis Hall with damage to the front hood of the vehicle which was heavily dented. The complainant was unable to provide any potential suspect information.


9/3/15 Traffic Arrest: Officers issued a written warning on Center Street for failure of vehicle on a highway to display light lamp in unfavorable visibility conditions and a traffic citation for driving on suspended license.


9/3/15 Open Container: Officers patrolling in a marked police vehicle on Stoyer St., issued a civil citation for possession/consumption of an alcoholic beverage in a public place. No further police action taken.


9/3/15 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Stoyer St., Frostburg, to assist the Frostburg Police Department with a noise complaint. Frostburg City Police issued a civil citation for the noise violation. No further action taken.


9/4/15 Request For Officer: Officers responded to Sowers Hall for a reported argument between two students. Officers advised that if such incidents occur again there will be a referral to a judicial board, students were to stay away from each other for several days.


9/4/15 Drug Law Violation: Officers monitoring traffic at the intersection of Bowery St. and American Ave. Frostburg, observed a vehicle pass with the driver using a handheld cellular device up to his left ear. As a result of the stop a passenger was charged with possession of paraphernalia (3) counts, and (1) count possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance. He was then held on $3,500.00 bail. The driver was issued a civil citation for possession less than 10 grams and a traffic citation for driving while using a handheld cellular device. None of the three subjects were FSU students all were given no trespass notification on FSU property.


9/4/15 Knock & Talk: Officers spoke with three individuals regarding having parties, underage consumption of alcohol and noise at the residence of Maple Street, Frostburg.


9/4/15 Request For Officer: Caller reported a student was expressing issues with his girlfriend and requested an officer at Cambridge Hall. Officers responded and found no issues and cleared the scene.


9/4/15 Traffic Accident: Officers responded the State Street parking lot for a motor vehicle crash. No injuries were reported.


9/4/15 Knock & Talk: Officers stopped on Bowery S., Frostburg and talked to several students about drinking. They were advised that they could get a citation for an open container.


9/4/15 Request For Officer: Officers were dispatched to the Ort Library for a report of a subject who would not leave. Subject apologized for being in the library, and left without incident. Judicial Board referral submitted.


9/4/15 Knock & Talk: Officers patrolling on Wood St . noticed a group of approximately 10 students standing in the yard at Wood St. They stopped and made contact, and asked them about the broken glass on the street. The students informed that it did not come from their residence. Officers continued to speak with them letting them know about the city ordinances and underage drinking.


9/4/15 Knock & Talk: Officers conducting Knock & Talks with students at Charles St., East College Ave., and patrons at Highway Pizza.


9/4/15 Traffic Arrest: Officers monitoring vehicular and pedestrian traffic, in a marked police vehicle, in the access roadway to the Guild Lot, adjacent to E. College Avenue and just west of Center Street, observed a 2002 Nissan Maxima, MD. Reg., traveling west on E. College Avenue at, what appeared to be, a high rate of speed. Officers then issued the driver a citation for exceeding the posted speed: 44 mph in a 20 zone and a citation for driving on a suspended license and privilege. The driver was permitted to leave his vehicle parked in his driveway and was advised not to drive until his license is valid.


9/4/15 Assist Other Agency: Officers assist Frostburg City Police (FPD) units for a large crowd in the Bobcat Court and was moving toward the lower dorm area and requested assistance with keeping an eye on the crowd. Officers responded to the lower dorm area and conducted patrol checks and remained visible until the crowds moved on from the area. No issues were encountered.


9/4/15 Request For Officer: Officers received a complaint of a large group in the middle of Bowery St causing a disturbance. Police units patrolled the area and observed the group near on Bowery St. It appeared the group was leaving one location to go to another. No problems observed.


9/4/15 Liquor Law Violation: Officers were dispatched to the front area of Frederick Hall for a medical emergency call. Upon arrival, officers saw a student on the ground, in front of the “Do Not Enter” sign, passed out and covered in vomit. Officers asked his friends who were with him what happened and they stated he had been drinking shots of alcohol and apparently drank too much.  Officers quickly had police dispatch contact EMS to respond to the scene as the student was unconscious and unresponsive. EMS arrived a few minutes later and transported him to the Western Maryland Regional Medical Center. Officers then located his parents contact information and spoke with his mother and was informed her of the situation. The student was identified to be 17yrs old and will be cited for underage consumption and has been judicially referred. RD on duty was notified.


9/5/15 Liquor Law Violation: Officers responded to Cumberland Hall for a possible alcohol poisoning. Upon arrival, contact was made contact with a student who was vomiting on the floor in his dorm room. He stated that he had several cups of jungle juice to drink. He stated that he was 18 years old. At this time Frostburg Ambulance responded to the scene and transported him to WMRMC. Student advised he would contact his parents. Student will be issued a civil citation for underage consumption of alcohol upon his return to campus. Judicial Board Referral submitted.


9/5/15 Assist Other Agency: FSUPD Officers along with Frostburg City responded to a complaint at Bobcat Court, Frostburg, for a fight in process. Upon arrival, Frostburg City officers were on the scene and advised there were not a disturbance, just a large crowd outside the buildings. Both police agencies continued to patrol the area.


9/5/15 Disturbance: Officers responded to Bobcat Court, Frostburg to assist the Frostburg City Police with a complaint of a fight taking place. Upon arrival, officers observed a very large crowd being at this location but did not observe any type of altercation. Due to receiving a noise compliant, Frostburg City Police advised they wanted the area cleared. FSUPD Units stood by until the very large crowd left the area.


9/5/15 Disturbance: Officers were dispatched to the area outside of Westminster Hall, for a report of a verbal disturbance. Officers had just dispersed a large disturbance at Bobcat Court, with the crowd heading toward the lower dorm area. Officers responded to the area of Westminster Hall and discovered that all parties had left the area prior to our police arrival. Officers stood by in the area for several minutes to prevent any further disturbances. No further action taken.


9/5/15 Knock & Talk: Officers patrolling American Avenue, Frostburg, observed two male subjects standing in the corner of the rear yard of a Bowery Street residence holding open containers. Contact was made with the two male subjects and advised of the open container ordinance.


9/5/15 Knock & Talk: Officers patrolling Wood Street, Frostburg, heard extremely loud music emitting from the front of a Wood Street residence, and also observed several subjects standing on the front porch of the residence. Officers then knocked again and announced that the music needed to be turned down, which it finally was. Officers advised everyone inside that it was probably a good time to leave, as it was nearly 2 AM and where going to advise the residents to end the party. The attendees then began to filter out of the residence. While waiting to speak to a resident, dispatch advised to respond to a report of a female creating a disturbance at a Center Street address. Officers then advised the male attendee (who was attempting to locate a resident) to advise the residents that University Police stopped by and requested the party end due to excessive noise. The male advised he would pass along the information. No further action taken.


9/5/15 Request For Officer: Officers were dispatched to Center Street, Frostburg, for a report of a female subject banging on the doors and windows of the residence. Officers then made contact with Apartment resident, who advised that the female suspect was his girlfriend, who stated she was “mad” that he wouldn’t answer his door, so she was hitting the doors and windows to his apartment. Officers continued to patrol the area after clearing the call, with negative results for the female subject.



9/5/15 Knock & Talk: Officers spoke with students at Beall St., Center St., Wood St., and Bowery St., Frostburg, and asked if they were doing ok and about underage drinking of alcohol.



9/6/15 Knock & Talk: Officers patrolling Paul Street, Frostburg, observed a large party at the side of a Paul Street residence, and observed numerous subjects at the edge of the alley (adjacent to the residence) holding red solo cups. Officers asked to speak with a resident, and contact was made with a male student who was advised that the attendees of the party are to stay in the confines of the yard with their alcohol. He advised he understood and stated he would take the recommendations under advisement.


9/6/15 Liquor Law Violation: Officers patrolling Mill Street at Bowery Street, Frostburg, in a marked police vehicle, observed a male subject walking on the sidewalk carrying a red solo cup and drinking from it. Contact was made with the male, who identified, with the age of being 20 years old. He was asked what was in the cup, and he advised it was “Hennessy”, liquor. At that time, officers explained and issued to the subject a civil citation for possession/consumption of an alcoholic beverage under the age of 21.


9/6/15 Assist Other Agency: Police Dispatch received a noise complaint through the FSU Tips line for the residence at a Bowery St. Frostburg residence. Frostburg City Police were notified and responded.


9/6/15 Knock & Talk: Officers had just completed issuing an underage alcohol citation at the corner of Bowery Street and Mill St., Frostburg, and observed a group of about 10 people on the front porch of a Bowery Street residence and made contact with them. Officers spoke with the students about underage drinking and reminded them of the city ordinance regarding open containers in public. The group was very polite and thanked officers for making contact with them.


9/6/15 Resisting Arrest: Officers were patrolling Center St., Frostburg, when they observed a male subject walking on the sidewalk in front of a Center Street residence carrying an open can of Busch Light beer. Upon the subject seeing the police cruiser, he placed the can on a wall and kept walking. Officers advised the male to stop as they exited the police cruiser and made contact with the male who was advised why he was stopped. As officers began to radio dispatch to verify his identification, the subject began fleeing on foot behind the houses on Center Street, toward Charles Street. Upon returning to Headquarters, officers were able to locate the subject, an FSU student who resides on Braddock St., Frostburg. Criminal charges will be applied for the subject.



9/6/15 Knock & Talk: Officers responded to Bowery St for a “knock and talk” with residents. Contact was made with a male student who advised two Frostburg Citizens spoke with him this morning and were upset about trash on the roadways, sidewalks and residences in FSU College Rental Areas. Officers informed the student that this was not a good way to start off the semester. Residents at both locations began to clean trash up prior to police arrival. In addition, the student was advised that although the trash on the roadways may not have directly come from these residences, when people see bottles and trash all over the yard there will be the perception that they are causing the issue. He advised he understood and continued cleaning the front yard (picking up beer cans.)


9/6/15 Disorderly Conduct/Destruction of Property: Officers received a call came from a Chartwells employee who advised of a fight outside of Chesapeake Dining Hall. While the employee was on the phone he advised the fight had broken up and all individuals had scattered. The disturbance/fight occurred in the area outside Chesapeake dining Hall close to where a student’s bike was parked, and received damage. Witnesses identified a male subject as the subject who pushed another male into the victim’s bicycle. Contact was made with the suspect who was issued a criminal citation for destruction of property and advised what the cost was to replace the bike. The male subject made restitution for the bike.


9/6/15 Knock & Talk: Officers on patrol heard loud music coming from the area of Bowery Street Extended and conducted a patrol of the area. They observed a party of approximately 75 people in the rear of a Bowery Street Extended residence. Contact was made with the DJ of the party who was advised to lower the volume of the music. The DJ complied and lowered the volume to a more respectable level.


9/6/15 Sex Offense – Other: Officers were followed up on information provided by the Area Coordinator for the Residence Life Office, regarding a fourth degree sex offense.


9/6/15 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons for a smell of marijuana.


9/7/15 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Wood St. and Stoyer St. for a fight in progress. Upon arrival the crowd of students was leaving the area. Officer then assisted Frostburg City Police clear the area. No further police action taken.


9/7/15 Drug Law Violation: Officers were dispatched to Edgewood Commons, for a report of an odor of marijuana.  Officers were able to detect a very faint odor of marijuana in the hallway in front of a room. Officers knocked on the door several times, in an attempt to make contact with the residents, with negative results.


9/7/15 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted the Frostburg City Police Department with a large crowd of people on Wood Street, from Charles Street to Stoyer Street. Frostburg City Police officers disperse the crowd, ordering the street and sidewalks cleared. No action taken by this police agency.


9/7/15 Disorderly Conduct: As a result of a contact near Gunter Hall officers  issued a non-student a civil citation for  Possession/consumption of and Alcoholic beverage underage, a criminal citation for Failure to obey a lawful order, and a traffic citation for display, cause, permit to be display a fictitious license. Subject was then issued a no trespass notice form and was explained that he was not allowed on any Frostburg State University Property.


9/7/15 Assist Other Agency: Frostburg City Police requested assistance for a fight in progress at the F Bar, Bowery St., Frostburg. Upon arrival subjects were gone. No further action required.


9/7/15 Assist Other Agency: Officer assisted a student wishing to report a sex offense to Frostburg City Police.


9/7/15 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Mill Street, Frostburg, to assist the Frostburg Police Department with an excessive noise complaint.


9/7/15 Drug Law Violation: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons, for a CDS complaint. Upon arrival, officers could smell a strong odor of marijuana in the hallway. Judicial Board Referral submitted.


9/7/15 Animal Complaint: Edgewood RA called to advise that a large dog (possibly a pit bull) ran in front of her car on Braddock Road, then ran towards the PE Center. She was concerned it would get struck by a vehicle. Officers responded and advised they observed a deer eating plants out of a garden. No signs of a large dog. No further action taken.


9/8/15 Assist Other Agency: Officers observed a water main break at Stoyer @ Maple St., Frostburg. Frostburg City Police notified.


9/8/15 Traffic Accident: Officers responded to the Simpson Hall parking lot to meet a complainant who stated that when she came to her car this morning there was a note on it stating that her car was hit and scratched. Traffic Accident Information Form was completed which included insurance information for both vehicles involved. Each party issued a copy of this form and issued an incident report number. Photographs were taken. No injuries reported.


9/8/15 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to the intersection of Oak and Center St., Frostburg, for a departmental motor vehicle collision involving a Frostburg Police Department cruiser.


9/9/15 Knock & Talk: Officers spoke with 10-15 students at a Center Street residence regarding underage drinking and public urination.


9/9/15 Public Urination: Officers patrolling Alley 33, Frostburg, at the rear of a Center St. residence, noticed a male subject urinating in the alley way. Officers made contact with the male, who was identified and then issued a civil citation for public urination. No further police action taken at this time.








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