Destiny 2: “Fresh and Simple”

Three years ago, Bungie Studios released their first video game of their new franchise: Destiny. It was criticized for having a lackluster story and various changes to gameplay over time that left many fans scratching their heads. Some would even call the game “a broken mess.” Now, just a few weeks ago, Bungie released the sequel, Destiny 2, in hopes of making up where their first game fell short. Now that the honeymoon phase with this new game is over, it’s time to ask: did they do a good job? Did Bungie accomplish what they set out to do? I say yes, they did.

Destiny 2’s story is much more fleshed out and hands-on than the first. While the first game had players collect “grimoire cards” and read them on Bungie’s website, separate from the game, Destiny 2’s story is delivered right to the players, and is one of the most cinematic games I’ve played in a long time. The detailed scenes of favorite characters from the first game taking action during the campaign made playing it all the more worthwhile. After that was over, the game continues to tell interesting tales in the form of quests, unlocked after the main story is finished.

As for gameplay, Destiny 2 feels fresh and simple. Although the reduction of perks in classes and gear might be called ‘dumbing-down’ by veteran RPG players, it makes the game more accessible and easier to get into for many players. And the new weapon system feels like a godsend compared to what we’ve had before. While countless updates to Destiny 1’s weapon sandbox left it polarized, Destiny 2 feels like a clean slate where every weapon choice is a viable contender in all activities. But the best change has to be Bungie’s newfound emphasis on community.

With the new clan system and guided games for the most challenging activities, it’s easier than ever to find and make friends in Destiny 2, and take on challenges like Nightfall Strikes and Raids that were once inaccessible to lone wolf players.

Overall, I believe that Destiny 2 is a solid game, a fresh start from what Destiny 1 left behind, and anyone who wants a fun, tactical shooter experience should definitely consider picking it up. As of now, Destiny 2 is available for the Xbox One and Playstation 4. It will also be released for PC on Oct. 24, and will be available through Blizzard Entertainment’s

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