Crime Line: 9/21 – 9/27

9/21/16 Destruction of Property: Officers responded to the CCIT Building, room 384, to investigate a destruction of property complaint, damage to the door.  The investigation is continuing.

9/21/16 Theft: An off-campus student reported her wallet was taken from her back pack while in the P.E. Center.

9/21/16 Vandalism: Officers responded to the 2nd floor of the Ort Library for a reported vandalism inside the first stall of the men’s bathroom, someone had drawn an obscene picture with a permanent marker on the bathroom stall wall.

9/21/16 Skateboard Complaint: Officers on foot patrol observed a male subject riding his skateboard on the access road between Cook Chapel and Lowndes Hall.  Skateboarding is prohibited on campus grounds; the subject was issued a verbal warning for the violation.

9/26/16 Request for Officer: Frederick Hall Resident Director reported while performing fire/safety inspections he observed possible marijuana inside a room. Officers identified the substance as tobacco shavings from a cigar.

9/23/16 RRE: Officers were contacted by a male who advised he is a member of the Frostburg Jehovah’s Witnesses’ and was handing out literature on campus. He stated that individual, identified only as male named “Jeffrey”, was coming up to him advising him he hates Christians. At one point Jeffrey took some of the free literature and tore it up and threw it in the trash. He was advised should the incident continue he should contact the police.

9/23/16 Drug Law Violation: While conducting a traffic stop of a 2011 Ford vehicle on Braddock Road, Frostburg, officers detected a strong odor of marijuana in the vehicle.  As a result of the investigation the driver was issued one traffic citation and one civil citation for marijuana. No FSU students were involved.

9/23/16 Weapons Complaint: Officers responded to Annapolis Hall regarding one student threatening another.  As a result of the investigation a student was referred to the judicial board.

9/23/16 Knock & Talk: Officers spoke with the sorority KTE about walking in numbers and being safe.

9/23/16 Drug Law Violation: Officers investigating an unrelated incident at Annapolis Hall were contacted by an RA advising of the odor of marijuana on the first floor. Officers detected the odor but were not able to locate the source.

 9/24/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted Frostburg Police Department with a loud party complaint located in the area of Ormand and Broadway Street.

9/24/16 Assist Other Agency:  Officers from the Frostburg State University Police Department responded to Bobcat Court, Frostburg, to assist the Frostburg City Police with a large party in the parking lot of 2 Bobcat Court. Officers stood by and monitored the large crowd, until the majority of the people from the large crowd, left the area.

9/24/16 Request for Officer: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons for a reported suspicious person. Upon arrival, officers met with the complainant who advised that she saw an unknown male in her apartment and the male went into the bathroom and locked the door. The officers made contact with the male who was later identified to be a guest of the resident in adjoining room.

9/24/16 Knock & Talk:  Officers spoke with the residents at Bowery St., Frostburg, advising them to clean up the trash from their party. In addition, they were to clean the sidewalk of broken glass from beer bottles.

9/24/16 Knock & Talk:  Officers spoke with the residents at Wood St., Frostburg, about underage drinking and littering.

9/24/16 Drug Law Violation: While patrolling Bowery St., Frostburg, officers noticed a Black Scion traveling south and could hear loud music coming from the vehicle. A traffic stop was conducted as a result  the driver was issued a written warning for the sound amplification system from a vehicle that be heard from 50′ or more along with a civil citation for possession of marijuana less than 10 grams. The driver is not an FSU student.

9/24/16 Open Container: Officers patrolling in a marked police vehicle on Charles St., Frostburg, noticed a male subject carrying an Arby’s cup. Upon the male seeing the police vehicle he immediately put the cup to his side in an attempted to hide the cup. As a result of the contact the student was issued a civil citation for possession/consumption of an alcoholic beverage in a public place, and he was referred to the judicial board.

9/24/16 Drug Law Violation: A traffic stop was conducted on a gold BMW traveling without headlights on Center St., Frostburg.  As a result the driver was issued a warning for his equipment violation, and referred to the judicial board for a CDS violation.

9/24/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Center St., Frostburg, at the request of Frostburg City Police, to assist with a fight outside the residence where there was a large party. There was no fight outside the party, only two unknown subjects arguing. Frostburg City Police issued a civil citation to the resident for violating the City noise ordinance.

9/25/16 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to the intersection of Bowery and Oak Street to assist the Frostburg Police Department with a traffic stop.   The driver, an FSU student, was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, and referred to the judicial board.

9/25/16 Assist Other Agency: Frostburg City Police requested officers to respond to 12001 Kemp Drive, Frostburg, to assist with a residential burglary alarm. Upon arrival, there were no audible or visual alarms activated in or around the residence. All doors and windows of the residence were secured and it appeared that no one was home.

9/25/16 Medical Emergency:  As a result of the investigation the student was transported by ambulance to WMRMC. Student was issued a civil citation for underage consumption of alcohol upon return to campus. The student was referred to the judicial board.

9/25/16 Theft: FSU Student reported his clothes were stolen from the laundry room located in Annapolis Hall. Later, the student notified the police that he recovered the clothing reported stolen earlier in the day. The clothing was located in the laundry room of his dormitory.

9/25/16 Theft: FSU student reported his black “Orioles” themed book bag was stolen from the 24/7 computer lab in the CCIT Building. Officers reviewed the video surveillance system of the 24/7 entrance and computer lab and did not observed anyone exiting with the student’s book bag.

9/26/16 Drug Law Violation: Officers were dispatched to Edgewood Commons, for a report of marijuana odor. As a result of the investigation one student was referred to the judicial board.

9/26/16 Theft: FSU student reported her wallet missing from the Lane Center.

9/27/16 Drug Law Violation: Officers monitoring traffic on Bowery St., Frostburg, observed a vehicle with the tag lamps not illuminated. A traffic stop was initiated and upon making contact with the driver, officers detected a strong odor of raw marijuana. As a result of the investigation the non-student driver was issued a written warning for the equipment violation, and a civil citation for possession of marijuana.

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