Crime Line 9/23 – 9/30

9/23/15 Notification: Caller reporting noise at Bobcat Court, Lower Consol Rd. Frostburg City Police notified.

9/23/15 Notification: Caller reported a hit and run on Center St. Frostburg City Police were notified. No injuries were reported.

9/25/15 Traffic Arrest: Officers traveling west on E. College Ave., Frostburg , stopped a red 1995 Toyota truck, the vehicle’s registration plate month and year stickers were not legible. As a result of a traffic stop the driver was issued a written warning for failure to maintain a legible registration plate free from foreign materials. In addition, three citations were issued for driving without current tags, driving with an expired license, and driving without a license.

9/25/15 Administrative Paper Service: A male subject that resides on Stoyer St., Frostburg, was served a do not contact order issued through the FSU Title IX Coordinator for his involvement in an incident that occurred on 9/24/15.

9/25/15 Drug Law Violation: Officers were at Edgewood Commons, room 222, for a report of possible CDS activity.  As a result CDS marihuana paraphernalia was confiscated, photographed and packaged according to FSUPD protocol. Evidence forwarded to the FSUPD Evidence Locker for destruction. Judicial Board referral submitted.

9/26/15 Assist Other Agency: Officers responded to Bowery St., Frostburg, to assist the Frostburg Police Department with a reported noise complaint. Upon arrival, excessive noise could be detected coming from the house in question as a large party was taking place within. Upon request, renters dispersed the crowd without incident. Officers stood-by until Frostburg City Police issued a civil citation for the violation.

9/26/15 Noise Complaint: Officers responded to Center St., Frostburg, for a noise complaint. Upon arrival, Frostburg City Police were already on the scene and handled the complaint. FSUPD officers stood by until Frostburg Police Department cleared the scene.

9/26/15 Open Container: Officers traveling south on Maple Street, approaching E. College Avenue, observed a male subject standing on the sidewalk (beside Hi-Way Pizza) with a clear plastic cup of beer. He was informed of the open container ordinance in the City of Frostburg, and then issued a uniform civil citation for possession/consumption of an alcoholic beverage in a public place.

9/26/15 Knock & Talk: Officers spoke with the business owner of Highway Pizza, E. College Ave., Frostburg, about open containers on sidewalks and loud music.

9/26/15 Fire Alarm: Officers to Westminster Hall for a fire alarm activation. Upon arrival, it was discovered the alarm was coming from the third floor elevator lobby area and officers observed light smoke in the hallway and the smell of burnt food in the air. A check of the kitchen area revealed that someone burnt bacon, and biscuits. Frostburg & Shaft Fire Department personnel arrived on the scene and checked the third floor and determined that it was smoke from the burnt food. The fire alarm was reset and the residents were allowed to re-enter the building.  No injuries reported.

9/26/15 Hit & Run/Drug Law Violation/Liquor Law Violation: Officers in a marked police vehicle stopped at the intersection of Stoyer & Bowery ST., Frostburg, observed a gray 2014 Toyota Scion preparing to leave a parking space on the shoulder of Bowery Street. At this time, they noticed as the driver was attempting to maneuver the vehicle from the parking spot, they observed the vehicle back and strike the front of a 2003 Honda passenger vehicle, which was legally parked and unattended. The driver of the 2014 Toyota Scion then pulled out of the parking space and proceeded south on Bowery Street, without stopping or making any attempt to notify the owner of the Honda passenger vehicle. A traffic stop was initiated on the 2014 Toyota Scion.  The driver was issued two traffic citations, one for failure of vehicle driver to stop after unattended vehicle damage accident and a second for failure of vehicle driver in accident to locate and notify owner of unattended vehicle of damage. One civil citation was issued for possession of marijuana – less than 10 grams. The front passenger in the vehicle was issued a citation for underage consumption of alcohol. Contact was made with the owner of the 2003 Honda, who was briefed of the incident. After obtaining his contact information, he was provided with a Frostburg State University Police Traffic Accident Information Form which includes insurance information of both vehicles involved in the incident.

9/26/15 Request for Officer: A motorist reported a male subject was wondering around in the PE parking Lot. She wasn’t sure if he was having car problems and the hood of his vehicle was up and the lights were on. Officers responded to the area and found the subject gone on arrival.

9/26/15 Drug Law Violation: Officers were dispatched to the Center Street parking lot for a person passed out in a motor vehicle. Upon arrival, officer observed a male subject sitting in the driver’s seat passed out. He was then issued a civil citation for possession of marijuana less than 10 grams.

9/27/15 Knock & Talk:  Officers advised the resident of American Ave., Frostburg, that he should turn down his music before a noise complaint is initiated.

9/27/15 Assist Other Agency: Officers stood by to assist Frostburg City Police with a traffic stop on Wood St. Frostburg.

9/27/15 Request for Officer: An Allen Hall Resident Assistant reported a suspicious male subject around the basement door facing Compton Hall. Officers responded to Allen Hall and located the subject. The Subject was determined to be an intoxicated Alumnus. Officers were able to secure a ride for the male subject through the Safe Ride program. No further police action taken.

9/27/15 Fire Alarm: Officers were dispatched to the Chesapeake Dining Hall for fire alarm activation.   Frostburg Fire personnel arrived on the scene and conducted a check of the building and determined steam from a cooker was tripping the smoke detector. Fire personnel reset the fire panel and cleared the scene.

9/27/15 Drug Law Violation: Officers patrolling on Alley 33, Frostburg noticed a group of males standing in the middle of the alley. As the males observed the police vehicle, one male subject in a red shirt and blue jeans started to run.  The individual was stopped and as a result was issued a civil citation for possession of marijuana in the mount less than 10 grams.

9/28/15 Assault: Officers responded to Annapolis Hall for a reported fight in progress. Upon arrival to the first floor, contact was made with the Head Resident who advised two male students assaulted each other, but had been split up by her and the Resident Assistant. Judicial Board referral submitted.

9/28/15 Drug Law Violation: The Westminster Hall Resident Assistant reported an odor of suspected marijuana emitting from the second floor area. Upon entering Westminster Hall, officers immediately detected an odor of burnt marijuana in the first floor entry way and stairwell.  The investigation resulted in a Judicial Board referral.

9/28/15 Request for Officer: Officers were dispatched to Frederick Hall for a report of four male subjects throwing items at the building. Officers were unable to locate the subjects but did observe approximately 15-20 oranges lying in the roadway adjacent to Frederick Hall. They were unable to observe any damage to Frederick Hall at that time.

9/29/15 Noise:  Anonymous male caller reported vehicles making excessive noise for last half hour near Frost Hall. Officers responded and found no audible noise detected.

9/29/15 4th Degree Sex Offense: Investigation continuing. Title IX Compliance Officer notified.

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