Crime line 9/24-9/29

9/24/14 Traffic Accident: A 2014 Subaru Forester, pulling into a parking space in the Public Safety Lot, struck a parked vehicle.

9/24/14 Peace Order Service:  FSUPD was requested to serve a temporary peace order on behalf of the Howard County Police Department.  Subject was located and order was served


9/24/14 Warrant Service:  Officers responded to Frampton Hall in an attempt to locate a student wanted for multiple CDS offenses, the subject who was taken into custody without incident.


9/24/14 Alarm:  Officers responded to the Appalachian Lab, 301 Braddock Road, for an automatic unauthorized entry alarm. No problems were observed.


9/24/14 Assist Other Agency:  Officers responded to F-Bar to assist FPD on an underage drinking complaint.


9/24/14 Request for Officer:  Officers from FSUPD and FPD responded to the F-Bar for a reported fight-in-progress call.


9/25/14 Noise Complaint:  145 Bowery St top floor. Officer responded and FPD was also called, nothing was heard upon arrival.


9/25/14 Noise Complaint:  145 Bowery St top floor tenant wanted officer to come inside the building this time to hear the loud music coming from the third floor.  Officer responded along with FPD units.  No police action was taken by FSUPD.


9/25/14 Request for Officer:  Report of a white male sitting on the Arboretum Bridge with a bleeding arm.   Officer responded to the area and subject was no longer on the bridge.  Officer did a thorough canvas of area and could not locate the individual.


9/25/14 Check on Well Being: Officers responded to Edgewood Commons to check on the well-being of a student who’s boyfriend contacted headquarters and advised that he had been “face timing” with his girlfriend when someone keyed into her room. Boyfriend said he heard her scream and the phone went silent.  Upon arrival, officers made contact with the girlfriend in the hallway near her room.  She informed me that everything was fine; a friend of hers entered her room and surprised her and her phone lost service at the same time.



9/26/14 Request for Officer: 0511 Housekeeping called reporting two students were in the 24 hour lab in the CCIT with a chair in the door propping it open to the rest of the building.  She closed the door but wanted to make FSUPD aware of the situation. Officers responded to assure the area was secure.


9/26/14 Disturbance:  Officers responded to 150 Park Avenue, (The Language Company), for a reported disturbance. As a result of the investigation a no trespass order was issued.


9/26/14 Knock & Talk: Officers conducted knock & talks at 147, 127, and 156 Center St., 159 Maple St., and 110 E. College Avenue, and spoke with several students about safety.


9/26/14 TIPS: Police received a call from the FSU TIPS line reporting excessive noise coming from the Burn’s Bar on Center Street. Officers responded and found no excessive noise.


9/26/14 Liquor law Violation: Officers were dispatched to Annapolis Hall to meet with the Resident Assistant in the Hall Office regarding a suspicious male subject. As a result on student was referred to the judicial board.


9/26/14 Assist Other Agency: Frostburg City Police requested assistance at 121 Center Street to assist with a reported noise complaint. The Frostburg Police Department issued several civil citations, for underage possession of alcohol.


9/27/14 Assist Other Agency: Officers were dispatched to the F Bar, Bowery Street, to meet with a subject who was requesting an officer.


9/27/14 Knock & Talk: Officers conducted a Knock & Talk at 68 Bowery Street.


9/27/14 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted Frostburg City Police and Allegany County C3I officers with a warrant at 121 Center Street.


9/27/14 Assist Other Agency: Officers assisted the Frostburg City Police with a fight on Mill Street. Frostburg City Police made one arrest.


9/27/14 Liquor law Violation: Officers responded to Frederick Hall, room 109, for a possible underage drinking party. Two students were referred to the Judicial Board.

9/27/14 Knock & Talk: Officers spoke with several residents at 149 Center Street.


9/27/14 Request for Officer: Officers were dispatched to the sixth floor of Frederick Hall for a report of possible intoxicated subjects. Call was determined to be unfounded.


9/27/14 Drug Law Violation: Officers Issued two criminal citations for CDS violations as a result of a traffic stop on Center Street.

9/27/14 Knock & Talk: Officers conducted knock & talks with the residents at 121 Wood St., and 137 & 153 Center Street.


9/28/14 Disturbance: Officers responded to the 7-11 convenience store, E. Main Street, in reference to a fight in progress. Upon arrival, Frostburg City Police units were on the scene and two male subjects were being detained.


9/28/14 Information: Parent of a FSU student reported her daughter and friend were assaulted at 26 E. College Avenue. Frostburg City Police were contacted and requested to respond due to the incident occurring off-campus. Frostburg City Police handling the investigation.


9/28/14 Liquor Law Violation: Officers Frederick Hall, room 222, in reference to an alcohol violation. As a result of the investigation on civil citation was issued for underage consumption of alcohol and the student was referred to the Judicial Board.


9/28/14 Assist Other Agency: Officers were requested to respond to Frostburg City Police headquarters to meet with two female assault victims. Due to this incident occurring off-campus Frostburg City Police are investigating the incident.


9/28/14 Theft: Officers responded to Simpson Hall, room 303, for a report of destruction of property and theft.  As a result of the investigation judicial referrals have been submitted.


9/29/14 Assist Other Agency: Police received a call reporting a male subject was lying on top of a truck along the side of Braddock Road and requested officers check on him. Frostburg City Police were notified.


9/29/14: Traffic Accident:  Officers assisting a motorist in the Upper Pullen Lot heard a traffic collision nearby. Investigation revealed the driver of a 2007 Blue Kia was backing from a parking space in the Upper Pullen Lot when she struck a White Mercury.

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