Dear Mom, Thank You

After carrying us for nine months, it is only right to devote at least one special day to the women who cared, loved, nurtured and raised us into the people we are today. Whether it is your birth mom, step mom, or even someone who took on the role, it is important to take the time to let them know how much you cherish them. And how can these wonderful women be recognized? One holiday: Mother’s Day.

This year, Mother’s Day will fall on Sunday, May 11 and with finals not too far after, most students are staying in Frostburg for early preparation. Although some students are not able to go home, they do have a way of letting their mother figure feel appreciated.

Senior Jordan Smith said, “It [Mother’s Day] is definitely a special time to be celebrated and cherished.” He continued, “Since I cannot go home, I give her a call to tell her I love her, and talk to her about life.”

While some can visit home, those who cannot have to find other ways to show their mom they care.  Junior Nicole Carter said, “I just send my mom flowers or an edible arrangement since I cannot go home.”

It is great to see students, although they are away at college and cannot make it home, still show their mothers that they are appreciated and loved.

Senior Taylor Williams said, “I think mothers should be appreciated everyday.” She added, “I normally go home, but this year since it is so close to finals, I will send her a card and me and my sister both got her a gift.” Williams bought her mom a new anklet for Mother’s Day this year.

Although Mother’s Day is annually recognized on the second Sunday, some students believe there should be more than one day of appreciation for mothers.

Senior Desiree Despertt said, “You should be celebrating your mother everyday.” Similar to what Despertt said, Senior Laura Confrancesco said, “I think it is good to have one day out of the year to appreciate moms, but it should be celebrated everyday.”

It is important to show appreciation more than one day out of the year, but by Mother’s Day being an annually recognized day of the year, why not go all out?

There are many ways that mothers could be shown appreciation, which could be a simple phone call, a card, a gift, a letter or even just saying, “I love you.”

Looking for a gift, but not sure where to look? Several local places offer great mother’s day gifts, including Bath and Body Works, Hallmark, Walmart, Ava’s Flowers and Things Remembered. For those who want a gift shipped straight home, visit Amazon, under Mother’s Day Gifts Sale.

On a college budget and need low-priced gift ideas? Consider sending a handwritten note, e-card, poem or a framed photo. There is always the option of a belated gift of cleaning the house, cooking a meal or doing the laundry for mom.

Mother’s Day gives everyone an opportunity to tell their moms, “thank you” and let them know that they are an important and special aspect of their lives.

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